The Fleeing Phoenix Part 1

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
The Phoenix Flees!

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The Fleeing Phoenix

The remains of the once mighty Roman Empire. Our western brothers fell a thousand years ago but with the power of galleys we will restore The Roman Empire! What do you mean they learned to walk around the black sea? Really? Oh my...
We take some lunch money from Albania, I'm sure they won't mind.
Can you belive they call us aggresors? It's Italy it belongs to us romans by right! (along with the whole world)
Why you little!
Can you belive we had to fabricate a claim for Rome? We are Romans for crying out loud! What do you mean they call us Byzantines? But we're Romans!
Oh the joy of being pulled into your vassals wars.
The aftermath
Oh my..
Say Pisa how does some self rule sound?
I am a good boy returning it to it's rightful ruler!
A good event? Praised be the lord!
Guess this was going to happen eventully
The doctor saves the 5/2/4 heir!
We give the Turks some money and give up the core on Albania so they leave us alone, Phew!
Why did you go hunting you fool? WHY!
We got a diplomatic reputation advisor to hurry up our intergration!
More prestige for us!
This ends the first chapter of The Fleeing Phoenix. Will the turks come for The mother of all cities? Will the Italians band together against the new roman empire? Find out on the next chapter of The Fleeing Phoenix.

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Game: Europa Universalis IV

The Fleeing Phoenix Part 2

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