Klisz's Civs AI Game, Part 6: All Quiet on the Klisztern Front

Author: Klisz
Published: 2018-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
Welcome back to the Klisz's Civs AI Game! I've switched over to aar.li because Google Photos was being uncooperative. Anyway, here we see Francisco informing us yet again that Manuel Amador Guerrero (Panama) is plotting against Xehanort (Seekers of Darkness).
Honecker (East Germany) has paratroopers!
Francisco has been in Panama for long enough, so I send him to Keyblade Graveyard.
Xehanort founds a new city right next to Panama's Kassite territories.
He can't figure out how to build metal ships, except for aircraft carriers.
Honecker is first into the Information Era.
"making Diplomatic Victory possible" when this game has diplo victory disabled, good job firaxis
For the first time ever, Panama is not the host.
The KH civs' city lists are short so Xehanort's already used up his, and has stolen a Portuguese name.
And a Smash one. At least The Plain is actually in plains.
firaxis is very good at remembering that you can disable victory conditions
The People's Stick is pointy.
East Germany settles the western continent again, this time in the southeast.
Honecker shows off his pointy stick by making it point upward.
Amador enters the Information Era a bit behind Honecker.
Upset that the regular Great Wall does nothing except look cool anymore, Honecker builds a new one, only this time, it's made out of internet cyberspace visual basic GUI hacker fire.
He also builds himself some Communications Arrays, which are new improvements in Future Worlds that yield +2 Gold and also get a bit of Science and Culture with certain techs.
Speaking of Future Worlds, he's also got some Drone UAVs. These are a future ranged unit; it should be noted that they return to the pre-Gatling Gun 2 range.
Panama, meanwhile, has copters.
East Germany continues its futurization by upgrading some Paratroopers into Airborne Forces (a new unit that goes between Paratroopers and XCOM Squads).
honecker why do you even care about portugal anymore
Panama's got a nuke!
And a fairly impressive number of Paratroopers.
Honecker builds the Shanghai World Financial Center, because he needed more gold and more wonders.
Behold the mighty East German general fleet!
Honecker also has Special Forces, the Marine upgrade. Due to a mistake of mine, Bausoldaten don't upgrade into Special Forces, so he needs to build them from scratch.

(Sorry for all these 'look at this fw thing' slides - not much has been happening over a long period of time. Just look at the turn numbers.)
Xehanort enters the Atomic Era while the other two relevant civs are already in Information.
Honecker now has the FW Missile Cruiser upgrade, the Arsenal Cruiser (or Assnal Cruiser in American English), which in addition to carrying 4 missiles has an impressive 125 ranged strength.
Okay, it's turn 904. The Kassites were defeated on turn 804 and it's been a hundred turns of peace since then. Thus, I'm ending this part by forcing each of the four civs that still have cities to go to war.
East Germany is, by far, the most populated...
...most food-producing...
...most producing in general...
...and biggest civ on the planet.
On the other hand, Panama has a bigger military for once. Probably has something to do with there being five Atomic Bombs in Portobelo right now - nobody else has even completed the Manhattan Project.
Honecker does still lead in tech though.
I decided to spare Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.) from the war because he's completely irrelevant anyway, with an army consisting of one (1) worker.
Naturally, this war has also severed all economic ties.
And made everyone angry.
Panama's jump in military power interested me so I also went to the historical data graph to show when it surpassed East Germany.
Xehanort is desperately working towards getting his own nukes, while Honecker is instead researchng a tech that unlocks nothing militarily useful (though it does lead to Genetic Manipulation, and Mutants are nice). Amador seeks to improve his navy with Missile Cruisers and Supercarriers.
East Germany remains overly-wondrous.

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