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C3C AI Game - Europe MK.I Part 3

Images: 43, author: TheMusicArchivist, published: 2018-03-08

Part 3 of my AI-only Civ 3 game.

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C3C AI Game - Europe MK.I Part 2

Images: 61, author: TheMusicArchivist, published: 2018-03-04

A continuation of one of the first Civ 3 games played solely by AI players.

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C3C AI Game - Europe MK.I

Images: 27, author: TheMusicArchivist, published: 2018-03-02

One of the first AI-only Civ games to take part on Civ 3 Conquests. This map is borrowed and altered from the Scenario 'Napoleonic Era', otherwise, the game runs off fairly standard rules. Some Unique Units have been added and some minor changes have been made to improve non-human gameplay. As well as that, a landbridge has been connected between Ireland and England, and Denmark and Sweden to facilitate early wars prior to useful naval transport units.

Game: Other games

The Rat Race: A Total Warhammer 2 "Speedrun"

Images: 335, author: Shoggy, published: 2017-12-06

Have you ever asked yourself "What's the fewest number of turns it'd take to beat Total War: Warhammer 2?"

Probably not, because you're a sane, well-adjusted individual who has far better things to do with their time. Not me though, let's see if we can't managed to pull it off in under a 100 turns.

(Hope you folks aren't allergic to cheese, there's going to be a lot of it where we're going)
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