III. Pensive: At long last, it begins.

Author: Radetch
Published: 2020-01-09, edited: 2020-01-11
Continuation of our story, already in progress. Radetch hitches his wagon, and sets out to a new home.

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II. Optimistic: Good to see you again.

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Gleeful: My mind had been set.

After some deliberation and discourse, I'd made my petition for lienship - and been granted it. The house voi Tinselkampf shall be noble, once more!

Euphoric: Indeed, there was nothing so pleasurable as waving the chit in front of the commercial liaison at the local station.

Sincere: To be honest, I do not fully understand the concept of purchasing planets, as opposed to being granted them. Is the latter not more just, more noble? Compared to a system where anyone with wealth may buy their own land - this rewards service with service, and loyalty with order.

Sincere: Perhaps one day, a Terran Lord or Lady may explain it to me. Perhaps one day, I may understand - at least, to better disagree.
Focused: I was having the rust filed from my frame -
An incredible experience that I must recommend. If you, too, have been impoverished for too long, there is nothing more wondrous then having a professional filing; it makes you feel as smooth as chrome.

However, it is a Glitch practice, so consider my surprise when a Singularinosti gentleman with an enchanting faceplate approached. Apparently he had developed a taste for the practice, merely as a means of polishing his containment unit. We spoke at length, words and other things being exchanged; and at some point wagers were made. To my surprise and his, I won; luck, I suppose.

As it turns out, he had heard of the world I planned to make the jewel of my system; Gaspard's world, as the last Terran settler had called it (after himself, how boorish).

I was warned of it - of the swamps that crawled over, and it's unsuitability for deep construction.

Cautious: I told him that I was well aware of its moors and wetlands, and they were all part of my own greater plan. Indeed -

Certain: That is what I had sought, for all these years.

Grateful as I was, I rewarded him with the location of a village of fanatically xenophobic USMC holdouts; after all, courtesy for courtesy.
Warm: The gentle sound of rain greeted my landing.

To those of you who did not grow up amongst the swamp, it may either seem a place cruel, or devoid of life - smothering and all-consuming. And it may be that, for peat and tar alike can draw you in - eat you raw, machine or flesh.

Joyous: But it was such a place that I was reared, and as my service to my own liege-lord was carried out. The world eventually became embroiled in a civil war that led to it's despoilation; but it has always been my dream to restore such a land to greatness.

And here - here I was.
Serene: The hiss of water underground led me to a surprise.

Pools of water had taken on curative properties; more useful for organics then for myself, though they still did a good polish and worked as a solvent of sorts. It was as if Lilith Basin VI was welcoming me to her, and whispering that this settlement would be properly blessed.
Zealous: And so it was, and so shall it be!

Not only will I attract the bravest crusaders and knight-errants to this new world, I was soon greeted by the roar of xenoengines. It seems several of the Avians I met earlier had decided to land and set up a small temple-complex in honour of Kluex. They asked permission, which of course I granted; I even waved the tithe I would normally extract from temple services.

Pragmatic: Faith is unimportant, after all, so long as your vassals know that their allegiance on earth belongs to you; in heaven, they may serve as they choose.

Gleeful: And now, their temple-warriors will serve me. it is a pleasing arrangement, and I hope it to not be the last one I shall make.
Humble: Such courtesy!

Aside that, I only could find one other settler, perhaps a remnant of previous colonization attempts. She swore fealty readily enough, glad to have protection and promise of services and goods; though her plot of land was well-cared for, all who toil the land in my name shall be rewarded justly.

Pleased: I was not unhappy with her compliment, either.
Diligent: Work begin immediately.

In honour of my treaty with the Avians, and also recognition that the terrain would not support immediate fortification, I began by shaping the brackish soil into a ziggurat-like mound. This would allow for greater structural support over time - as well as being most pleasing to the eye.

Embarrassed: Most apologetic that I cannot see you eye to eye. As much as I love the marshland ambiance, it can be a little... Obscuring.
Flabbergasted: Synonym - flummoxed, confounded.

Apparently, despite my increasing knowledge of the material sciences I have no knowledge of how to create asphalt. I this that and then therein error error error error error
Brusque: Please pretend that did not happen.

I will simply make do with more immediate and temporary cobblestone roads until I 'remember' how to make asphalt by 'finding' some as I am sure I will. Much, much, later then I intend, but -


Hopeful: I have named Lilith Basin VI Deneb, in honour of the goddess of witchcraft and good harvests; for I believe that the swamplands will be fertile for the materials I seek, and the patronage of that capricious goddess will yet bring glory to those who come here.

The flag was planted, the proper ceremonies and propitiations performed. It is only a matter of time, now - time, and labour.
Sarcastic: Behold, the glories of cobblestone.
I am certain many of you will find this unbefitting of a noble.

You would be correct.
Devout: The cornerstone of all settlements.

With that, I lay the first and most important piece of any Glitch settlement; a crypt for the honoured dead. Their servers will rest here, untouched and growing thick with moss, until eventually I too shall be entombed amongst them - my processes recorded for future generations.

I will go and sit and stare at Lilith Basin for awhile. The stars beckon to me, and I feel that when we meet again, we shall have much to discuss.

May you find luck on your travels, as well.

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IV. Satisfied: And so our great work proceeds.

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