An American Risorigmento Part 1: Red World HOI4 (Slightly Modified) RCAS AAR

Author: Uberak
Published: 2017-10-15, edited: 2018-05-27
Basically, I slightly modified Red World to turn the Great Lakes Republic into yet another American successor state, the Republic of Confederate American States. Other minor modifications to the National Bolshevik ideology are made to accommodate both the RCAS and Gaddafi's regime. And yes, I will be using console commands to compensate for the lack of events and national foci.

Part of the campaign:

An American Risorigmento

Selecting the Republic of Confederate American States, a national-syndicalist American successor state that arose out of a coalition of dissident "Hardhat" labor unions, citizens militias, and farmer's organizations.
The Flag of the Republic of Confederate American States
Our initial situation is pretty shitty. A small army of only 70,000, little to no military industry, and a small population.

However, we're in luck as we are quite mobilized at the start of the game with War Economy and Extensive Conscription. Our national unity is also off the roof.

And, the first thing we did is liberate Illinois and Missouri under the American banner which was easy as they didn't even have an army.

St. Louis was quickly purged of all "anti-American" elements, which practically meant the mass deportation of the vast majority of its black population and the sacking of Mizzou.

After bringing Illinois and Missouri back to the Union, our sights were then aimed at the American People's Commonwealth.

But, how can we defeat the American People's Commonwealth? Their military is far larger in numbers, and they have a far superior industrial capacity than the upstart RCAS.

Well, the RCAS has plenty of tricks up their sleeves.
The start of the Northeastern Civil War, the first step in the road to American Reunification.

The first chink in the Commonwealth's armor is the relative lack of mobility amongst Commonwealth forces. The RCAS Minutemen, on the other hand, had the luxury of having a more mobile force due to lacking the supply needs of the larger and more unwieldy Commonwealth People's Army.
The second and most important chink in the Commonwealth's armor is the FTA and the popularity of the "Nazjefs" amongst the white working class. The Federated Trades Assembly has plenty of sway and power in the APC, despite attempts to crackdown on it by the government. This in turn meant that immediately upon the declaration of the war, elements that have plotting to rise up against the APC finally reared their head.

Quickly, Chicago was captured as the Minutemen host encircled the confused and diverted Commonwealth forces. Motorized and Mechanized Minutemen Commandos (Named after the Boer commandos) targeted the major metropolitan areas that were the source of most of the Commonwealth's support with the secondary objective of blocking supplies from reaching Commonwealth troops.
The American Confederated Trades revolted in New York, as Hardhat Rioters attacked "college-elitist hippies", "foreign immigrant scabs", and "the coons of Harlem" in a fury of factory occupations and street fighting. Construction equipment quickly became machines of death and destruction in aid of the revanchist revolutionaries, while monuments dedicated to Civil Rights figures were smashed.
Meanwhile, the entire Commonwealth People's Army was in complete disarray, despite only suffering 3,000 losses.

Detroit and Cleveland were both captured, with entire Corps of the CPA surrounded. Whilst Cleveland was recaptured by CPA forces, Detroit was occupied for long enough to force the majority of the black population to flee across the border to Canada as refugees, finding sanctuary in the small city of Windsor across the Detroit River.
The Commonwealth surrendered 8 days later. The campaign of shock and terror was a resounding success for the Minutemen, winning the war with minimal casualties for both sides and within the period of only a month.

Finally, the Republic of Confederate American States evolved from a militia with a nation to a fully functional nation-state, with Philadelphia being the new "historic capital". The distrust of centralization amongst the fervent followers of the "New Articles of Confederation" prevented the creation of an actual capital.

Unions that were in the IWW were freed from the central control of the "One Big Union", instead joining the ranks of the Federated Trades Assembly as the second legislative house of the Confederate Republic.

The purges of "anti-American" elements evolved from ad-hoc riots and lynching to the formal disenfranchisement and deportation of minority groups.

The scale and brutality of the American "Reign of Terror" contrasted strongly with the relatively quick and clean war. Various international organizations, both capitalist and communist, and nations condemned the RCAS, and the RCAS is seen more as a powerful terrorist organization than as an actual nation. An exiled Commonwealth government was formed amongst new emigres, which found popularity among urbane intellectuals in the UK, Canada, Scandinavia, and even some countries in continental Europe.

However, despite universal international condemnation and being surrounded by the hostile powers of Canada and the American Republic, the RCAS finally had the industries to fuel its war machine.

No longer dealing with industry conflict, the unions of the FTA were quick to start rebuilding the industrial might of the North under the watch of the Confederation Congress. The white working-class, once exiled to the suburbs, which became rather hard places to live in after the collapse of the United States and its oil economy, found the inner-cities, cleared of the elements of "Anti-America", open for colonization. A flood of "Pioneers" homesteaded the properties once owned or rented by blacks, either clearing away or renovating the old homes. Apartment blocs were cleared to make room for the development of colonial-style rowhouses. The Jeffersonian ideal of being a property-owner lived on amongst the citizen-soldiers of the Confederate Republic, whether through owning the means of production as workers or owning ones own townhouse.

This is not to say that Americans were concentrating themselves. The industrialization efforts even extended into new cities and small towns, which were built deeper in-land. In fact, the American population decentralized despite the densification of cities, with the population of metropolitan areas declining and the growth of small towns and cities.

The "National-Jeffersonian" model of urban development and industrialization would then be repeated with each future expansion of the RCAS into the Former United States.

The American working-class has found itself on the steering wheel of history, with the entire nation and perhaps even the world as its pearl.

Of course, while these efforts towards reconstruction were going on, the ranks of the RCAS Minutemen swelled as vast swaths of citizens in the Commonwealth were drafted into them. The reunification of America has only begun.

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