Mafiascum plays Vicky 2 Part Tre: The Rebound

Author: Zulfy
Published: 2017-10-22
Events in the world play out to our benefit

Part of the campaign:

Mafiascum plays Vicky 2

Seeing as we have an electric movement to further press freedoms, parliament decides to appease them.
Independent media is now welcome, though in order to get to the consumer's hands all words must first be read by the censors to weed out anti-establishment thought. For now this arrangement should satisfy everyone.
Liberalism is becoming more and more influential within the ranks of landowners and capitalists. Civil and economic liberties seem very appealing to many.
An armed uprising in Mecklenburg by nationalists seeking to further the goal of a unified Germany makes our statesmen uncomfortable. To be sure, it was a small revolt, but it's enough to put the state on high alert.
Circassians revolt against the Russian empire, though the Slavic bear will have no trouble crushing the rebellion.
We contemplate war against the Spanish. We could divide their land and force them to give sovereignty to the Catalans, or the Filipinos (Free people/Liberate country), we could oust Charles and put his nice back in power, with the understanding that her regime would be a puppet state to ours, we could steal their colonies or even just conquer a section of their country. Unfortunately they are allied to Russia, and their army by itself is already more powerful than ours. We'll have to wait for a better opportunity.
A gold rush in Mexico's province of California, while Americans make a museum for any movie props they make in the future.
We also begin a foreign policy based on influencing Latin American states for their resources. Controlling Brazil is our gateway to that goal.
We expand our naval base in Saint Barth's in order to be ready for future expeditions in the region.
We also build factories across several South American countries, this should help solidify our clout in the region.
After the Circassian uprising, Russia cracks down on their autonomy.
If we're to ensure that we can advance our interests in Latin America, we have to make sure our ships can actually get there. We plan on extending our supply range so our ships can reach our base in the Caribbean.
Once Brazil opens up to us we should have loads of tropical wood, a valuable resource that should compliment our lumber industry well.
After the whole debacle with Muhammad Ali and the Egyptian surrender, the Ottoman Sultan is able to count on the support of the two European emperors, the Tsar in Russia and the Kaiser in Austria. We throw away our plans for befriending them.
We could change the status of the Caribbean colony of St Barths from a colony to a state. The landowners there would then be able to vote. But doing so would compromise our ability to set up colonies in uninhabited areas for now, which we aren't doing anyway.
The British attempt to extend their diplomatic power in the Far East, after the Raj in India they set their sights on Afghanistan and compete with us for influence in Persia.
The Dutch gain more colonies in the East Indies. The Spanish have a firm hold on the Phillipines, and Japan is still ruled by a military Shogun shut off from the world.
We forgive Costa Rican debt, which helps our relationship and hopefully makes it easier for us to influence them in the future.
The United States has decided that one shining sea isn't enough. They attack the Mexican empire for their northwestern, soon to be southwestern, holdings.
We start building ships, eyeing Colombia's province of Panama as it looks like a great place to build a canal later.
A map of world rankings. Green means great power, blue means secondary power, yellow means weak, red means suck. Grey means complete pushover.
We expand our sphere of influence. The baltic governorates of Russia like us much better, Russia's too focused on other things to care.
The Qajar dynasty in Persia joins the fodl. From here we could expand our influence across the area, though we're still competing with Britain for influence on the Iranians.
The Nguni people in Matabeleland attack the Boer state of Transvaal, seeking to recapture the land which the voortrekkers have settled on

Then, out of fucking nowhere:.
Sometimes, more than nationalist sentiments or results of careful foreign policy, wars are fought due to a spillage of testosterone. The Prussians have decided to wage war on France simply due to the historic Franco-German rivalry. The allies of the Prussians, multiple german princes and the UK help them out in this endeavor.

France's ally Austria isn't willing to fight against its brother to the north. Its only allies are two small italian states.
We try to meddle as quickly as possible. Planning our own little war of honor against the Free City of Hamburg, we'll try to pile on the Prussians when their attention is elsewhere. This will take time, but our people are eager for war.
We give the French permission to move their military through our borders.
The UK takes advantage of the situation and tries to get a colony from the French. The international community realizes what we're planning and we gain some infamy. Very little however, no one really cares about wars of honor.
The French, the Piedmontese, and the Pope are getting their asses handed to them by monarchs with German last names. We hesitate to join now, since Prussia seems very much in control of the situation.
The UK gets some strategically positioned, resource laden West African colonies while Prussia feels very proud of itself. France has been humiliated.
Heartbroken, confused and emotionally compromised, we decide this is a great time to start an official relationship with the French.

Despite our assets not being that great, their head isn't quite in the right place, so they accept an alliance.
We can't beat the Spanish as long as they have Dutch and German support, but we can still try to get them to like us more. Like with Persia we try to get the monarchy to see things our way.
For all it's worth, we could attack Hamburg now. Prussia would be dragged to the fight to protect a german prince, but the UK wouldn't be obliged to join the war. We'd have the support of Two Sicilies and the rest of Scandinavia.
We can consider it.
But France has a truce with Prussia and Hamburg and the rest of the northern germans. If they attack us first, they can join the war, but for now we can't attack them and expect French support.
Feeling pissed off at the Bourgeois King, Louis Phillipe for the shame that he put them through, French revolutionaries set up the barricades and begin to fight for the restoration of the old republic. What's the point of a monarch that leads you to failure? They say.
The UK puts an end to the silly Bantu display in South Africa.
At this time, we can declare a war on Hamburg for Honor.
We can sail our ships to Tuscany to break legs, as they owe us money.
We can attack Russia to try to get Finland back.

These are things we can do. Figuring out what we should do requires more thought. France has a large army which we should be able to count on. Though we'll have to wait and see if the revolutionaries prove successful. A republican France might not feel like honoring the alliances of a deposed king.
The turkmen of Khiva win their war against their neighboring emirate. We could try to influence them to gain access to opium as a resource, which doesn't do much other than get our rich folk high.

We could also take control of the land and sell the opium ourselves, it's pretty expensive. Rich folk smoke it to get high, see.
Another election has taken place. With some flexible conservatives supporting them liberals are once again in a position to pass a reform. What shall it be?

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