Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 3 - Flipping like a boss

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Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 2 - Double the trouble!

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Welcome one and all to the third installment of the Small Countries Civ AI Game! Last time round the voter unanimously voted for Slovenia, and the question now is whether Slovenia can live up to the hype!

As it stands it seems so, with Slovenia declaring war on Chagos with a small detachment of units heading straight for Jurong, the former Singaporean capital
"I see so Lee wasn't wrong to be so paranoid. I guess it is only fitting that the backstabbers take the former capital of the truly paranoid man...."
"The city has fallen oh great leader Milan. What now?" "What now? What do you think you fool! We take over the rest of Chagos!" screamed Milan
"War...yes I need war! ALL THE WAR! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" echoed all around the chambers of the Trinidad and Tobago. In the nearby vicinity the Tongan ambassador wondered what on earth he had done to incur such a dangerous assignment, with the insanity of Eric being well documented.

Over in Luxembourg, Ermesidne just waved her hands dismissively, told her generals to do what they had do, and went back to plotting her next wonder.
"I have great news Comorade leader! The city of Ili'ili is about to fall! However there are rumors of a detachment of Samoan navy lurking around the area, but they shouldn't be a problem.."
"I erm Milan sir...the enemy has taken Butik Batok!" mumbled the advisor. "WHAT? HOW?!" bellowed Milan. "I haven't seen a single enemy soldier in our territory!" "That's just it sir. They are using some kinf of floating devices from the water to take them. Also they seem to be burning Butik Batok as well...."

The same advisor was last seen heading towards Butik Batok with a bucket of water and orders to put out the fire at all cost....
"Just as predicted Sir, the city fell without trouble. Now we can move onto our next targets!"
"Why have we not docked Captain? The city is defenseless and the ports are open!" bellowed the Admiral. "Well see sir... none of us were trained in driving ships into port...we usually let the frigate ships lead the way in..." whispered the Captain. "I see. Incidentally sir, have you considered a new position? One where you see the bottom of this ship up close and personal?"
"The navy! It came back! From out of nowhere! And now the men have backed off because of a knight? It is madness sir!" grumbled the general. "MADNESS? I'LL SHOW THEM MADNESS!" screamed Eric.
"Excellent news Sir Milan! We recaptured Butik Batok!" reported the adviser with a smile. "Ah good. Now burn it" retorted Milan. "I erm...what?! Sir we lost so many men to recapture the city!" replied the adviser stuttering. "To bad, burn it. That's final."
"That fool tried to burn such a good city! I'll show him, we will keep it!" crowed Louis. "But did you not try to bu-." The adviser promptly shut up as he caught the venous glance from Louis.
"I am also glad we re-took Jurong. That fool Milan has turned back and decided to retreat!"
"To honour this great accomplishment, we will join Andorra in a military alliance and ideology!"
"Ms great leader, we have great news! The city of Hihifo has been captured by our news, thought it will be tough to keep." said the general. "Oh good. Work on that. I wonder if a leaning tower would work...." replied Ermesidne
"One year we are Luxembourgers, the next Tongas. Such is life in Hihfo" - random commoner
"HOW DARE THEY TAKE BUTIK BATOK AND TRY KEEP IT! We will keep the city and show them! That city will remain Slovenian for as long as I draw breath!"
As word spread that Tongan troops had retaken Hihfo, a woman ran out with a Tongan flag. Once it was revealed that the report was incorrect and that Luxembourg was in control of the city, the same woman ran back inside and grabbed a Luxembourg flag.
In the year 1340 AD, Chagos troops spat enough from their ships that the city of Butik Batok was once again declared to belong to Chagos. This prompted a question of whether or not saliva should be a considered a valid land claim tactic.
"I'm starting to think this city is not worth the trouble" grumbled the general. "Cities never are worth it! Just focus on wonders, they last longer" replied Ermesinde
Once again the saliva debate rages on. This time in the form of a citadel which was used by Trinidad and Tobagon troops to claim land from the city of Tyre. By spitting from the citadel the troops were able to claim the surrounding land, causing a diplomatic incident.
"Those fools finally managed to get a captain with some brains into the port of Siusega. Now for the rest of Samoa!"
"The city of Hihifo has fallen again. I wonder if us entering into a new era will be inspiration for peace for them...."
"Ok so it inspired Eric to pill his troops back from the city closest to our borders. That works too I guess...."
Flipping like pancakes.....

Commentator's note: The city flips a lot. I will stop showing it from now on.
"Come now Milan, I think it's time for us to make peace no? You can keep Butik Batok too! Trust me, this will work out for the best..."

Meanwhile in Lebanon after consulting with his horoscope Fouad decides that the way forward is by acknowledging his fellow comrades as equals and leading his country as such!
"They may take our Hihifo, but they will never take our FREEDOM!" - President Ermesinde, leader of the Republic of Luxembourg, 1380 AD
"A Slovenian caravel has come too close to our borders. This cannot be forgiven! I have managed to get Eric and Rodger onboard, and we will end the Slovenian menace once and for all!"
"Bah what fools. All it takes is one Slovenia flag and those fools fell for it. Well now to take advantage of this opportunity and strike at the core!"
"The city of Ili'ili was too hard to break, but the city of Pava'ia'i with it's jungles must be easier...right?"
"Indeed it is! See! Now onto the other cities..."
"Oh...I....erm....nevermind.... I guess it's true what they say about how a long time ago when savage men wanted to lay siege to a city they would construct machines like catapults, mangolins, and ballistas. They were dark times. But there was a prophecy of a greater power a siege engine capable of flinging 90kg projectiles over 300 meters. Most said it was but a myth. Then in roughly the 1100s the the mighty counter weighted trebuchet was discovered. Roaming the plains of France these mighty siege engines with their stout oaken frames were capable of doing exactly as the prophecy foretold. The people rejoiced as they were finally capable of taking the cities of their enemies. The power of the trebuchet could not be matched and the great leaders were afraid. They spread lies that catapults were better and even invented flashy useless weapons like cannons. The people were deceived but we now know the truth: The Trebuchet capable of flinging 90kg projectiles over 300 meters is the superior siege engine."

In the meantime over in Slovenia Milan heard of the term Comrade, and fell in love with the word. To ensure everyone had to use it, he opted to lead the country into a new era of communism!
More this point I'm gonna stop commenting on it because this happens. A lot.
"We have the city of Nova Corica surrounded sir. Once it falls we will move onto Trbovlje! Also our navy is hitting Kamink hard!" reported the general. "Excellent, all according to plan!" gloated Rodger
"M'am Chagos lied! They told us they were only passing through! Not attacking!" wailed the advisor. "Meh I don't care" retorted Ermisende. "I have wonders to focus on."
"I have great news to report sir! Nova Gorica has fallen, and Kamik is close to falling too!"
With a determination to prove that Autocracy is the one true way to lead, Rodger wins the fair with Fouad close on his heels. Interestingly enough Ermisende didnt even bother to contribute anything...
Over on the other side of the continent a rogue battalion of Andorran ships lead by a man covered in dreadlocks and eyeliner siege Sevinka in the hope of capturing it.
As the ship carrying the leader enters the port it starts to sink. The man stands atop the mast and right as he arrives at the port's dock the ships sinks to the bottom of the bay. With a measured step he steps onto the dock an inspects his new city.
"I am sorry to report that despite our best efforts Kamink has not fallen yet. However Trbovlje is close to falling, and when it does we will be ready!"
"The city has indeed fallen, however it seems like a squad is coming back to try and recapture the cities. We need to be wary, and ready to fall back!"
"Just as feared, the city of Nova Gorica has indeed fallen!"
"Haha our navy is the envy of the world! We have managed to take the city of Aua as well! Soon all of Samoa will fall, and their leader will be at my knees MWAHAHAHAH!"
A man comes running into Eric's throne room. "Comerade! I have made a great discovery! The world and everything is made up of tiny balls which I call "atoms". By splitting these atoms we can release a lot of power!"
Shortly after a woman runs in with a big grin on her face. "Comerade leader, I found a solution to the....more rebellious people. I have started to train a new type of unit, called a "peacekeeper". They will "keep the peace" in any way we need" she says with a wink. "Excellent woman! Remind me to give you a promotion..." replied Eric.
"I need to figure out a way to control people better....I bet I could use the discovery of atoms to control the other better. Yes that makes sense..." mused Eric.
The Trinidad and Tobago backdoor squad entered Faleasiu and are set to enter Tafuna. Now that's efficiency!
Despite the success of the backdoor squad the front line is noticeably sparse with no Samoan cities being under threat
"As feared we have been unable to make any more progress and lost the progress we made. I guess it is time to fall back and recuperate...."
Just like in the frontline the backdoor squad made headway in one city (Tafuna) and losing another (Faleasiu)
"Sir it seems the majority of the world has taken sides." "I see...which side is more popular?" "That would be communism Sir. But both Chagos and Andorra are autocratic..." "Communism it is!"
"Communists shouldn't fight each other! We should fight those filthy autocratic folk..."
After learning that communism was the newest trend Salamanisa decided it was time to be "hip" and "cool" again and thus adopted communism for her country.
The once leaders Slovenia have fallen drastically, with their neighbors Andorra rising up to second. Trinidad and Tobago take the top spot.
"Bah filthy fake communists will be destroyed! We were the OG communists and we do not take kindly to posers!" bellowed Fouad
Andorra somehow has almost double the population of everyone else which is quiet surprising given that larger empires aren't usually that large...
Trinidad and Tobago lead the charts in industry with 3 more hammers than Slovenia who has a hundred more hammers than Andorra. After that the gap is pretty big....
Andorra manages to lead in land area with the two fellow superpowers Slovenia and Trinidad and Tobago making up the top three.
As said earlier Trinidad and Tobago lead the military, followed closely by Andorra. Chagos is in third with a bit of a gap.
Andorra have started to build up a lead in terms of technology and as is it looks set to grow!

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