Civ Hybrid Game Mk. VIII Part Fourteen: I am become Andy, Destroyer of Worlds...

Published: 2018-09-29, edited: 1970-01-01

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk. VIII Part Thirteen: The Blitz of Geatland

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Hello and welcome to the last part of CHG mk8! Its been a fun ride guys, and I've really enjoyed being your gamerunner. Now enjoy your week delayed 16 slide part where I spent 2 hours doing mostly useless implementation!

The streets were quiet. It had not been long since the last EU troops had been pushed out of the capital, and the damage was evident. Soldiers patrolled the streets. Citizens wandered the streets in pairs, wary of any sign of airplanes in the sky, or explosions in the harbor.There was a single bomber approaching, but one was not a concern. It was the hundreds and hundreds of bombers in the EU air force. At least, one was not a concern until the flash of light obliterated Kiel.
The plane approached Oslo. The citizens of Oslo did not know war. War was foreign, a far away concept that had never visited Oslo. While the war with the Geats had raged on for centuries, it had never visited the secure city. The inhabitants looked towards the sky, at the single plane approaching. Most had never seen an airplane, it was an awe-inspiring sight. At least, it was awe-inspiring as long as they still lived.
The flash annihilated any semblance buildings in the city. Oslo was an ancient city. The buildings were mostly wooden and stone. Technology had been slow to reach Norway, and the city was still medieval. The splitting of atoms wiped the slate clean.
The city of Randers was very similar to Oslo. Being securely tucked away deep inside of S-H territory, they had never known war. The city was very modern, the peak of technological innovation in Denmark, and one of the largest left in S-H. That would not be true for long.
Hanstolm. The city that thrived on water. A major port, it produced dozens of ships to serve in the navy. The Hanstolm Times was known as the primary news source in the S-H nation. No longer.
The shanty-town of Hfre- whatever. The last holdout of the Geats. It fared worse than Oslo, with mere tents and wooden shacks being blasted to bits.The small sections of the city that had been there since the city was settled still stood, if heavily irradiated death traps.
As Poland collapsed, this time for the last time, the council of Poland met. It was hopeful that the council would be able to rectify the issues wracking the nation once again. That was, until the entire council was wiped out in a flash of light.
As the last holdout of the Finnish resistance died in a blink of an eye, Andy smiled. His dream had been realized. Lithuanian and Finnish scientists, constantly toiling over their work to achieve EU domination. EU soldiers marched on every land mass. EU navies dominated the seas. The air was controlled by EU planes. Andy had won. As he stretched satisfyingly, and went out to look over the great city of Vil- "WHAT! His great city was now named "Novgorod"? How did this happen! Literally impos-" In that moment a dragon ate Andy and he was never heard from again.
Warsaw is irradiated and surrounded by EU infantry. It will not hold.
The Hanstolm Times- "Cities across the nation have been completely wiped out by new EU superweapons of unparalleled power. Kiel is under siege. God bless and good luck."
As Oslo burned, a sound could be heard by the few survivors. A *crunch, crunch, crunch* was distinctly audible. As it grew louder, it was apparent what the sound was. The jackboots of the EU stormtroopers crushing the skulls of dead Norwegians as they marched victoriously into Oslo.
As we can see, the majority of the cities in the Lithuanian heartland have taken up Novgorodian names. Perhaps Novgorod does truly live on. In the hearts of Lithuanians.
And thats all folks! It did not take long for the world to fall under the domination of the EU. Less than a turn. I don't know why, but domination victory was turned off. Strange. All of the capitals have fallen to the EU however, and thus they have won MK8! Congratulations! Now, these last 3 slides are for the enjoyment of Andy as he gets to watch glorious Lithuanian colors on all of the capitals.

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