Odd Canals Part 0: An Existential Crisis As Portrayed By Civ AIs

Published: 2020-01-23, edited: 2020-01-23

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Odd Canals

Hello! Welcome to the world of Odd Canals. A map that exists outside the world of realm and logic. Probably why my sub is on a mountain.

Some things to clear up before we start:
All civs have optics
We are on historic eras speed.
Merry Christmas! Our first civ is Santa Anna's Mexico, which was chosen because it has a cannon UU. They start in the middle of nowhere.
IN THE OTHER CORNER, INDIRA GANDHI's INDIA BY SCISSOR FINGERS. ahem- they were chosen because they have a paratrooper UU.
Immediately below India is Connecticut and Massachusetts on the same continent, and Angola in an isolated outcropping of a mountain continent.

Connecticut and Massachusetts were chosen for their Caravel UUs, while Angola was chosen because they have a paratrooper UU.
South of this continent are three civs: LS Nepal, Lincoln, and Tahiti.

Nepal was chosen because it has a mountain bonus, Lincoln was chosen for both his Cannon and Ironclad UUs, and Tahiti was chosen by Cloudberg.
East of Indira-Massachusetts-Connecticut continent we have these lads: Oman, and Brazil 2: Pedro I.

Oman was chosen for their caravel UU, and Pedro was chosen for his Ironclad UU.
On the same continent to the south, we have the Manx, chosen for their ironclad UU.
To their south, we have Tibet, who was chosen for their Mountain bonuses. Boy do they have plenty of those to work with.
South of Tibet and technically on the same continent, we have Casimir IV and Modern Greece.

Greece was chosen for their ironclad UU, and Poland was chosen for their caravel UU. Poland has the ability to randomly pick social policies ignoring requirements, which the AI chooses to do exclusively.
South of them is the Durrani, who were chosen for their mountain bonuses.
To the east of the Manx are the Snake continents.
Here we find Bob Hawke(chosen for Paratrooper), Buganda(chosen for Caravel), and Konbaung(chosen for Cannon)
On the southern tip of the snakes is the Chola(Caravel)
In the north, east of the snakes, is LS Ottomans under Selim I, who were chosen because they're cool.
On the same continent to the south is Corsica and Fillmore, who were both chosen by "fan" "vote".

To their south is Alexander I's Russia and the Kilwa, chosen for Cannon and Caravel respectively.
And lastly we have in the northeast of this continent, Rhodesia and Hawaii(Lil' too long name), chosen for their Paratrooper and Ironclad UUs, respectively.

I'm sorry.

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