CHG Mark Eleven Part 11: MK11 Part 11 Day 11 of (Un)Civil War

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2020-01-15, edited: 2020-01-15
The Dutch continue to grow in power; the Philippines fall into civil war due to absentee leadership.

Part of the campaign:

CHG Mark Eleven

Welcome to Part 11 of Mk 11 of the Civ Hybrid Games! Narrating this part is me, /u/Lurking_Chronicler_2, currently hoping that one bar of cell reception is good enough to insert narration.

We’re jumping straight into the action this part, as the Khmer (and their WOSE minions) have launched an all-out invasion of Burma. However, the Burmese carpet is not to be trifled with, and seems to be launching a counter-invasion of Khmer territory. This will be messy.
Further south are the Burmese island colonies, where there’s likely to be a lot less fighting. Could make a good national redoubt if the north falls.
Over here we’ve got a shot of Dutch Sumatra. They’re looking scary, though their army is ominously absent.
More of Sumatra, and a little bit of Java.
Here we have a full overview of Java. Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty impressive core they’ve got. I know who I’m ranking number one.
A lot of new Dutch settlements over here; they’re really spreading out aren’t they.
Up in the spice islands, we get a view of one of the participants in the Filipino Civil War- a bunch of Catholic zealots dissatisfied with rumors of their leaders trying to undermine the Church.
Over here we have a shot of Borneo. The Dutch and Canadians appear to be attempting to wipe out the ailing Sulu. They have a pretty good chance of succeeding at that, unless the mountains get in the way.
Another shot of Canada.

That capital title tho.
Isn’t this where we came in?
Up north is three rebelling areas right next to one another. The Catholic zealots are in Vorvadoss, we’ve got some Taiwanese defectors in Zamboanga, and....

I don’t recognize Moscow. Does anyone know what’s going on there?
Alright you little fanatics, we can do this the easy way or the hard way...
Here’s the core of the old Philippine Republic. With anarchy in the Congress, theocratic rebels to the south, and a most-definitely-not-Taiwanese-backed-puppet-state to the north, can the light of freedom survive in the Philippine Archipelago?
Judging by how much of a pain in the ass retaking the north will be, maybe not.
Here we’ve got a shot of Taiwan. But far more interestingly...
...Here we have a shot of the newly formed Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of Iowa City. The people have decided that their previous government wasn’t TRUE socialism, and have decided to take direct action to seize the means of production.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a faction get completely expelled from their own cities before.
Down here we’ve got a lonely Taiwanese exclave. We’ll see how long it lasts before the Khmer decide it’s rightfully their clay.
Speaking of the Khmer, that’s a lot of rebels. Doubt they’ll last long though.
Ah, my third-favorite City!
The borders on the Malay peninsula are almost as complex as they are in real life.
Punctual falls, right on time.
Forget what I said about not much fighting happening here.
Here we have a view of the VOC unique unit, the East Indiaman. If Van wasn’t a lazy bum and released the Civ to the workshop already, I might have known what it does.
The Spice Islands are currently embroiled in fierce fighting between its inhabitants. The bloodshed will no doubt please the surviving Cthulhu cthultists in the area.
It’d be hilarious if Sioux City actually took Indanan.

That said...
Maimbung has fallen; the Dutch are rapidly closing in on the last Sulu bastion. The Suluese citizens ready a giant sacrificial pyre as one final offering to their dark gods below.
Republicans loyalists fight both Taiwan and their defector allies. Godspeed, brave men.
They also close in on the zealots down south.
Yeah, Ormus should definitely fall.
I wouldn’t think that jungle is very suited to cavalry, but you do you.
Taiwanese out of our lands!
Well, I’m going to call it here for the Sulu. They had an okay run, but their lack of activity (and the Dutch) ultimately did them in.
Panama City looks likely to fall. I think Legapsi might have flipped.
Burma fights off the Khmer navy, and up north...
A stalemate seems to be setting in, though the Burmese army is currently retreating northwards.
The Khmer have a big army, but as usual its being impeded by all the mountains.
The Republic, hoping to commemorate our numerous city-state friends, builds the world’s largest embassy. Also doubles as a good congressional meeting place.
Vorvadoss looks likely to fall to the Dutch. The Philippines and VOC have made peace, but the rebels aren’t so lucky...
Yeah, Ormus is screwed.
Legaspi flips; Panama City circles the drain.
Burmese ships approach St. Lurking, though I doubt they’ll do much damage.
Yeah, definitely a lot more fighting here then I expected.
The Khmer build the Taj Mahal!
They’re also slowly making progress against Tom Waddy; it’ll probably fall soon.
The revolution is still going strong, by the look of it.
Republican forced move to recapture Manila and Butuan; the puppet-state looks unlikely to win here.
Ormus is retaken! Mabuhay ang Republika!
RIP Panama- at least for now.
Ah yes, Cape Town. Secretly the true homeland of the Dutch.
Welp, Late falls.
A Dutch great scientist embarks to... somewhere. Maybe he’s selling microscopes to Canada?
Legaspi flips again.
The Philippines and VOC race to see who can take Vorvadoss first.
Late is recaptured!
And re-recaptured!
Flippity Floppity
A lone trireme attacks Zamboanga. Good luck with that one.
Unsurprisingly, the Khmer win the World’s Fair.

Surprisingly, the Philippines decide to take a break from fighting to attend it.
Vorvadoss is in the red...
Tom Waddy falls. Emerald’s forced retreat further into the mountains.
Well then. The zealots make a major surge, capturing the Panama Canal!
Reeeee rebels out
The Republican forces seem to have stalled outside of Manila, doubtlessly distracted by the World’s Fair. Smh.
Vorvadoss falls to the Dutch!
That said, the zealots promptly seize Baung, former capital of the Sulu. Cthulhu must be furious.
They also continue to hold the Panama Canal...
...And are pushing into Canada. You know, I’ve got to hand it to these guys, they’re tenacious.
Khmer Frigates sail up the Irawaddy.
More jungle cavalry.
The Taiwanese have frigates too. Not using them, though.
Late falls yet again. Bago continues to hold out.
The Dutch, annoyed by the zealots, send a huge fleet to crush them.
Panthein is in the red...
And falls! Burma continues their long retreat into the northern mountains.
The Iowans appear to be trying to establish a new national identity.
The old Iowan government-in-exile is looking badly outdated.
Here we see Leris’s prison, where he can write experimental cloud porn far from where it can poison the minds of good Aimeist citizens.
The Republicans capture Bauang, and the Dutch fleet continues to smash the zealots. Looks like they’re running out of steam.
Khmer build the Leaning Tower
And also the Golden Pavilion.
Cedar Rapids looks to fall soon.
Emerald relocates his capital to his last remaining coastal city. We’ll see how long it holds out.
Manila is in the red, and Caloocan is in the yellow.
Manila has been retaken! Almost all of its inhabitants died in the process, though...
The Dutch continue their wars of consolidation.
Taiwan seizes Cedar Rapids, opening a one-tile passage south.
Yarrr, all beware of the Dutch pirates!
Zamboanga is absorbed back into the Republic.
Gotta say, I’m not very happy with my district for rebelling. Going to have a stern talking-too with the Caloocan city council.
Tom Sux teeters
A lone Sulu proa wanders the oceans, searching for an entrance to the abyss below.
Khmer also snag the Globe Theater...
And Ships of the Line...
The zealots have been crushed, though a few continue to annoy the Dutch.
We made peace with the Dutch, so I’m going to be rather annoyed if the gamerunner neglected to implement that.
Tom Sux falls
Geez leave some wonders for the rest of us
A final shot of Burma; or at least what’s left of it
And Khmer
And more Khmer
And even more Khmer
And Dirtbag Taiwanese
More filthy Aimesists
Forgot Bucharest was in this game
Yeah, Dutch are definitely going to win this game
Speaking of them, we conclude this part with a shot of an East Indiaman trying to find its way back to the Netherlands, hoping to bring back something called “tulips” that it’s been hearing about from back home.
Onwards to stats, where the Khmer have a healthy lead
Though given Dutch food production, that will likely change.
The Dutch and Khmer have a downright frightening production lead over everyone else.
Same with GNP
And land
As well as military