CHG Mark Eleven Part 10: I crashed this time

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2020-01-10, edited: 2020-01-10

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CHG Mark Eleven

Hello world. I'm u/Andy0132, and the part before us is sure to be an exciting one.

An ancient demon, thought to be sealed forever, has awoken. We see here the aftermath as Tainan turns into a ruined wasteland, although it appears some of the ruined wasteland isn't as ruined as it should be.
A second ancient disaster awakens over Manilla, as countless millions perish, as the Taiwanese forces descend upon the ruins.
A third weapon of mass destruction plunges upon Yangon, and the Galactic Khmer Empire descends for the kill.
To the north, we see Taiwan vacant and empty bar skeleton garrisons, her entire army and navy sent south.
Every last soldier has been sent south. Even the PRIC is empty.
To the west of Taiwan, we see the glorious Khmer, her own lands in a similarly empty state. Burma doubtless bleeds.
Behold the vassals of the Khmer Empire! That and some lousy heretics who nobody cares about in blue.
Glory be!
The eastern half of the Burmese empire is devastated, with the Khmer holding land and sea.
The Burmese navy is too far to save the day. Khmer forces have indeed gained the upper hand.
To the south, we see a disgusting Burmese colony. May it be removed.
The Dutch, like the Khmer and Taiwanese before them, are really going all in for this war.
Polish-inspired rebels wreak havoc in underdefended Sumatra.
Java, on the other hand, is in good shape.
The various Sunda islands are bereft of all troops. All in!
We see here one of the fronts between the Dutch and Filipino forces. Although the Dutch flipped a city, it appears they have failed to send follow-up.
Canada, now under Taiwanese control, fights the reinvigorated Sulu.
Dutch Borneo is garrisoned, but it lacks a front... For now.
Taiwanese troops have met massive success with landing, as Filipino forces find themselves outnumbered.
Here, however, Filipino forces might hold.
All the same, it appears that the Philippines have lost the north.
Davao will hold for Taiwan. Can their push through the rest succeed? It looks to be a bloody war.
The two turn begins, and Butuan falls! Manilla yet holds.
To the south, Filipino troops have held their ground.
Dutch forces prepare to push further, and another city falls before the onslaught.
Yangon and Mottama fall! Khmer troops craw through the fallout, as the last vestiges of Burmese resistance are erased.
The Sumatran rebels fall, and the Dutch assert their authority.
Angkor Metal is surrounded. Doubtless it will fall before Khmer naval power.
It appears the Dutch failure to reinforce the Panama Canal has cost them dearly. The city is weakened, and Filipino forces advance.
However, the Dutch advance further on the settlement of Semporna. The Sulu fall swiftly.
Taiwanese troops are driven off of Zamboanga with heavy casualties.
Manila falls, and Taiwan rejoices. The city is doubtless ruined for generations to come.
Dutch reinforcements arrive to Panama City, and the Filipino guerillas snake back into the jungle.
Angkor Metal is now on the verge of falling once again to Kloist forces. Praise Klo!
The Dutch advance, capturing Semporna!
With the northern Philippines devastated by war and famine, Taiwanese troops are growing weary, and supply lines weaken. Filipino forces seize the moment to counterattack.
The Dutch and Philippines inconclusively skirmish.
At last, as the final bloodstained defender of Angkor Metal falls, the city is retaken.
Khmer forces attempt an amphibious operation, now hopefully free of the Lego curse.
As Butuan grows low, Filipino forces outnumber their Taiwanese counterparts.
The last of the Sumatran rebels have ran into the jungles, unable to secure any victory.
The assault on Tom Waddy continues. Yangon glows with radiation in the background, a second sunset.
Fuck-it is indeed getting fucked. The Whaeru has joined in to secure the colony's demise.
After fighting street by street, Filipino forces recover Butuan. Davao remains in Taiwanese hands, however, and their navy remains strong.
The Philippines now field galleons, the most modern ship in the world.
Not to be outdone, the VOC fields its own. A clash of titans on the horizon?
Taiwanese control of the seas has enabled the reconquest of Butuan, while Cebu weakens.
Panama City AI > Dutch AI
Pula AI > Khmer AI
As the siege of Tom Waddy continues, naval skirmishes occur in the Irrawaddy Delta.
The forces here now seem so small. The bloodletting has destroyed so much.
Manilla, now scarce more than a burned hut, is retaken. The Magdeburg of another world.
Butuan is barely a city. Filipino troops march back into the ashes.
Canadian forces seem to have become stagnant, much like their former leader, Taqn.
The Philippine front has stabilised, but at heavy cost. Butuan and Manilla are ashes, and Taiwanese rule has been reduced to Davao.
The ocean bleeds, and sharks feed well.
Dutch forces retreat from the Siege of Mombasa. The city has proven too much to overcome.
The Dutch are a very salty people.
Butuan falls once more. Who the hell still lives there, other than scavengers and vultures?
Dutch pirates continue to prowl the seas.
Taiwan has paid dearly for the city of Davao. So many dead, and so many more wounded.
Here, the world is quiet. The Malay Peninsula knows what little peace there is in the world.
The stalemate around Tom Daddy continues, and the glow of Yangon yet remains.
So few remain, compared to what was there before.
A lonely Filipino prophet wanders the waves.
The siege of Butuan continues, but now, the Philippines have brought their own ships into play.
Will Mombasa fall?
A new Dutch fleet prepares to sail north, to death or glory.
Mombasa falls! The Dutch secure yet another piece of Sumatra.
Dutch Samurai engage in honourable combat with Sulu remnant forces.
The Filipino soldiers prepare themselves for the final battle. The Taiwanese defenders brace for impact.
Panama City Stronk!
As the radiation dies down, what remains?
The Taiwanese colony grows, even as their overlords back home bleed.
Behold the Taiwanese PRIC!
Dutch fleets have finally arrived, to seize their chunk of the Filipino islands.
Never mind.
Ah, the Dutch simply went elsewhere.
The battle around Legaspi continues.
Davao, the last Taiwanese foothold, has fallen. The friendship of centuries shattered - and for what?
The Khmer celebrate success by entering into a new era.
The Khmer have won the Irrawaddy Delta, but fail to make more headway.
The Dutch successfully took a city off of Panama City!
The Khmer are overjoyed with their victories. Everyone else seems to be liking life well enough, though.
Another Filipino city falls.
The Sulu are still alive!
Dutch Borneo prospers. The war has been good for the armanents industry.
Canada... Remains asleep.
The Mollucas remain in stalemate, although now Panama City is under attack.
Bucharest, in all her glory.
The sea here is peaceful and prosperous, unlike to the north.
Batavia grows and grows. Great wealth is here, in the countinghouses of the world.
Cape Town maintains its independence through a very large, if painfully outdated army.
Southern Sumatra prospers!
Central Sumatra also prospers!
So does northern Sumatra!
The islands here remain yet umcolonised.
Malaya prospers!
The northern Malay peninsula prospers!
The Kra Isthmus prospers!
The Mekong Delta prospers!
The rest of the Mekong Delta prospers!
Whatever bit of land this is called prospers!
Angkor Tom episodes!
Western Khmer prospers!
Yangon... Has been severely depopulated.
Western Burma is turning into a warzone.
The Andaman colonies are falling.
Northern Burma prospers!
This part of the world prospers!
Guangdong prospers!
Fujian and Taiwan prosper!
Manilla is recovering!
The Central Philippines prosper!
The southern Philippines prosper!
We end off with a shot of burning land, as the world again waits.

This was u/Andy0132, and may Klo bless the Khmer.

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