A House Divided: An Eu4 Ai Game Part 1

Author: Mrhman74
Published: 2017-05-27
A Discovery by the Vikings in At the being of the 2nd millennium could have been a fact that became a piece of worthless trivia. This all changed when Christians missionaries alerted the church about this land of pagans across the Atlantic. The pope Declared a crusade to conquer new land Spread Christianity. After many years of crusading, new states had been erected and all ties with Europe had been almost destroyed.
This is what the world looks like after all those years. Culture and religious differences had caused fragment
Very few states follow Catholicism as many Governers Choose to nationalize their church.
A select amount of American Inhabitants, who were prisoners escaped and settled Australia and created 7 distinct
A Settlement founded by settlers from low countries was later conquered by Anglo-Saxons who invited many Europeans to create a center of culture and learning. New York became the largest cities In the Western Hemisphere and one of the richest cities in the world.
Quebec is one of the only predominantly French speakings areas on the North American and the only Catholic Realms in the Canadian region. Quebec being isolated In continental politics causes them to have a sense of superiority and aggression to their neighbors. They start off by going to war with New Brunswick. They cite that that former ownership of Labrador a
generation ago casus belli
British Columbia, A territory named after the home island of Britain of which of most of the inhabitants came from and a Genoese Crusader of the name Columbus, Has declared war on Alaska to get access to more port on the Gulf of Alaska. Both Alaska and British Columbia rely on both fishing for food and their economy. If Ketchikan and/or Juneau Fall into British hands, It will transform them into a regional power
Indiana Had been forced to let all trade through their rivers after A peace settlement made with the other powers of the Midwest made because of a previous war. Without the ability to collect tariff money, The Indiana government resorted to publicly funded piracy to make enough income. When An Illinoisian ship was attacked by a group of publicly funded pirates, The Illinoisian recognized The uniforms of the pirates as Indianian Navy members. This was later reported to the authorities in Illinois and A Midwestern coalition was established to bring back "law and order" to Indiana
New York, realizing the need for more trade power on Lake Erie, Declares War war on Ontario. No other nation intervenes because they more important internal or external affairs to deal with.
New York has a very large army and many men in reserve. This is why its unofficial nickname is the empire state
Ontario is not far behind in manpower but not close enough army is smaller and its reserves are smaller. Its greatest advantages are its treasury and its large terrain.
The pirate war is over. Indiania has been partitioned three ways. This should be a PSA for people who pirate video games
The Quebec Empire stands triumphant against its Anglophone neighbors Labrador and Newfoundland. It is very powerful but its best not become overextended.
Premier Pierre-Joseph-Oliver Chateau Declares that the Quebec is the defender of the French people of North America as Quebec Gains almost hegemony of the Eastern Canada region.

Him pictured here(http://droit.umontreal.ca/fileadmin/_processed_/csm_Pierre-Joseph-Olivier_Chauveau_84a3df0843.jpg)
After hearing this, Governer of New York(George Clinton) Declared the creation of Co-Prosperity Sphere With Near nations to facilitate trade and compete better with Quebec.
Governor Clinton adds legitimacy to this by capturing a large portion of the great lakes ports.
Massachusetts declares war on Connecticut claiming that a United Catholicly ruled New England would be as " a city upon a hill". They also they have divine right as God has gifted them with a larger amount of wealth.
Connecticut is now fighting a war on two fronts as little Rhode Island declares war upon them.
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were settled by escaping Catholics who were persacuded by Muslim and Catholic rulers In Spain. The local culture molded with colonizer's culture to form a distinct new culture. They live in isolations from the rest of the colonizers as they did not want to be persecuted again.
Maine is under attack by an alliance of Atlantic Canadian so they can grow in strength in protection from the rising Quebec
Mexico lays in the lands south of Texas. They full of gold and more wealth. The provences are much more sporadically drawn and smaller to large population centers and the larger amount of wealth in gold.
It may be too late for the Atlantic Canadian as Quebec declares war for more Atlantic holdings.
This where we'll be ending for this part as I have not slept for 20 hours and I'm slowly losing consciousness. I Lost the save so I only have enough pictures for 1to to 2 parts

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