CHG Mk. X Part 6

Author: Leris
Published: 2019-05-26, edited: 2019-05-27
RIP Dutch

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CHG Mk. 10 Part 5

Images: 115, author: Leris, published: 2019-05-19

welcome to part 6! In the first slide we see the PAU - european war. Rotterdam is sure to fall, being completely surrounded by stronger units, with 1 archer defending the city. groningen not so much. this is so sad
This is an interesting front. Sibir peaced out Parthia (though they were declared upon by OCE, which we don’t see this part), and Parthia is left with 2 (but beefy) cities. Everything else looks alright
the european-sibirian front. Surgut is surrounded by europeen units, but it probably won’t fall. I’d be worried if I was europe tbh
I have no idea what the fuck is my civ doing. We can try to flip tyumen? It won’t work out. Chimgi tura will recover too.
Thicc aussie core. Best cities are in indonesia, the aussie ones are pretty whack. also what the fuck netherlands?
The lone brazilian city is flourishing, and now they have a great engineer! They can use it to build a nice wonder (or, if i were them, i’d use it to terraform surrounding tiles into land tiles, or even polders)
I’m sure the PAU will like this.
oh man, brazil is expanding! They’re going after the islas malvinas, of course. (fuck you british scum it’s not falklands) (nice moonie)
As expected, rotterdam falls. Groningen is still at zero, and units are nearby. That’s concerning
As expected, priamurye did absolutely nothing.
Rotterdam is taking hits. Groningen seems relatively safe. Surgut got flipped by Sibirian invaders, however it will get flipped back very soon.
Netherlands took back rotterdam. It’s temporary however
that’s a pretty big unit density. Sibir seems on the offensive, though they have less units than priamurye on the front
yup. Rotterdam is back in american hands, and so is groningen??? nice. Also, surgut is back in solid european grasp
the brazilians have settled rio de janeiro. Pretty decent for what it’s worth
America solidifying their grasp on the cities
wow lol oof, city got razed
who was it that got their shit razed? apparently it was called winneba
Hey, priamurye is actually making an effort! yay!
Haarlem is in american hands now. Nothing else that’s very notable
I missed that limerick is now a CS. RIP haarlem
We did it patrick, we saved the city!
Groningen falls back to the europeans
first slides of the Parthian-OCE war. So far nothing of note, but parthia is in real danger
jesus christ
Groningen flips back to americans
the sibir-priamurye front, nothing changes
good job pridelands, you built a good wonder! also water is wet in this slide
water is wet in this slide too
in this slide too
these wars are getting boring
a close up shot of the boringness. sibir putting on the pressure, but pria holding strong
the australians get ever closer to sosa
cool city
no action here. Chimgi tura is getting health, means sibir isn’t really pushing
PAU conquests have healed up
damn, 2 wonders in one turn? jeez PAU. the notre dame AND hagia sophia
rip permskoye, worthless city surrounded by sibirian units
I didn’t notice spassk-dalny flipped. RIP
now permskoye
all quiet on the front
a shot of the sibirian shit cities
the parthians have repelled the attack pretty well
americans shipping off their units to attack europe
(leris note - nice nutbusters you've got there)
From looking at this slide, at first sight it appears that pridelands is at war with sibir. However, that isn’t the case, it’s just a lone european ship that happened to damage a sibirian city, coupled with pridelands moving their units to attack parthia.
Sosa took damage! This will lead nowhere.
Nice sibirian army, heading for posyef. RIP priamurye
nothing new in this slide
sibir built one of the best wonders. May they swim in money
OCE has actually surrounded parthia wow
the Europeans trying to do something. And failing.
the first slides we get of japan this part. Pretty nice cities they do have! Look at that OCE settler go!
No change in the front. Legends say next part EW will make part of his population into units (that aged fast)
We see the PAU core. Looking very nice and beefy. St Louis in particular is a very nice city. Also they have got their first longswordsmen, jeez
South american core, along with fortaleza. Here you can see the raw power of america
the Brazilian core. It’s not much but it’s something
Africa. Also looking pretty nice, not as good as PAU but still very cool
Africa + middle east. Lots of cities
the european core. They lost a lot of land this part, it’s sad
the american conquests. Truth be told, this was PAU’s mk
Sibir core. Tbh it doesn’t look as beefy as the other ones
OCE is really close to susa. So is prideladns to ecbatana. Huge OCE army, best of luck to them
the despicable priamruye core. they’re doing better than parthia or brazil, though.
oce core. Beefy as hell, i don’t see much production there though
more of OCE
damn, parthia settled a city! nice!
that’s it bye
(sorry thy :( - leris)

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