"An After Action Report (or AAR) is any form of retrospective analysis on a given sequence of goal-oriented actions previously undertaken, generally by the author themselves." - Wikipedia

Here, at After Action Report Library we try to store and preserve as many game-related AARs as possible. You can view them and even upload them for free. Oh, and we use cookies.

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civilization V: Monsters of History, Part 1 (Darkest Souls)

Images: 186, author: ArborArcanist, published: 2019-05-23

Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CHG Mk. 10 Part 5

Images: 115, author: Leris, published: 2019-05-19

LiberateLeris gets liberated and reliberated a whole lot

Game: Hearts of Iron III

A Cornered Lion: Chapter 4-The War Path

Images: 49, author: Dick_Doug, published: 2019-04-27, edited: 2019-05-15

Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

AI Game of Poland(s) pt. 20

Images: 41, author: MamuTXD, published: 2019-04-26

Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CivHybridGames Mk. X Part 1 (Take 3)

Images: 75, author: Leris, published: 2019-04-21


Game: Other games

The Song of Prussia: Chapter 1

Images: 9, author: inocomprendo, published: 2019-04-17

An AAR following the (hopeful) rise of a tribe of Prussians surviving in CK2. This AAR begins with the rise of High Chief Prusas from a warrior to the Chief. Our conclusion ends with the Chiefdom of Pruthenia preparing for war, with a significant decision to be made by the Elder Council...

This AAR will follow in the vein of LPs influenced by audience participation. The AAR will likely only continue through EU4, but won't go much further at the moment due to the backup of the Victoria II converter.

I use a few mods with this, notably CK2+, Patrum Scuta, and VIET events.

With that, let's start this together! I'll continue this as long as it's fun and as long as people enjoy it, so I hope you certainly do.

Game: Hearts of Iron III

A Cornered Lion: Chapter 3-Once More Unto the Breach

Images: 72, author: Dick_Doug, published: 2019-04-01, edited: 2019-04-13

Game: Other games

An Empire Between Sun and Sea: Oman Mini-AAR

Images: 15, author: hsiwangmu, published: 2019-04-01

Do you ever get tired of all the love Victoria II gets?
Really, you aren't just - saying that to humour me...

Well, whatever, have a Victoria: Revolutions: An Empire Under the Sun: Victoria Improvement Project AAR.

... Please don't try to say that all in one breath...

Game: Crusader Kings II

The Watchers on The Wall [Part 1: 995th Lord Commander Jantos Qorgyle]

Images: 27, author: HiroTsuguS, published: 2019-03-29

An AAR of the Night's watch in AGoT CK2 starting at Robert's Rebellion.

Game: Hearts of Iron III

A Cornered Lion: Chapter 2- Battle Lines

Images: 44, author: Dick_Doug, published: 2019-03-25, edited: 2019-03-26

Game: Other games

The Golden Empire. Part 3 The Iberian Menace

Images: 60, author: lokigtvarre, published: 2019-03-24

Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 18

Images: 83, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-03-24

Game: Other games

Cartoon Horse Pogrom

Images: 199, author: johnsmith, published: 2019-03-19, edited: 2019-03-25

In the politically tumultuous but resource-rich Kingdom of Wingbardy, follow one brave Griffon and his friends as he fights against corruption and evil to spread the magic of togetherness.

Game: Hearts of Iron III

A Cornered Lion: Chapter 1-Prelude to War

Images: 27, author: Dick_Doug, published: 2019-03-18, edited: 2019-03-19

Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 17

Images: 122, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-03-17

Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Golden Empire. Part 2 The Mad King

Images: 37, author: lokigtvarre, published: 2019-03-16

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