I. Conspiratorial: For your eyes only.

Author: Radetch
Published: 2020-01-09, edited: 2020-01-11
Ancient Starbound AAR that I'm archiving. I'm kind of an aarcheologist, so I hope it's all right I'm archiving non GS here. Just drop me an e-mail if it's not.

Part of the campaign:

Unfinished Starbound AAR

Preamble: These are the remnants of an unfinished Starbound AAR, featuring intrigue, Glitch politics, and low-level horny on main energy. Despite starting a bit stupidly, it grows up a bit as it goes, and I'm still glum I never finished it.

I hope you enjoy.
Boisterous: Greetings!
As you may well know, I am Radetch voi Tinselkampf. (Quiet: It is absolutely a real name. Subroutines have indicated that it is very param_cultural_central_european.)

Having crash-landed and found myself deprived of serfs, I am setting out to explore the cosmos, settle planets, and re-connect with xenolife on an intimate and personal level.

Sly: That is to say, on a carnal level.

Concerned: Was it blunt enough
Forward: Moving right along...
My immediate attempt to extract meaningful levels of mineral wealth from the planet were greeted with failure. Unfortunately, it seems these primitive societies use 'pixels' as some vague form of currency instead of the glorious gold standard.

Fortunately, a local rimworlder had placed much of their monetary wealth beneath their humble peasant shack!

Even more fortunately, I was able to acquire biomaterial that might attract nesting slimes or be useful in scientific processes!

Wistful: I miss my freeholdings. Have you beaten a serf with a goblet of wine today?

Re-assuring: No, I would never transform any of you into biomass, dear friends. After all, you are clearly of the aristocracy, and as we all know, blue blood is thicker in the biomass.
Shocked: Psychotic Slumbering Cyclopeans?
I then stumbled upon this slumbering ragamuffin. I accosted her with my pressing need for commerce; she resentfully relented to let my acquire from her an oven of most spectacular craft, after assuring me that there were none like it in the known universe.

Haughty: I am certain that I have made an excellent purchase. This easy-bake process sounds simple enough for my regal, uncalloused waldoes to handle.

(Disappointed: She was neither a Beldehor nor interested in learning about the finer points of interpersonal networking. I feel thwarted on both accounts.)
Humble: My personal craft.
Proud: I have not customized anything at all! This is the mark of the true nobility, as I am sure you well know.

Cunning: That will happen later, after I have extracted enough ammonium sulfate to fulfill my nebulous needs.

Sheepish: Not entirely sure what those needs are yet, but you can never have enough ammonium sulfate.

Fond: Until next time, then. Mayhap we may meet across the stars, some time!

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