CHG Mk. X Part 7

Author: Leris
Published: 2019-06-01, edited: 2019-06-01
rip pria

Part of the campaign:


Hello and welcome back to yet another part of CHGX! Your narrator today is the definitely-not-biased u/marcuszodiak1, and the part is bound to be rather intense with some interesting plots, including the foundation of the nation of Switzerland using a formerly OCE settler. Smh Alaska is PAU >:(
Planning over to Yurop we can see Quijas’ grand war fleet and complementary army just ready to storm the beaches of Normandië as the ruins of Utrecht burn in the distance after a tragic fire. Reports indicate the fire was started by a small dog, who was last seen with a bottle of alcohol and a rag 2 days prior.
The army lands at Amsterdam, ready to damn the damned Dutch into… damnation.

Also wrong city Leris smh
We pan over to Asia to get a good glimpse of the battleground before everything gets bloody. Get a nice long look at these borders because they’re going to get crazy pretty soon.
The bad PAU founds the city of Accra on the southernmost tip of Africa, so hooray I guess.
Well shit

It appears Lego Curse has struck again and doomed the PAU invasion :(

For now…
Or not. The Americans claim the burned out shell of Utrecht for themselves. The dog that started the fire is quickly evacuated from the city by the American navy, and then given the Medal of Honor.
Sibir-ian forces begin an offensive to take the city of Posyet, despite the city’s cold climate. The force look decent enough as long as they don’t get stuck in the snow. However a Pria army is marching west and may challenge them
Utrecht still holds, but the American forces cannot seem to attack anything. It appears the war is sputtering into a stalemate.
Sibir marches a force to the city of Chimgi-Tura, but the Pria forces are being lazy and sitting at Nakhodka. This part could go very badly for the Pria if they continue to be sleepy.
The city of Posyet falls with some resistance from Pria, and Chimgi is being damaged. Pria continues to be sleepy.
The PAU is also being sleepy, and is allowing the Dutch to swarm Utrecht with units. Considering it’s a bombed out undefendable shell, this looks to be an easy capture for the Dutch. I am saddened.
Utrecht is recaptured. A wider view of the Dutch reveals a semi-exhausted army but a decent-sized navy in the south.
Pria awakens! Posyet is recaptured and most Sibir troops are no longer in range of Chimgi. Will the fake Russians mount a comeback? Probably not. The Sibir are already preparing a counter-counterattack.
A Parthian scout gets lost and finds the lost peoples of Switzerland. A strange meeting place of 4 civilizations has formed at the Bering Strait of all places.
The Sibir counter-counterattack succeeds and flips both Posyet and Chimgi! However, with Pria awakened, they appear to be formulating a counter-counter-counterattack! Fortunately for the Sibir, a counter-counter-counter-counterattack is very possible.
The PAU navy regroups in the North Sea, perhaps preparing for a second invasion of Normandië. Utrecht is strongly in Dutch hands again, unfortunately.
Pria falls asleep again and the road to… N-U… is basically open except for a very scared and damaged compbow that isn’t even defending the road. However the Sibir are also being sleepy and not reinforcing their attack.
Normandië 2 is pretty cringe. Meanwhile the Dutch are invading New York! Lego curse has struck twice in a single part!
It appears Operation Zeeleeuw was an utter failure considering only 2 units landed. In bigger news the PAU naval presence is a thing of the past, and Snoreway looks to be undermanned.
A battle rages for control of Chimgi, where the Pria have not yet given up! However, Sibir has an even larger military advantage over Pria than before, so Pria will have to remain awake the entire time, which will be very hard for them unfortunately.
A few wars are declared as pranks but are shut down. Apparently Pria was at war with OCE the entire time but both sides are so slow and sluggish I couldn’t figure that out.
Oh god oh fuck
The Dutch have decided Zeeleeuw was a bad idea and decided to execute a plan they call “Weserubung” instead. A Dutch navy contingent sails to the city of Snoreway and it looks even more undermanned now.
The Sibir shrug off the Pria and look ready push onwards. The Pria are going to have to try harder than THAT to resist the Sibir war machine.
Snoreway falls into the red with no units to retake it. The PAU responds quickly and accurately by sending missionaries to the war front to quickly destroy the Dutch with facts and logic. Sadly the Dutch are too barbaric to understand them.
The PAU military presence on the New York Archipelago is gone, and Snoreway has fallen. The Dutch appear to be executing Operation Zeeleeuw a second time and are having a barbaric pillaging party.
Asia has fallen into stalemate after Pria not only falls asleep again but the Siber as well. The Sibir look to be in a slightly better position than last turn, however.
Crete gets dabbed on by the bad PAU. A truly sad moment of history. F for Crete.
A big scary Sibir contingent is marching east from Chimgi! The Pria military presence is slowly shrinking within their civ.
The Sibir quickly move to unite their front with OCE, who has yet to do anything yet btw, and Pria looks even more vulnerable.
Operation Zeeleeuw 2 fails, and the PAU navy has arrived to either do Normandië 3 or liberate the Snorewegians. They are probably going to try and do both and die to Lego curse.
The Sibir creep further east towards Nakhodka, and OCE appears to have given up. Also more prank wars are stomped, including the PAU v PAU war that is definitely and totally a prank war.
The city of Chicago is built in a geographically accurate location on worthless shitclay, and starts with 5 hammers because of social policies.
Siber holds off on attacking despite the lack of a major Pria military presence. However the Sibir are extending their army front of death north to the lake, which makes them even bigger and scarier. The complete abandonment of the Northern front should be noted.
The PAU send their entire navy to Limerick Island. A dog is seen in the crowsnest of the flagship trireme. It should be noted the city of Limerick is taking damage. Could we be seeing the first successful PAU attack of the part?

Too bad because the part is over! It’s been a delight narrating for the CHG but after this is the glorious stats slides. For now however, this is u/marcuszodiak1, signing off.

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