AI Scandinavia Part 0: Now With 100% Less Wheat

Author: eitanaton
Published: 2017-10-08, edited: 1970-01-01
Hi there! Remember me? That guy who made that AI game on Kansas that they made a flair of for whatever reason. Anyways if you thought you were done with me you were very wrong. If you failed to read the title and if you don't see the minimap in the corner, then I guess I should tell you this is AI Scandinavia where 16 civs and 6 city states will battle it out to see who is the master of Scandinavia.
Our First contestant in not Scandinavia is Bismark of Germany from his capital in Wilhelmshaven. Bismarck pays 25% less gold for unit maintenance and something about barbarians that don't exist.
Next we have Christian IV of Denmark-Norway. Because he is an island civ I've given him optics. His coastal cities are automatically connected to the capital upon researching the wheel and Kontreadmiral points which can be used for a unique great admiral.
Down here at the bottom of the map we have Casimir of Poland. This city was a pain in the ass to rename, so many "z"s. Same old Casimir gets a social policy when entering a new era.
Ruling from his capital of Marienburg is Hermann von Salza of the Teutonic Order. Hermann can use faith to buy military buildings and those purchases contribute to getting honor policies.
To the east is Frederick the Great of Prussia. Fredrick gets golden age points from combat victories with melee, gun, and mounted units.
Over in Potatoland is Janis Cakste. Cakste gets a 15% combat bonus in friendly territory plus extra city defense. Latvia will be very hard to take down.
Here in Vilnius is Gediminas of Lithuania . He gets double movement in forest and units made in cities following just his pantheon can capture enemy units.
In Russia we have good old Catherine. Catherine gets +1 production from strategic resources and double quantity from horses, iron, and uranium.
On the north shore of Lake Ilman is the Republic of Novgorod led by Aleksandr Nevsky. Novgorod cannot declare war on nations that he has three or more trade routes with but they can't declare war on him either, he also gets extra city defense from trade routes.
Finally we are actually in Scandinavia with our first civ being the Kalmar Union led by Margrethe I. Her trade routes have double length and city states connected by a trade route may join her.
Next up we have Beowulf of the Geats. When a unit is defeated adjacent Geatish units get +3 experience.
I could have done a normal Sweden but why do that when I can have Sweden-Norway! Oscar II has the same ability as normal Sweden with great people and city states. He gets a cool battleship though.
In Oslo we have Haakon IV of Norway. Haakon gets double yield from coastal tiles.
Moving up north we have the Vikings led by Ragnar Lodbrok. The Vikings ignore 25% city defense of coastal cities.
Based in Helsinki we have Mannerheim of Finland. Unimproved forest tiles gain culture and a unique great writer for Finland. Melee and gun units also receive promotions based on Finland's culture output.
And finally way up north in the frozen tundra we have the Sami. Cities founded on snow or tundra give extra food for the Sami hopefully giving them enough to survive way up north.
But wait! There's more! Just to show you the city states I've included. First up we have Tromsø way up in the North.
In Northern Finland we have Oulu.
Then we have Minsk.
Rzhev in Russia
Murmansk in the Karelian Peninsula.
And finally Arkhangelsk (say that three times fast) in north Russia. That's all for today folks, I'm not sure when part 1 will come out it's kind of a busy week for me next week but I'll try to do it ASAP.


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