Mediterranean AI - Part: 17 Two Romes Reign (End)

Author: porkpotpie
Published: 2018-09-15, edited: 2018-12-18

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Mediterranean AI - Part: 16 War is Hell (and Dumb)

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Its an end of year miracle!

Alright you mugs, its the last episode of the Mediterranean AI game, and unfortunately it ends poorly, as after upgrading my graphics card the game no longer loads. I have no idea why this happens, but it does...

For votes, out of 18 France got 12 and Israel got 6, not showing a lot of confidence in the old front runner.

I'll show what pictures I have, its just a shame that it isn't more decisive as to who would win. As of the end of last part, which was probably posted half a year ago, France had just turned the Adriatic Sea into its own private lake.
France also controls the western coast of Greece, but it won't last long as Israel has a large army in the region.
France captures the large city of Ingolstadt. If Israel was producing units in the Balkans this loss would be a great blow to their war effort. As they aren't, however, it isn't.
9 turns later, it doesn't matter as Israel pushes France back to the Italian peninsula.
France hold the balance of power in Africa however, though they have yet to move the front line at all.
France shows their lead in military strength. And the Berbers are still here?
There they go, France takes the offensive for a bit.
Agana falls. Progress.
Smoking water, which is interesting as there is nothing there that can make it smoke.
Israel takes Munich, rendering everything prior to this meaningless... Darn.
Benghazi and Tripoli are taken by Israel but they only manage to keep Tripoli.
Next up, Tizi Wezzu goes to Israel while France retakes Tripoli and Holon.
Nevermind, Guimar and Holon are gone.
Wait, I lied again, Holon is back, this time in Italy.
Israel steps up their military game, and the Berbers are gone.
France controls all of Italy again.
And pushes far into Hungary and Serbia, much progress!
Followed by Nis and Baia! Please keep going France!
France manages to take central Balkan cities, is this getting to be the tipping point for France to push on?
Israel takes back Nis, but loses Szeged. France is consolidating their gains.
And just like that, its all gone. 23 turns for Israel to take back what France fought tooth and nail for. All it took was a peace deal for France to lose interest and Israel to take the initiative.

Unfortunately, that's all the pictures I've got so I have to end it here. I believe that France would win this game eventually, as they push into Israel's territory then get pushed back, but not as far as they were when they started their offensive. Should this cycle keep going as it looked like it was going to, France would eventually succeed in passing the tipping point that would let France dominate.

That's it, sorry the ending sucks. I'll see if I can get another game going with a similar idea, a largish geographic region like the Med with as many civs as I can cram into it.

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's


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