Odd Canals Part 2: A land Before Astronomy

Published: 2020-01-23, edited: 2020-02-02

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Odd Canals

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Odd Canals Part 1: Cursed Map

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Hello and welcome to Odd Canals part 2! I'm your host, Limozeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

We begin our part with Casimir IV randomly declaring war on Greece.
Corsica and Rhodesia lead the way, but the man who just declared war is in third.
Tahiti begins to send settlers out, which is exciting as their settlers may randomly teleport on ocean (the dark blue tiles).
They look to ensure occupation of the DNA Helix island. Greece hopes to compete for these isles, however.
Our first skirmishes begin in the Poland-Greece war. Poland has a significant advantage numerically and in terrain.
A coalition emerges against Konbaung. Yangon is a key pivot point and a good settle for Konbaung.
Konbaungs utter lack of a navy means this war may go somewhere, but Corsica can't really use their massive army.
The great compromiser whittles Mombasa's health to yellow in a continuation of last parts war.
The city of Mombasa flies the Red White and Blue(or more accurately the Yellow and Blue) as Fillmore has effectively trapped both Kilwa and Russia with this capture.
An example of Tahiti's random nature, their settler ends up near Angola.
Corsica assaults Sadano, looking to take the part of Konbaung cut off from the capital.
Casimir has cleared out the Greek military from the premises of Thessaloniki.
Rhodesia steals a key settle from Selim.
Casimir is so sure of Thessaloniki's capture, he's started just going past it.
Casimir gets his head in the game though, and starts damaging Thessaloniki.
Greece gets an escape roure by settling the south of the helix. Tahiti is rapidly expanding.
Thessaloniki falls! The next city on Casimir's list is Athens. Can he keep pushing?
Angola attempts to take Albany but facing comp bows, i have my doubts.
The city i called Sadano earlier is actually Sagaing. My bad.

*Sagaing* falls to the red as Corsica purchases a new trireme every turn.
Fillmore takes a break midwar to build Parthenon. Kilwa has sent a force to retake Mombasa.
Angola backs out nearly immediately.
Nothing happened here.
Athens begins to take damage.
Mexico builds Colossus and peacefully builds up their empire.
The capital is rapidly being damaged as the Greek military is nowhere to be found!
Down goes Athens! If Heraklion falls, Greece will have been expelled to the isles!
The Kilwa army falters as Fillmore builds another wonder.
If you thought Russia was impossible to kill before...
A look back at this war finds Sagaing at full health and Konbaung turning this war against Corsica.
Busy boys
Top ten photos taken moments before disaster
Things are not looking good for Corsica.
But at the last moment, Konbaung peaces out and Corsica breathes a sigh of relief.
Rip Greek prospects to do well, b. part 0- d. part 2
Good thing Greece settled this city when they did, huh. Came with a free source of marble too, thanks to the UA.
Chola gets a great prophet due to Hagia Sophia after all religions are founded, leaving MLK nothing to do but fight racism and inequality in Cholan society.
Down but not out, the Greeks double their city count.
And we end the part with S T A T S. Not much has changed.

We'll continue next time! May your canals be odd and your odds be canal in your favor

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

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