AARs by Sakoran 2017-10-24 19:48:26 u_sakoran AI Mythical Domination Part 2: First Blood(y massacre) a_i7b2sb 2017-10-24 19:48:26 https://aar.li/u/ <img src="https://img.aar.li/5/3/53stt2535t7u.jpg"" />AAR with 56 pictures. AI Mythical Domination Part One: Antarctica is a douche bag a_3zirpr 2017-10-17 15:58:19 https://aar.li/u/ <img src="https://img.aar.li/6/v/6vzaz15ob5kd.jpg"" />AAR with 49 pictures. AI Mythical Domination - Part Zero: Islamic Penguins &amp; Other Introductions a_iwpxcb 2017-10-15 21:31:47 https://aar.li/u/ <img src="https://img.aar.li/u/5/u5124vq4qg29.jpg"" />AAR with 24 pictures. Sakoran's first ever AI-only Civ V Match, complete with 15 Civs and a lost Polynesian Nuclear Submarine. When Santa Claus, Cthulhu, Aliens, Zombies, The Headless Horseman and more are pitted head to head, who will emerge victorious in a battle to become the most revered legend.