Civilization V: Monsters of History, Part 2 (The Two Powers)

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Civilization V: Monsters of History, Part 1 (Darkest Souls)

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My name is FreshWaterCod, and I'm here with a world of hate and war. History's monsters, competing across a fascist hellscape of East against West.
While Paraguay competes with Somalia in rampant wonderwhoring, while Franco continues to be an awkward scrappy. Neither strong enough to crush powerful CSA or defensive CAE, they are working away at large but indefensible Libya.
Pablo Escobar spent more than 4000 years, selling opium to the Chinese, cocaine to Confederates, and meth to the Romans. And for reasons only known to Mao and Davis, this has caused some backlash. The Medellin cartel is quickly falling, and it seems likely that Escobar will be the next down.
Kim seems to consider Taiping territory more valuable than his own, as Bokassa I strolls through DPRK land, taking city after city, after city.
Bulawayo is finally liberated, as Rhodesia gets its act together, against Nazi hate. Ian Smith is truly the greatest conquerer.
As Gaddafi faces international backlash for being semi-competent, the Medellin Cartel votes to dissolve unitary rule. But this seems to be less of a powerful federation of cities, and more of a union of ruinous states.
Tehran actually sees some pop growth, while Libya battles Spanish invaders- but their army seems to be thinning.
Tianjing flips, as Taiping is surrounded by what should be the Korean defence force. Apparently, Kim would rather take, than keep.
Russia sends a wave of prophets and missionaries, hoping to convert people to Putinism, spreading tales of his shirtless feats and judo skills.
Wasn't Philly Italian? These Eastern wars, with their bordergore, and messiness are confusing.
China is picking up the pace on conquests. Perhaps Mao's CBR awfulness wasn't atypical?
Oh shit! Taiping gives up almost their entire Dynastic claims, to the Somali pirates. Hong just made himself irrelevant.
More cities for Bokassa. I hope Taiping is worth it, idiot.
Paraguay's defence force is messily used, and Hitler defends well.
That explorer is making themselves useless.
The North Korean army is now beginning to feel like an ironic statement. Like, Canadian warmongers, or a liberal Texan.
The Jacobins seem to exclusively want to war with the Libyans.
The cartel is rapidly collapsing, with China far surpassing Confederate conquests.
Rome is one of a handful of civ with no chance. China is tough, the CSA is massive, Central Africa is well armed, and Franco is a fierce scrappy. Caracalla... Well, he has pikes.
InfoAddict at last!
Paraguay is large, but clumsy.
Libya diverts a unreasonable amount of effort to a useless city, that they can't keep in the long run.
The last polar stand of the Cartel...
Rome actually tries to attack China- this won't end fruitfully.
Three. Korean. Cities. That wasn't war, that was cherrypicking.
And the Great General list is exhausted.
Franco's armies are thinning- something concerning, considering his many enemies.
Despite Lopez getting an excellent wonder, China still looks like a possible threat.
Finally, Germany's core is weakened.
Somalia seems to be a possible rival, to mighty Paraguay. With the piratical coastal colonies, I reckon they could potentially surge into the West with time.
The ruinous state falls, as the Cartel is absorbed into the CSA. Escobar was surrounded by players more competent then he, but would have had solid chances in the East. Too bad he wasn't in the East...
Wtf is going on with the Roman invasion? What a mess.
At last, peace is had, as Kim had finally sent a defensive force.
Another flip for Libya's East coast city.
Russia is largely irrelevant at this point, serving no purpose outside of protecting a Paraguayan city from Chiang.
Italy moves to retake Philly.
Huh. The French are actually trying to make landings, on the beaches of Libya. Not that it will work, but...
Caracalla bit off more than he could chew, and Mao retaliates violently.
Somalia remembered it was at war with Florence, and finally moves on the ridiculous hateful state.
Italy of all nations founds the World Congress.
The Confederates attack the weakened Roman cities. Bad timing for Caracalla.
Isfahan fell, and Spain proves they might not be out of the game yet.
Philly is retaken, but now proves to be a target for opportunistic Chiang.
Putin actually has a chance of getting a city, which would be amazing for such a terrible conquerer.
The massive sea of the Somali army descends on Florence, with the pirates proving to be a dangerous player.
Keep on exploring that war zone buddy. Don't let anyone tell you what to do.
The ROC outpaces the PRC in almost every category, but Mao has time to catch up yet. Both Paraguay and Somalia are vicious threats to Chinese growth, while Mao is in a safer spot, despite his weaker nature.
Oh. North Korea finally did something with it's fat army, and takes a capital. I'd say Hong will fall soon, but Kim seems to be an iffy general.
Florence crumbles under the pirate invasion, Somalis looking of something of value to loot- Sav burnt all of their culture ages ago.
Either Kim is incompetent, or Hong is an amazing defender. Maybe both.
Rome takes damage from the civ it attacked, and the Confederate armies alike.
Philly falls, as Italy realizes it is in the centre of major powers, while being a bit player in of itself. Perhaps they shouldn't have grown their border with China, eh?
A BIG ONE. China attacks Paraguay, while the Latin Americans are busy with Hitler.
The army invades.
Florence falls in a wave of Somali guns and cavalry. One city remains, and the powerhouse is closing in.
Jesus, Kim. You are just the worst.
Rome exists. That is all.
PSY soothes Hitler with the tunes of Gangnam style. The dictator is relaxed by this classical music, and manages to tell himself he is winning the war.
The Chinese army seems to be trying to attack everywhere at once, and thusly gets nothing done at all.
Bokassa remembers that he is at war with the PRC, and harasses them with a navy- which skirts way too close the sub.
FINALLY, the Reich's heartland crumbles, as Lopez and Smith race to take the juicy bits for themselves.
China presses in on the Paraguay territories.
This war is pretty much just a stalemate. Which is a shame, because both have a chance of doing well, but instead waste their armies on each other.
Rhodesia rakes the Reich rapidly .
Lopez banks on this wonder helping him.
Somalia actually starts settling the West. This bodes well for future wars.
Rhodesia picks up on its conquests, racing towards the final cities.
Losses are minimal for Lopez, good for him.
The war ends with minimal change.
Paraguay juggles the fronts with confidence.
Italy is under growing pressure, but Chiang may have bitten off more than he could chew.
Aaaand Paraguay took a Chinese city. Well done Chiang.
Taiping is slowly falling. Probably.
Putin displays immense... lack of... Ah fuck it, and fuck him. NEXT!
Somalia declares war on Italy and surges towards Milan.
China takes the predictable first ideology.
And Taiping falls! Hong defended brilliantly, but raw numbers beat his ability.
Naples falls, as Italy pays the price for its weakness. Somalia might be a bigger player than Paraguay.
Siena falls under attack from Rhodesia, and the anti-culture state faces annihilation.
Spain joins the Roman wars.
Antium falls to China, and Mao is slowly gaining traction.
Lopez launches a strong offence for defence.
A city of blazing marble rots tonight.
The Jacobins make landing on the West.
Somalia forms a communist state. What else for pirates?
Siena crumbles to White African guns.
China: The happiest place on earth.
Putin's soldiers find their triggers. "Hey look, this musket does something!"
North Korea is an an unusual situation. No one to conquer, but too strong to be a pushover- now that their army is in one place, that is.
Italy crumbles like an old croissant.
What a war folks, what a war.
A new Chinese city falls, and Lopez proves himself to be the great player of this game.
Italy is about to fall, unless fate is kind to Mussolini.
Florence, the civ that pissed off every single civilization in the game, and may have prevented greater aggression, by uniting civilizations in hating them, is dead. What a mess of a rule. Short, stupid, and spiteful.
A new host?
Fuck's sake, Putin.
In a wave of power, Mao topples Rome, as the second "Italian" civ falls. Caracalla had no chance at all, surrounded by defendable cores, and power players. Maybe if he expanded faster, and attacked Spain instead of China. Or actually finished his Chinese invasion, the FIRST TIME he tried warring.
Italy falls, and the Italian civ are out of the game. Out of the three, Mussolini had the best chances, but he still chose his conquests poorly.
Putin actually closes in on the Nazis. Amazing.
Central Africa becomes communist.
PUTIN ACTUALLY DID IT! FUCKING FINALLY. Germany started out as a possible future power player, before coming under the ire of all of their neighbours, against which they had no chance at all.
This is one tense looking border.
Central Africa faces an unexpectedly powerful Mao, who presses in on the Northern border.
China is attacking Putin, and they have the forces to take everything from the oligarch.
China pushes onwards, as Libya attacks Spain.
I don't have much hope for this border.
Putin, in a rash of madness, and delusion, attacks Rhodesia.
This isn't going to end well...
Libya's war looks pointless. Another stalemate.
Rhodesia is surrounded by the two biggest powers, and has little chance to take on either.
China goes freedom, as Mao champions capitalism, democracy and freedom of sp- HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
Russia tries to defend, but it goes sloppily.
THE CHINAS DECLARE WAR! WHO WILL UNITE THE LAND OF- Wait. They share no borders? Nuts.
Maybe Libya can make some gains, and rush into peace?
Somalia looks pretty scary. They might be to only state that can fight Paraguay. Or maybe they are the only thing that stands in Lopez's way.
Franco is fucked. Thats all folks!

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