About, privacy and FAQ

What is this all about?

This place is a library of game-related After Action Reports (warning, TV Tropes). You can post your own AAR or view other people's creations.

What about copyrights?

By uploading images you represent and warrant to us that doing so does not infringe anyone else's rights and you created the content or otherwise have sufficient intellectual property rights to upload the material.

What data do you store when I browse this website?

Just like the rest of the Internet, we collect your IP, browser related things (user-agent, referrer, etc.) and visiting times. We don't sell or share that data with other entities, although we use Google Analytics, which means Alphabet Inc. has access to all the data as well.

If you register an account we obviously need your email address, but we won't sell/share it either. We reserve the right to send you at most 3 messages per year annoucing new features, plus messages that you specifically requested (e.g. reseting passwords).

Do you use cookies?

Only if you register an account or disable that text what is all about. However, since we use Google Analytics, it might create cookies to track your visit.

I uploaded an image and it's suddenly gone.

If you upload images but don't publish an AAR with them, we reserve the right to delete those images 4 hours after uploading.

We also reserve the right to delete any image that is not related to computer games or topic of the particular AAR. Also, we don't accept excessive nudity, brutality and gore.

If we found you uploaded images that break the law, we will delete it as soon as possible and contact the authorities.

Images I uploaded lost quality.

This site is not exactly the best place to host crispy and ultra high quality photos. We reduce quality in order to increase speed and reduce bandwidth consumption.

I found my stuff uploaded w/o my permission!

Please contact us.

I have some other questions.

Feel free to contact us.