The Five Stages of Grief, An Austrian AAR: Anger

Author: taqn22
Published: 2018-03-11, edited: 1970-01-01
Unrest is across Europe. All it has taken is the Reich to spark the flames.

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The Five Stages of Grief

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The Five Stages of Grief, an Austrian AAR: Denial

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Austria is at war! Our denial has angered Hitler, who saw fit to invade our land. Luckily, we have foreseen this. Our armies and allies will protect us, they must.
As economic appeasement has not worked, we have turned to the French for trade. Perhaps this will entice them to aid us in our struggle.
We can no longer say we are neutral. We are being invaded, and the drums of war beat on both sides. We must now openly take a place in the world, and it cannot be on the sidelines.
Innsbruck has fallen to the Germans. While this was expected, the shocking speed of the Blitzkrieg has rattled our nation.
Stepping away from the sidelines, though not by choice, has been a decision that we must now take. We now will accept our invitation to the Pact of Rome, if only to ensure prominent aid.
With our signing of the Pact of Rome, Italy has come to our aid! A major power such as them should be able to stand up to the Reich, at least for a little while.
Salzburg is under siege! While the Italians hold it for now, they are quickly being pushed back...
Salzburg has fallen! The Italians were forced to retreat, and the Nazi Scum have taken the city. A Dark Day for Austria.
In more pleasant news, the Grand Plan is succeeding. Hungarians, Austrians, and Italians all hold the mountains against failing Reich invaders.
Our manpower has been depleted once more. We must conscript more.
Our meager air force of 40 have begged to be able to fight in the skies. While they are certainly just a small annoyance to the Reich, it raises morale.
We require more aluminum! We shall continue trading with the French, perhaps they will join us once they get their government in order...
Called by most external News outlets as the "German-Italian War", it seems that Austria is nothing more than a battlefield for a feud between fascists.
Italian Tyrol is being breached. If we lose Italy, we lose everything.
Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. When will it end?
Failed Italian offensives are discouraging, however the line still stands.
More men are trained! While they are not fully ready, they must do.
3 Divisions have been deployed and have been assigned their orders. God speed.
Further losses in Italian Tyrol...
The people need to be reminded why the death surrounding us is worth it. We must remember why we fight.
We shall spread the word via pamphlets about the Nazi atrocities ordered by Adolf Hitler in occupied cities, reminding the populace that if we do not fight, that will be us.
We continue to have an empty reserve...
Forts and factories must continue to be built. More effective methods are needed more than ever.
The Germans have attacked the Czechslovakians! If they manage to win, Vienna is undefended...
While the so called "Allies" did not care for if we were to perish, they have come to the aid of the Czechslovakians. While their aid is encouraging now, it hurts to know of our perceived irrelevance to the victors of the Great War.
The Pact of Rome and the Allies stand together. However, the French populace does not seem keen for another war...
A revolution! Communists have risen up in France, starting with protests against the war, turning to a war with their fellow man. What this means for our investments and the war is unknown...
In the most surprising alliance to date, the Commune has joined the fascist Axis. While an unstable agreement, it seems Hitler is desperate to deal with the allies, and will battle his idealogical opposite after we lie six feet under.
The legitimate French government wishes to guarantee no hostility between our nations. While we would never have thought of attacking France, it seems to be an indirect way of guaranteeing Mussolini's aid.
Unrest is not yet at end! German Nationalists in Slovakia have declared themselves as the "Bohemian Empire", and seek to unite the nation under there rule.
Unsurprisingly, the Bohemian insurgents have joined Hitler's Axis. Their proximity with Vienna is worrying, and we hope that we can gain defenses along that border before they decide enough of Czech land is under control...
The Commonwealth of England has asked for a signing of a Pact of Non-Aggression. Again, it feels we are just the messenger boy for Italy.
Advancement! We have taken Salzburg, we have started to reclaim Austria! However, Karl Eglseer has not returned messages, and our advisor Ernst Kaltenbrunner is missing...
It appears we have been the subject to a coup as well.

God save our souls.

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