Conquest of the Old World: Part Two - Mississippian Mayhem

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Published: 2019-06-17

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Conquest of the Old World: Part One - Indigenous Imperialists

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Welcome back to the Conquest of the Old World AI Game hosted by u/carbon_14_, where native American civilizations duke it out to colonize the old world of Europe and Africa, populated by primitive European civilizations.

In the north, the Wabanaki have established the first colony of the game by settling Meductic on the southern Irish Coast.

Starting their ships in the Azores, the Mississippi quickly settle the cities of Angel Mounds and Atatchi.

Angel Mounds's wooden walls means it's become a Regional Centre, which according to their Unique Ability, increases Food and decreases Building Maintenance in nearby Cities.
Further south, the Taino and the Kalinago find refuge in the Cape Verde Islands, while the Kalinago find land south of Serer.
Towards Morroco we find the Cherokee and the Calusa, both civs totally unsuitable for a desert environment. It's likely that these cities won't grow above 3 or 4 population in this part, but the resources around Setsi may prove useful.
Jumping to Scotland, the Beothuk settle the outpost of Brule in the Hebrides, and disembark a settler on the Scottish mainland.

The Wabanaki settle the colony of Sebayik in Cornwall, gaining another foothold on the British Isles.
Along the coast of West Africa the Tupi settle two new colonies close to each other, which could develop to be a big threat to Nyeni and Ashanti expansion westwards.
In Hispania, the Powhatan finally settle with the colony of Chickahommy, occupying where Lisbon would've normally been.

For now, Leon and Tartessos are unfazed by these new arrivals, but based on prior tests this region is a hotbed of conflict.
Masqo'tasit Sitm (some mistranslated archaeological site or something) is founded on the Scottish coast.

Guarded by two mountains, this should be a hard capture should it come under threat, and will be a prize city for Nonosbawsut with its Lapis Lazuli.
Hiawatha makes a detour to Brittany, founding Hostayuntwa, while back in America Attakullakulla of the Cherokee builds the Great Library.
The first inland colony of the game is Cuchiaga, a pretty much nothing city next to an oasis. However, it looks like the Kalinago make strive to follow this achievement, having founded only the island city of Madinina.
8 turns later, Pythagoras presents us with his collection of pointiest-stick owners, with Tuskaloosa, Anetu and Wahunsenacawh coming out far above the others.
The second inland city of the game is in fact the Kuikuro, founding the similarly worthless village of Itsagahiti, to the bemusement of Ama Joof.
Kairouane becomes the third inlander and the first civilization to settle a pretty defensible city. In the north, the Powhatan cross the Strait of Gibraltar, and Leon founds the city of Oviedo, stretching his empire across both sides of the peninsula
The Kuikuro declare war on the Kalinago! Although this might not mean any colonial action, Karukera will be under threat.

If you've noticed the viking axemen, Porkbean's Jomsvikings, which is in east-central europe, allows any civilization to buy their unique unit, the Malemann. You'll be seeing carpets of them by the end of this part.
Osei Tutu founds Konongo, stopping any Tupi attempt at getting hold of the whole West African coast.
The Iroquois set foot in Aquitaine, cornering off the traditionally non-French areas of France.
Karukera is beseiged by a horde of Malemenn, with several reinforcements making their way there. Kairouane has some pikeman reinforcements but it's unlikely to break the seige.
While the Powhatan continue to flounder near Gibraltar, Massinissa founds Capsa. Near Auzia, it looks like he's trained a Raven, Cherokee's Great General Replacement.
War breaks out in the North American continent with the Mississippi declaring war on the Iroquois, and the Iroquois declaring war on the Mississippi. Matchut looks likely to fall, and perhaps even Osininka if Hiawatha isn't careful.
The Joms back in Europe found the city of Odense, and a Hungarian settler makes his way into the void of Germany.
Leon founds Astorga further down the Spanish mainland, while France settles the city of Reims close to the Pyrenees.
To the east, Hungary founds Szeged next to the lake of what might be Chiemsee or Altersee.
Despite years of bombardment, Karukena holds strong even as the Kuikuro navy get involved.
Osininika goes into the green; if Tuskaloosa keeps this up, the first city capture of the game might be his.
Karukere goes into the yellow, but it might not be all good news for Anetu, as Tupi senses the opportunity to strike. The Calusa also join in, which could spark some colonial city-flipping, given that their cities are so close to each other.
Ashanti founds Mampong between two lush rivers.
Osininka goes into the yellow; Hiawatha's definitely in trouble here.
Osininka falls! If Saratoga is captured as well, Tuskaloosa and the Wabanaki will have a direct border. On the plus side, it looks like Hiawatha's rebuffed the Powhatan incursion into their territory for now.
The Two Sicilies and Hungary expand their empires with the city of Teramo on Corsica, and with a potential settlement near the modern-day city of Trieste.

Given the way things are going, we could see a new Two Sicilian Italy facing off against an expansive Hungaro-Austrian empire, just like old times.
Alfonso plops the risky settle of Duenas right in the maw of Louis IX, without any military to back him up. Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies looks to follow him to this end.
Tutu has enough of Nyeni's existence and sends his Drumroll Warriors to capture it. If Nyeni loses quickly enough Cunhambebe will feel the heat of a increasingly dominant Ashanti.
After a fruitless war, Anetu sends his soldiers home without a city capture to speak of, possibly to defend Nokugu against a similar exhaustive siege.
Smelling blood, Henri Membertou declares war on the Iroquois. If he can get past the mountains and windy New England coast, this won't fizzle out so easily.
Alberti shows us his list of shiny thing-likers, and Ama Joof is far to the top, with Akhenaten and the Universal Spider trailing at 2nd and 3rd place.
Nyeni comes under assault quickly enough, but the Tupi can only watch.
Unsurprisingly, Mr. Spider senses a city ripe for the taking, immediately attacking Duenas with all his army. It seems Ferdinand got the memo before Alfonso did and hurried out of the region.
Duenas quickly falls to the red...
Nyeni falls to the yellow, while the Two Sicilies construct the Colossus wonder.
Duenas falls to France, but it's not a huge loss for Alfonso.
His war with Hiawatha seeming pointless, he turns on the Powhatan and bombards Matchut. The Powhatan have built the Great Wall, but it won't help this city's chances of staying in their hands.
The penal settlement of Rapahanock is noticed and swiped at by Mississippian caravels.
Nyeni falls, being the first city state vanquished by any civilization.
Matchut falls to the yellow...
To the red...
In our second war between native European powers, Stephen I of the Hungarian Empire declares war on Palnatoki's Jomsvikings. Malemenn may have swarmed the new world, but they are mysteriously absent from either side here.
Matchut falls, leaving the Mississippi with the most cities gained this part.
The Calusa uncover the stricken residents of Itsagahiti and decide to throw everything they can at them. Interestingly, the city has a trade route with the Serer, which could trigger the first native-native African war between the Serer and the Calusa.

I don't have InfoAddict for some reason, but here are some demographics. The Kuikuro dominate Population and Crop Yield, the Mississippi lead in Soldiers, Tupi leads in land and the Kalinago tops the Literacy scoreboard. However, Ashanti tops the list twice for Manufactued Goods and GNP, making them the most powerful native civilization.

That's all for this part; Part 3 should be out by next week. Thanks for watching!

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