IV. Satisfied: And so our great work proceeds.

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III. Pensive: At long last, it begins.

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Somber: You are welcome in the House voi Tinselkampf.

The crest was unpleasantly designed, felt Razorbeak voya Dyedfeather. It was not made by a skilled hand, but rather - one who fancied himself a skilled hand.

All the energy of the devout, and none of the skill.

Still - the cold water splashed over her head in one of the many rituals the machine-men seemed to hold dear was not unpleasant, and the temples had been left free to worship Kluex as they pleased.

As for the new 'Lord' of this place, the Baronet voi Tinselkampf was certainly - fervent. He moved a mile a minute, eagerly asking what every new plant was called, and what uses it might hold. A team of Apex scientists 'patronized' by the Baronet were as astounded as he was - and no less enthused.
Paranoid: You will notice my guards - pay them no head. You are, after all, noble in stature...

Deneb was not a capital world, or at least not yet. The roads were unpaved, vehicular traffic was only present if you counted trade animals, and nothing had been done to combat the constant rains of the planet - to say nothing of the corruptive, erosive forces that seemed to plague the surface.

But it was beautiful.

The vast, crystal-blue marshes of Deneb took their beauty after the planet's namesake; and Razorbeak was proud of how well this makeshift alliance was working out. Glitch that the Baronet deemed 'defective' were shuffled over to the temple and trained in the ways of Kluex; and temple servitors - like herself - that had grown doubtful of the Avian god were to serve the petty lord.
Prideful: My pilots have destroyed pirate activity in the region. Your commerce is safe, here.

Avian heavy gunnery was usually primed for ground combat, and had taken some adapting for the vast distances of space. But Razorbeak felt proud that her craft was not only spaceworthy - but deadly. The downside was that tallying confirmed kills was quite difficult, but - so it was.

The Baronet payed well, and she had received several complimentary servants of her own. The maids, butlers, aides-de-camp and household sergeants were completely alien to her previous way of life; to be waited on hand and foot, have her every need or desire attended in the blink of an eyelid...

It was decadent, corrupt, and Razorbeak could not imagine living without it.
Castigating: The toad-people? We have reached an accord. They will trouble you no longer.

After the corruptive rains of a recent excursion, the Baronet had returned to find Frogg settlers inhabiting his lands - his demesne as he called it. He had been quite welcoming at first, until it was clear that the Frogg not only had plans to settle the world en masse, but had inhabited every imaginable inch of the planet with their quickly-erected houses.

What followed was a war without war.
Understanding: Title and glory shall be yours for your service - I can only welcome you, as a cadet branch of the great House voi Tinselkampf.

The Frogg, who referred to the Lilith Basin as Altair, were outcompeted for the land by a flurry of bids and underhanded dealings by the Baronet. Wave after wave of near-lobotomized Glitch peasantry were shipped over, many defunct or near-deactivated.

The sole reason, of course, was to claim the system proper.

Razorbeak and her company had prepared for the breakout of war, but whatever rules the Frogg followed, it seems they and the Baronet had found profit more pleasant then tension - and as quickly as the conflict had escalated, it collapsed - leaving only motionless Glitch peasantry to rust in the swamps until roads and houses would lead to their reactivation.

It was all unreal and unnerving, thought Razorbeak.

It was all so wonderfully unnerving.
Warmly: I bid you welcome back! I take it your own ventures have been most fortuitous?

So sorry for the delay in correspondences; you shall find as your own fortunes wax - as I know they will! - that some level of bureaucracy must develop to ensure a proper rhythm of things. It is unfortunate, but then again - what would the peasantry do on their own power?

Deneb may look rather different from how you remember her - a bit more undeveloped, but that is because she is a vast and wild planet; and I would have it no other way.

An untameable spirit leads to a firm ally, and a firm ally is far more interesting then another broken-spirited serf. Speaking of the serfs, mind the few around here; I have yet to construct enough worker housing for their ilk.

Fortunately, the need for labour is mitigated somewhat by the pliant soldier-priests of Kluex. Truly, if the Avian god were not so single-minded I would ask his induction into the pantheon; a true tragedy.

And after the tragedies borne by my noble soul settling Deneb, I felt I needed a little vacation.

I'm sure you know as well as I where we're going.
Perverse: The flowers symbolize long life and long love.

Welcome to Aisha - the time here is evening, but due to the proximity of Lilith minor, everything still has a pleasant red glow. Fitting the bountiful and slimy surface of the planet!

And what a bounty that slimy surface is!
Sly: Can you see the gelatinous mass on that one?

Behold, the utmost beauty one might find on a planet such as Aisha! I spent many a minute trying to communicate to this majestic creature; several methods were established, from a series of rudimentary smoke signals to interpretive dances I had learned in my tenure as a landless vagabond.

Unfortunately, it was not until I was covered in goop that I realized not only was the creature not interested in communication, were it even possible - it was actually quite hostile, and its slime particulants designed to cannibalize metal and turn them into base materials.

So I vapourised it and collected the remains.

... Such a loss, what a terrible vacation -
Magnanimous: If you are lacking in your own fortune, merely say so.

Though 'proper' wealth in pixels has eluded me, I care very little.

As you may see - the tribute of what settlers so far have come has been grand, indeed. My storehouses overflow with wealth.

Serious: I do not know your own circumstances, nor mean to pry. But even if you are not of metal skin nor heart, know that it would be no trouble for me to assist you in your travels and troubles. I would hope you might do the same for me.

Nothing is necessary; and if you truly intend to show gratitude, a royal marriage proposal is always appreciated, ahahahahaha!

Mirthful: That was a joke.

Sly: Potentially.
Scientific: Aisha is not only a pleasurable place to visit, but...

Incredibly useful for both organics research and practical engineering. The abundance of limestone means much, and ideally will lead to proper citadel walls rather then the rather slapdash constructions our labourers have been forced to improvise.

Some concern has been raised about radiation from uranium and other elements.

Forceful: I would appreciate if you would do your best to silence such whispers in your own realms. Progress will not advance if we do not force our lessers to investigate.
Buoyant: There is even a large, spacious spring underneath the planetary surface!
I am certain you have received the uncensored version of this photo for your personal consumptions.

Smug: No, no - no need to thank me. I am aware that my shirtless metallic exterior is of fantastic interest amongst subjects within and without.

However, you almost certainly have not received this complimentary image...
Truthful: Which has only a slight distinction.
Which is my gesture towards you.

Proud: I am amazed at my jaunty posture mid-jump, as well.
Exhasperated: It certainly wasn't.

I cracked this open, only to find an item of exceeding genericness within. I was terrified this might somehow lead to more dangerous, foul corruptive blight - of the kind we are currently battling on Deneb. Thankfully, nothing has happened yet; praise all that is metal and proper.

Peculiar: Why did I assume whatever was inside was a blueprint? I am not even certain myself... Perhaps I am fragmented; I shall check later. No - I'm afraid we're not THAT close, ahahaha! Perhaps some day, I shall let you watch.
Quiet: Between you and I -
There was one thing.

I found an Apex laboratory far beneath the surface.

Nothing was inside it.
Grandiose: But other worlds beckon!

Including the potential site of a seasonal palace - Aisha's moon, Zenobia! The temperature here is of a clime most suited to all the constituent peoples of the voi Tinselkampf lands, rather then encumbering to all but synthetic life.

It will be my hope and pleasure to welcome you from there, when next we meet. I look forward to hearing of your own adventures and triumphs; we shall toast, perhaps over the slime-brewed coffee that Lilith Basin may yet be famous for.

But whether it is a story of my triumph or yours - my warmest regards until that day comes. 'Till then!

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