Civ Hybrid Game Mk. VIII Part Twelve: The Technological Revolution

Published: 2018-09-11, edited: 2018-09-11

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Eleven: The Expulsion of the Invaders

Images: 85, author: Legobloxcraft2, published: 2018-09-01, edited: 2018-09-02

Yo nerds, it's your favourite Certified Mk7 Winning tactical genius here back from the dead to narrate Lego's late part. First we see the bordergore that is former Norway, after the Norwegian players decided to commit honourable sudoku instead of continue losing.
More bordergore, a fuckton of wardecs, and a couple of glorious Lithuanian cities.
I'll admit that I had imagined our glorious invasion army looking larger than that. S-H's navy looks way more imposing, despite being vastly technologically-inferior.
A barbarian fleet. No idea where that came from, but I'm assuming it's in the plot doc somewhere if I cared to find out.
Another barbarian fleet, and a barbarian Infantry army. The latter came from my rigged crit fail, but I can't tell you where the former came from.
More barbarian units scattered throughout the map. Also glorious Lithuania.
lol PAU
Inb4 the neutered Norway takes those two Geat cities.
Our invasion army starts invading. Exactly as planned.
The barbarian Infantry maraud around the western Polish countryside.
Ayy a probably-useless wonder. I'm sure Bandybot could tell you what it does if he were narrating.
That was quick.
Ew bordergore. Also rip that undefended Polish city.
Some quaint Polish and S-H units duke it out.
Looks like Hanoi has made peace with a bunch of randos.
Who names these S-H cities smh? They're even less pronounceable and less spellable than the Geats' meme names.
wow Norway is wrecking everyone's shit. Seems like their AI hates bordergore just as much as we do.
Looks like the marauding barbarian Infantry have mostly been pacified. Yack should be pleased, since that means he's not dead.
A Hammer city and lots of diplo notifications.
Oh hey, Stettin got de-liberated by the S-H jackboots. What a shame.
S-H's navy brings that one city down to red, while Lithuania's glorious army fails to do much to that other city.
Good job Snoreway. You've recaptured about a third of what you needlessly gave away.
More bordergore and diplo notification spam.
Even more diplo notification spam.
Back to more bordergore.
S-H's navy brings another city to red, and one to yellow. Lithuania's army still fails to do much to that other city.
Yet another bordergore shot.
Yet another another bordergore shot.
Oh hey we got Soup's meme waifu castle.
Bordergore. Also one of the Geats' meme cities changed hands again.
Snoreway closes in on one of their former core cities.
A third city down to red from the S-H navy, and Lithuania's army finally brings that last city down to yellow.
I don't think anything of note has changed?
Further bordergore. The Geats also look to be advancing for once.
Looks like anti-progress on this front. One of Lithuania's red cities is ack up to yellow, and S-H's yellow city is back up to green Sad.
That's a good amount of boats.
Looks like Finland has some UUs.
Geats are swarming the area.
Vardo is down to red.
A nice closing bordergore shot.
Glorious Lithuania.
Geats, glorious Lithuania, and some other randos.
Glorious Lithuania, S-H, and Geats.
The heart of the evil empire.
Still the heart of the evil empire.
Soupy buffer state invicta.
Glorious Lithuanian lumbermill spam.
Glorious Lithuanian and some Poles.
More glorious Lithuanian lumbermill spam.
Even more glorious Lithuanian lumbermill spam.
Glorious Lithuania, Finland, and some pillaged improvements.
Glorious Lithuania and Finland.
Glorious Lithuania and others. Also that looks like the last of the overview slides, so this is the end of my glorious narration. Lithuania Invicta and see all you nerds next time Lego's desparate for narration and has no better options!

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