The Start of the Federation

Game: Stellaris
Published: 2017-06-15, edited: 1970-01-01
Space: The final frontier. These are the stories of the United Federation of Planets. It's mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
This record is a collection of Captain Jaliyah Hassan's logs. Her more personal logs are private and held by her descendants, but these were made available to the general public to promote an understanding of the origin of the United Federation of Planets.
Captain's Log, Stardate 0011. It's strange to think that the stars are finally within our reach. Soon the Enterprise will depart the Solar System, the first manned ship to do so. So much has changed since the creation of Warp Drive by Dr. Cochrane.
The entire scientific power of earth has shifted into technologies promoting spaceflight. Colonization efforts, superior engines, and my good friend Dr. McCoy has begun researching better phaser technology for Starfleet.
The Enterprise is the only science vessel in Starfleet for now. The remainder of the Fleet consists of a small defense force for Earth; just in case.
Who knows what lies out there in our galaxy? Better to be prepared.
As soon as the Enterprise left the spaceport, we had to follow orders to explore our own Solar System. Going to other star systems would have to wait until Starfleet was confident in our ability to explore. We started as the Sun and moved outwards.
As soon as my team discovered rich deposits on Mercury, giant mining corporations swarmed in, each one tiring to get their foot in the door of this final frontier.
They would all get their chance, as we kept discovery mining site after mining site.
Then, over Titan, we ran into our first problem.
I ordered an immediate level 1 diagnostic on our scanning systems. I had to know if something was really on that moon or not.
It turned out to be just a glitch, and we had to continue on our way.
Eventually, with our observation of the Solar System complete, we were ready to jump to Alpha Centauri, that is until we were recalled to Venus at the last minute to investigate possible alien structures.
The structures turned out to be another glitch in Starfleet scanning systems.
Then it was time to finally leave. Humanity leaving it's cosmic cradle. It was surely a day for the history books.
A whole new star system for humanity to explore.
However, it was overshadowed by what some say is the most important day in human history, the day we discovered alien life.
It was a whole world teaming with a biosphere of creatures drastically different than earth. I transmitted the data back to Starfleet immediately. I was waiting for my orders on how to handle this revelation, but Starfleet had bigger issues to deal with.
The unthinkable happened, and a small group of elites had been able to steal Starfleet ships and engage Federation space stations. They called themselves "The Grey Disciples".
Starfleet kicked into overdrive and began to produce more ships to combat this new threat.
As this cult was busy raiding small outpost the gather supplies, the defense force was getting into position.
The battle of Mercury is the first battle Starfleet ever fought in. Not against an extraterrestrial threat, but against fellow humans. Very powerful humans.
These humans seemed to have some classified technology on their side. They deployed something known as a "Photon Torpedo", which Starfleet claimed to only be a theoretical weapon of war at the time of the engagement. No one knew at the time how much power the Grey Disciples truly had.
Starfleet finally defeated the Grey Disciple's fleet, but the Earth was focused more on my team's discovery. Finally, true alien life. It was the most important news of the century.
Once Starfleet defeated the cultist ships, they ordered the Enterprise back to the Solar System. They wanted to make sure we were safe (and not staffed by cultist).
Picture of the Starfleet Defence Fleet preparing to board a disabled cultist ship. This is the end of the record. Would you like to view more logs?

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