AImerica Tournament #2 - Southern Strategy

Author: carbon14
Published: 2019-07-07, edited: 1970-01-01

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AImerica Tournament

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AImerica Tournament #1 - Morning in AImerica

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Welcome to the second group round of u/carbon14's AIMerica Tournament!

In this round, we have Teddy in Mexico, Jefferson to the west in California, Enigma's Nixon in Georgia, and Ike in eastern Canada.
Jeff starts us off by settling Philadelphia.
St. Louis is founded by Teddy, blocking Jefferson's eastward expansion somewhat.
Nixon founds Detroit not too far from IRL Detroit.
Teddy throws away the diplomatic big sticks and decides to crush Nixon. The Appalachians may cover Dick but he's still vulnerable.
In our second declaration of war, Ike turns against his Vice President, sending a horde of warriors over to Detroit.
New York City falls to the yellow.
Detroit falls! Luckily, Teddy seems to have run out of melee units so he's safe on the southern front.
In a not-so-surprising move Jeff moves against Roosevelt, targeting St. Louis. Meanwhile, Nixon sends another settler to regain his lost empire.
St Louis falls and is razed by Jefferson! Also, Nixon founds Houston. Could we be seeing the comeback of Tricky Dick?
Jefferson turns his militias southward, besieging Chicago.
Chicago falls, and Teddy is eliminated from the game and the tournament.
Nixon probably forgot about the war with Eisenhower, which costs him with the fall of Houston.
Smelling blood, Jefferson declares war of Eisenhower, looking to reverse his recent gains and to capture another capital.
Houston falls once again, this time to the Jeffersonians.
Dick makes amends with Ike, seeing Jefferson as the greater threat.
As Jefferson's nights descend on Detroit, Nixon founds Baltimore on the Texan coast.
However, Jefferson is repulsed by Ike's wall of composite bowmen, leaving Detroit and Washington safe for now.
Nixon's south rises further with the settlement of Dallas in Cuba (which was the case with Reagan in Part #1).
Jefferson constructs the Wat of Angkor, as he attempts to dive into the belly of the beast.
Evidently, this wasn't a success. Ten turns later, he peaces with Eisenhower, leaving Houston in his hands.
Nixon founds Cleveland, adding to his resurrected empire.
But will it last? Ike decides to have another shot at Nixon, if he can get through the Jeffersonian mass.
Less than ten turns later, Jefferson launches himself at Nixon, eager to take Baltimore.
In the space of 6 turns Baltimore falls.
New York comes under seige...
...and it's taken by the Jeffersonians. Nixon is banished from America; his only territories are Cuba and Southern Mexico.
His land in Mexico is then taken, with Cuba probably about to follow suit.
Dallas falls, eliminating Nixon from the game.
It's not long before Jefferson becomes hungry for more, and declares war on Eisenhower. Although Jefferson leads in military force, production and technology, this region's forests and mountains has made it a tough spot for conquesting.
Ike and Jefferson bombard each other with Bombers and Fighters, sending Detroit into the black and New York City into the yellow.
After a heroic defence of the city for 20 turns, Ike finally yields and loses Detroit to Jefferson.
Momentarily, Detroit flips...
Ike manages to take over Detroit again, but it only a matter of turns before he runs out of troops to protect it.
Detroit falls back to Jefferson, as Washington falls to the yellow under the weight of a Landship offensive. Eisenhower's Engineers and Generals flee to the Hudson Sea, condemning them to their watery fate...
Jefferson had researched the Manhattan project and had possessed Atomic Bombs, but it's not nuclear force that wins the day, but a lone landship. Jefferson takes Washington, winning the game and progressing the next round.

Being the top two players, Jefferson and Eisenhower will compete with Reagan and Polk in the quarter-finals.

Thanks for watching this part of AImerica Tournament!

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