Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 7

Published: 2017-01-31

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 6

Images: 48, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31

Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 7
With Operation Rentier completed and Murmansk firmly in the hands of Finnish troops, the high command of the Finnish Armed Forces looks south for the next advance. Welcome back to Maantie on Kova Kävellä.
Mannerheim meets with the Finnish commanders of the Northern Army Group to plan the next operation. Mannerheim demands a battle plan as soon as possible, as each day the Generals spend bickering is another day the Soviets get to reinforce their positions.
From this meeting, Operation Jääkäri (Jäger) is born. A swift, decisive blow to the southern flank of Soviet troops should crack open their defenses, allowing our men encircle a few divisions along the White Sea. If successful, this operation would also move our lines 150 Kilometers closer to Arkhangelsk.
The main attack in the south will be led by German General von Randow. Von Randow achieved the notice of Field Marshal Mannerheim in his heroic defense of Medvezhegorsk. He fell back from these exact provinces in April which means he knows the lay of the land and will surely deliver results.
The 22nd Infantry division, who took part in the taking of Murmansk, is formally disbanded on the 20th of July. The 12,000 men of the division will be placed on temporary leave and will be allowed to return home until they are called back up. This decision was made to help boost our manpower pool and also give some men a well deserved vacation.
The men of the 22nd will provide us with enough reserves for the rest of Operation Jääkäri.
Von Randow is quick to deliver results which pleases Mannerheim. A telegram is sent to the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht in Berlin, recommending him for a promotion.
The Soviets take massive losses to our advancing divisions. Stalin must be furious as the casualty reports pour in!
Soviet divisions all along the front begin to pull back. Whether this is insubordination by the division commanders or an ordered withdraw we will never know.
In Padany, 3 Soviet divisions are encircled and assaulted. 26,000 of them will surrender to their attackers.
The small peninsula of Sengu is garrisoned by a Soviet theater HQ and various NKVD officials. Any Soviet officers captured are executed.
The time for mercy is over, for each Soviet spy and officer will be executed on the spot. These orders came straight from Mannerheim's high command. The blood of Soviets will water the tree of Finnish victory!
The attack begins to slow as the Soviets dig in behind a river. Orders are given to the Northern divisions to begin their assault.
German General Jodl drives the Soviets out of Segezha only suffering 340 casualties to the Soviets' 600.
The Soviets continue to suffer losses at the hands of our brave riflemen! Not a step back men!
A small attack on Sviritsa is ordered. This will connect our two front lines and push the Soviets firmly off the banks of Lake Ladoga.
On the home front, the National Socialists are slowly regaining popularity after their sudden decline. They will have no problem securing 50% of the vote when the 1942 elections roll around.
Victory is achieved and Lake Ladoga is 100% Finnish.
General Jodl is given command of 3 divisions and ordered to attack Soroka. An encirclement is now coming to fruition.
We win and begin to encircle the lone Soviet armor division. Without fuel Soviet tanks are merely bunkers!
In the South, the Soviets attack and drive us back a province. Some divisions from up North will be diverted to help hold the line.
The final assault is ordered and thousands of infantry attack the Soviet armor.
We receive news of two crushing defeats in the South. Any dreams of von Randow's attack must be put on hold until reinforcements can arrive.
A further 7,000 Soviet prisoners are taken.
The front as of September 1940. All of "Greater Finland" has been retaken, but we shall continue our advance nonetheless.
Bulgaria joins the Axis. More allies are always helpful.
Some rearrangement of the order of battle is completed. Our army now numbers 320,000 strong.
With a quiet front down south, men look for ways to occupy their time. Pesäpallo games, skiing and saunas are common sights all across the front.
With reinforcements finally arriving a massive attack is launched to dislodge the Soviets. The Soviets remain dug in in excellent defensive positions which will certainly cost us hundreds of lives. With more than 40,000 men involved this is the biggest single attack in Finnish history.
Our men do not falter in the face of overwhelming odds!
One side of the river is breached as the other men run out of supplies before they can cross. While they cannot cross, the Soviets on that side of the river are driven back.
We are now over the river and ready to advance.
The push continues as we look to trap some men between our front lines up north and the advance.
Supplies begin to grow scare in this region of conflict, but we persevere.
The Soviets are driven out of Kamenka, ending their hope of breakout and solidifying their encirclement.
Our snipers, including the famed Simo Häyhä, strike fear into the encircled Soviets. At all times of the day Officers and NCOs are picked off one by one. The morale of the surrounded men plummets as they accept their fate.
Reports come in of Tuvan troops holding the Soviet front lines. Our Generals laugh at these Asian Nomads trying to hold back the Finnish tide. The Soviets must surely be over stretched if they are using men from the Far East!
An attack is ordered on the encircled Soviets. We outnumber them by almost 10,000.
25,000 more Soviets march into captivity. Hundreds of tanks are also taken in the surrender.
Some of these tanks will be sent to the armored division while some will be sent back to Helsinki to be paraded. This will surely raise the morale of the civilians back home.
The attack continues as the Soviets fail to hold us back!
The front, February 1st 1941. It's a long way to Moscow but we'll get there! Hakkaa Päälle!

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