CHG Mark Eleven Part 4: Drudgery of Life

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-10-27, edited: 2019-10-27

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CHG Mark Eleven

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CHG Mark Eleven Part 3: Leo Tolstoy

Images: 80, author: MrKlonam, published: 2019-10-21

Hello CHGXI, this is Emerald, the supreme ruler of Southeast Asia. Let's see what my dominions are up to today.

The Philippines looks mighty unhappy with many many rebels popping up. Doesn't look like they'll do much though.
And the Philippines continues to settle a lot more, if only they were as great as Burma
And here is the Sulu capital, also similarly besieged by two measly barbarians. They will surely take the capital and the Sulu tremble in fear.
It's Sulu Borneo! Tef sux seems to have amassed a really high army. I wonder what it's for.
Aha another amazing settle by the CHG lads. That's southern Borneo for you and let's see who can fuel a supply line better
Here's a wider shot of the overally Dutchies and they seem to have settled across oceans, which is always good for not being a rump.
That's actually quite a few cities huh.

They also have the Great Lighthouse, surely useful in such a watery map
I don't know why this slide is hear but i guess that Burmese archer invites us to settle here.
Here we see the cowardly Taiwanese peace out with the barabarians. I wonder why they did that, there's hardly more than 20 of those barbarian units.
Here we see the newly settled city of Angkor Metal which will be renamed. I don't know why that was in the city list. In either case those barbarians are in for a treat getting killed. Buenos Aires, however, might just get pillaged.
Here's Taiwan, they've been settling a bit, but I guess they've been caught up with having to fight the abnormally large amount of barbarians to their south.
And here's more of Taiwan. Klo, this is the start of the part not the end.
The barbarians are slowly being killed, after one turn. Buenos Aires still looks fine. RIP to that burmese spearman. It was worth a hundred.
Oh I see the Palembang have gotten themselves in a war. That's unfortunate. Unfortunately I doubt there will be any real exchange of cities here.
Oof the Buenos Aires has been burnt to the ground by the barbarians. RIP Buenos Aires. We will settle on your land to avenge you some day.
Taiwanese horses horse around with the barbarians. I don't know if they were damaged before of if they are just getting shot at again.
Wow this city grew.
And the barbarian menace has been solved trying to get into the homeland. It just looks like there are three units left to be killed around here.
The barbarians have also been cleared here. If only there was a medium in between making a city rebel and spawning barbs for the event results.
We see in the corner that the last barbs coming to Burma have been almost squashed but wow look at how many barbarian units there are here.
Ah yes, the glorious capital of southeast asia. Look at those two unique units. We're going to get a lot of experience soon.
And the Philippines have constructed an oracle to see the ways of the Holy Dice, but they do not come close to the wise words of Aime. Praise be to Aime.
Y'know, in the CBR the Sulu capital was taken cuz they didn't have a core around it. I wonder if this is the best move to leave all the islands near Bauang clear.
There are only two barbarians left now but they are much further down and not much of a threat.
The South Africans have gotten a brain and decided not to attack across a mountain range, but their units are too small now it seems.
There are a lot of units, half of them city states. Whatever happened to that.
Burma moves a glorious army forward sweeping the jungle of any remaining barbarians.
Ah Sulu has more units now at least. They might be able to withstand a city state attack?
Mommy Aime looking good today. Praise be.
The glorious religion of Tephumonism has been enhanced such that we have even greater control of the entire region! Glory be.
Ew is that a non-Aimeist religion? Shaime
I guess they are happy in their ignorance.
The South Africans do another goof and decide to go back to Palembang without even trying up there.
Ouch that's a lot of barbarians.
Our new city of Angkor Metal has already grown to 7! It's amazing! There's a few barbarians left milling around.
Here's the do-nothing Sumatran war one last time.
Surabaya looks like it could becoming Canadian really easily.
Pictured here is Sulu fielding the same kind of army as a Bornean city state.
It's core shot time. I'll leave you at this. This is the Dutch
More Dutch
The glorious centre of the universe
Events OP
Taiwan 2.0
Philippines 2.0

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