Ruina Imperii, short Scandinavia AAR

Author: mangu
Published: 2017-03-20, edited: 1970-01-01
Economic mismanagement led to the downfall of the proud Scandinacian Republic.
In my game as Scandinavia I went a bit overboard with loans in order to go revolutionary. I was five months away from vassalizing Norway, but that never happened. Fuck Brandenburg.

The Scandinavian Republic, formed c. 1785, led by a single leader throughout its short life. Having lost one war and forced to break our alliance with the Brandenburger, Scandinavia remained proud. This would not last, however, as those german dogs would betray us for greed.
Great Britain, our allies for nearly four centuries would betray us as well, preferring to form alliances with nations who once abhorred them than to help us regain our former glory.
Alone and broken we stand to fend off the oncoming whips of imperialist filth.
A Pomeranian-Hamburger alliance declared war on us. Taken by surprise, and frankly amused, the king thought nothing of it. Undefended in a moment of weakness we lost the war.
Brandenburg, after the failure of the Russians single-handedly crushed the revolution and left us to install a monarch from our local nobles. Having previously taken Sjaelland, our second capital, our people harbor nothing but hate for those pigs.
The Pomeranians, however, were easily conquered by our old enemies in the Commonwealth.
The Austrians, after briefly having been our allies, chose to side with the Russians as they incorporated our old vassals in Norway and moved in to destroy us.
Here pictured is our glorious nation at the height of its glory, once considered one of the great powers of the world, humbled to the dirt.
Vårt rike blöder, vår stormaktstid är över, with our proud people humbled, and much of our land fallen into the Russians' filthy claws.

But hey, I got the achievement.

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