The Fleeing Phoenix 3

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01
I'm Back!

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The Fleeing Phoenix

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The Fleeing Phoenix Part 2

Images: 33, author: Mattekillert, published: 2017-02-01

Welcome back to The Fleeing Phoenix! We jump straight into war since Austria is already at war with Milan
A nice independant Mongol Khanate forms from Manchu.
We force The Hungarians who tried to protect Milan to rlease Wallachia and give us some nice lunch money.
Milan is forced to give back rightful clay although Austria demands some back with unlawful territory.
Bohemia becomes Emperor and demands Parma, go away Bohemia.
Spain gets angry about orthodox Naples, silly Spain go away! They got pissed since we did not want to die to The Turks with them
We build a March in Constantinople
We get a nice alliance with Poland, this will help us later on!
We integrateNaples returning more rightful clay to The Roman Empire. What do you mean we are still called the Byzantines? We own Rome dammit!
Uh oh...
Attack is the best defence, Viva l'Roma!
The scummy Venetians try to gain something from the war. They fail as always. Stupid Venetians.
We Reclaim a big chunk of Greece in the war against kebab. Really sorry about the lack of screenshots from the war, I had issues with my screenshot becoming corrupt. It's really sad you had to miss the 100.000 Turks I killed in the war. I will be better next time I promise!
Death to kebab!
We end up puppeting Wallachia by the diplomatic path.
Viva Roma!
Seriously though it's acutally starting to look pretty good for us now. Our current puppets are Tuscany, Serbia and Wallachia. Our manpower is dead so any war right now would be done with 100% mercenary's, while we return from the bloody Roman-Turko war of 1543!

Thank you for reading and once again sorry for the lack of screenshots during the war, really wish I had screenshots of all the battle results. I will make sure to take extra ones for the next wars!

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

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