Rhode Island Bowl - Part 0 - Yo, I heard you liked unhappiness

Published: 2018-06-07, edited: 2018-06-07

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Rhode Island Bowl

Rhode Island is a good state with interesting people. It has a long and interesting history, including multiple periods where it was independent! Wow! Sadly, we aren't concerned with this history in Rhode Island Bowl. No, we are concerned with what is quite possibly, the worst UA a civ could have for a domination civ AI game. Rhode Island cannot, and will not ever win an AI game, because the modding gods demand it. No one will win this AI game, because it is a hellscape on the great plains. You see, for Rhode Island, the unhappiness you get from settling cities is equal to your city count. At 10 cities, you get 10 unhappiness per city, for 100 unhappiness total. At 20 cities, you get 400 unhappiness. At 30 cities, 900. please send help.
Our journey begins in the east. From north to south, Red Island, OG Island, Light Blue Island. There are forests here, which is a subtle nod to the fact that there are trees in Rhode Island. probably.
In the middle, again from north to south, we have Light Green Island, Purple Island, and Blue Island.
Here we see Breaking Bad Island, and like, New Island, I guess. It is actually very difficult to come up with nicknames for 10 different copies of the same civ, especially when all the city names have a cardinal direction in them.
Here we have Green Island, not to be confused with Light Green Island, a similarly named island that will probably later settle Coventry and confuse the hell out of us. Don't worry, 2nd Coventry will be razed in time. All in due time.
Lastly, we have Corner Island. This civ's capital is East Providence, which is not actually a city but just... the Eastern side of Providence. This becomes problematic when you have 10 different Providences in game and East Providence is on the western end of the map.

Every civ pictured so far is happy. In fact, this is where Rhode Island's UA thrives! Williams is slightly happier than any other civ would be right now normally. Enjoy it while it lasts, Roger. This is about to get very very... unhappy.

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