The march of the Eastern Eagles - PART 2

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Published: 2017-09-01, edited: 2017-09-03
In this AAR I am playing as the Selçuk Sultanat with HIP mod. The start date is 1055 until I decide the story is good enough to stop. I am not totally used yet to the game but hey, at least i want to tell my adventure no matter how bad it gets. Enjoy! (PS: Im not native english speaker so please if you see a mistake dont panic and if you want just tell me)

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The march of the Eastern Eagles

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The march of the Eastern Eagles - PART 1

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The Emperor is dead long live the Emperor. It has always been like that. Now that the Emperor Tughril has died without any son, it is his brother who will take the Empire in hand. Despite the fact that he just inherited the throne, the new Sultan al-Mu'azzam Chagri-Beg is an old man. Although, his succetion is ensured by his son. al-Mu'azzam did not accompanied Tughril in his campaign in Anatolia, the ancient Sultan asked him to stay and make sure to maintain power if something happened to him, which was actually the case and al-Mu'azzam did not think a single moment to disappoint his defunt brother. When he learned the dark news, he immediatly ordered to bring the corpse of Tughril back in Isfahan. His body was cold and solid. al-Mu'azzam did not have the luxury to cry his beloved brother, he had to show a strong man, a strong and fierceless Sultan. After the ceremony, he had a discussion with his son on the palace balcony;
"Soon enough, I will join my brother at the side of Allah, and you will have in your hand one of the greatest empire in this world in your hand. You will have great reponsabilities my son. And never forget that Allah will show you your true path when you are in doubt"
The sun finally put an end to the day and let the place to a shiny, silver moon.
The next day, an emissary arrived at the capital from the nearby county of Oghuz . He said that his master wanted to continue the treaty he has passed with Tughril. al-Mu'azzam knew well his master, Yaghbu Tuti. Before, he often came to the capital's palace to pass a week with Tughril and his court and the two men had a strong friendship. He said the emissary that he accepted with great enthusiasm, and gave him alot of present for his master as well as an armed escort to make sure he (and above all the presents) arrive in Oghuz.
In the afternoon, a hard task awaited the new Sultan. The council was a bunch of old man, veterans and rich vassals but all powerful men. A place was missing in the council and it is the duty of the Sultan to assign a new counsellor. It is the most delicate part of the meeting as there is many candidates and one place only. The Sultan looked quitely around him. All were looking nervous, waiting for his decision.
"Ulugh Bitichki shall take a sit in this council, so decided Allah"
The majority of the council seemed appeased, it looked like he made the right choice. Ulugh was a powerful vassal to not be ignored and not including him in the council could have been a fatal mistake for al-Mu'azzam. But the day was long and yet alot of administrative tasks were waiting for the new Emperor.
Almost the evening, and in the palace main hall, a group of delegations all coming to ask the same thing: demanding the Sultan's daughter hand. al-Mu'azzam had to make a choice and quickly for making all his potantial allies wait could be dangerous for the diplomatic reputation of the empire. He knew that Beg Mawdud was an ideal candidate for he was a respectable man and he could take care of his daughter eventhough, he did not like him much and it was reciprocal. So marry his daughter with one of his most powerful vassal could be a good way to ensecure the country's stability. He stood up and faced that small group, and designated Beg Mawdud as the new husband of his daughter, disapointing the rest of the group. But how could he have done it otherwise?
The day was almost over. The new Sultan was now able to relax a bit after this hard day. How difficult it was to reign and take decisions he thought. al-Mu'azzam was in his private quarters, reading a report from his official Imam about that northern province when his spymaster, Musafir, came in his room after having knocked and ask the permission to interrupt the Sultan. He began to tell al-Mu'azzam that he learned about a plot targetting a war between two rival vassals. The Emperor ordered immediatly to Musafir to bring the poter to him. He seated on his throne, seriously looking, while Musafir entered with two guards and Malik Pulad. He never expected him to be a plotter, he now knew that all those he believed he could trust should be watched with attention.
"Malik", he began "My brother, I have been told from a reliable source that you were planning to start a war on one of your rival by claiming his territory. Speak with no fear, do not lie to me and I will be indulgent with you. Now, I listen"
Malik began to fall on his knees and confessed that he was guilty, the man seemed broken.
What a weak man thought the Sultan. After he told all to al-Mu'azzam, he was ordered to stand up.
"You told the truth, I appreciate that, your Sultan will give you a single chance to stop immediatly your plotting and to never interfer with your rival's business again. If you accept, you shall be forgiven and I shall close my eyes on that incident. If your refuse, you shall be punished and banned from the kingdom."
Malik imediatly accepted to stop and told the Sultan he shall prepare a feast in the honour of his great heart when he will regain his palace.
The day was finally over.
In his bed, laying, the Sultan could not close the eyes. Something occupied his thoughts; of course he does not have much chances to reign as longer as his brother, but his heart have always desired to be married. He never had that chance as he has always been busy fighting at the side of his beloved dead brother. Before the death of the ancient Emperor, he has noticed a beautiful woman, he never saw such a beautiful woman in his life.Shahdokht was the daughter of a nearby Shah, who was desirous to create a strong link with the Seljuk empire. The opportunity could not present itself twice. In the morning, he ordered to prepare a delegation to that nearby Shahdom to ask the Shah's daughter in marriage. The request, to al-Mu'azzam greatest joy, was accepted and he married the woman of his life, as a Sultan was suppose to have a wife, it was also benefic for his image and for the empire's stability.
The previous war with the Byzantine Empire was techniqually over as it was declared by the defunt Tughril (Allah be with him). al-Mu'azzam was a fine diplomat and knew it well. The last days, he seriously thought about continuing the war with the Romans, but he was hesitating. Of course he did not fear to fight them, he was a proud and fierceless turkic warrior, raised in the wildness of the steppes. But he actually never led a war by himself. He was not sure to be able to command more than 20,000 men to battle. Seeing that he was in torments, his wife came by him to ask him to open his heart to her. He did so and told her all he was worried about. his wife, as sweet as honey and as serious as an Emperess, told him that his ability of leader was somwhere in him, and that he just had to follow his instinct. She did not know him for long, but she was gifted by Allah to see the true potential of others. He smiled and kissed her after what they passed the night in each other's arms. The day of tomorrow, he assembled his council to tell them about his decision. To his great surprise, everyone in the council agreed and even some told him they were waiting for it since Tughril passed out. He than prepared an official declaration of war to the Basileus Konstantinos IX, and so was taken the decision to continue the war, to continue Tughril's dream.
After the meeting, Beg Qutlumush came to the Sultan to ask him a favor and to ake him the new Imam of the state. al-Mu'azzam, outraged by Beg's too frank request, told him to immediatly disapear of his sight before he call the guard to whip him. Frightened by the Sultan's reaction, Beg immediatly asked for pardon and disapeared as quickly as he came. This kind of opportunist people, he hated it as much as his brother did and would not tolerate it a second time. He after came to Musafir's room and asked him to pay a band of bandit to rob Beg Qutlumush and make him flee the region. He obeyed without asking a single question. I did well by letting him stay in the council, thought al-Mu'azzam.
Before going to war and leading his troops to victory, the Sultan had to do one more thing; he was now one of the most powerful man of the known world. However, possessing too much personal lands could make alot of envious and jealous vassals and could multiply buy two the risk of being the target of a plot. He was thinking about it when a brilliant idea came to him. He knew that he would not be on the throne for very long and that a day closer than he thinks, his son will seat on the throne of the Seljuk empire. That is why he invited him to his private quarters. He poured tea in his cup, and did the same for his son's. He than began to speak.
"Malik my son, (no not that Malik, his son is Malik Qawurd and the one who got punished is called Malik Pulad, do you even read with attention godamnit??) I am an old man but I am not yet to pass to Allah's kingdom. I absolutly want peace in my realm, this has been told us by Allah itself, to leave in peace and respet each other (this does not count for the infidels of course). This is why I decided to lighten my demense and to grant you the Atabeglik of Nishapur"
His son was very surprised but also rejoiced to this new.
"Father! i will not disapoint you! By Allah i swear I will do my best to keep peace and justice in my demense!"
It was a great responsability he gave to his son, but he knew he was now an adult and that he trusted him by all his heart.
Now, he could go to war without any troubles in his mind.

There ends the second part. I know this one is shorter but I wanted to take an entire part for the war that has to come. Hope you enjoyed it and see you in some days for the third part!

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The march of the Eastern Eagles - PART 3

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