The Forging of an Empire, An Italian Black ICE AAR

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
The Forging of an Empire, An Italian Black Ice AAR.
Hello and welcome to my AAR. Difficulty is hard for all nations and I, the version is 8.52. Italy is a interesting choice in Black Ice. Much like in vanilla a limited amount of leadership and IC forces you to make many hard choices. In Black Ice however you need to give up even more due to your leadership. You can do one branch really well or do two branches okay. I just accepted that my navy will be shit for all eternity and focused on Infantry / Planes.
More IC efficiency is vital since we will be building a ton of IC in the start.
Ignore the armed forces acquire factories.
The year is 1936 and thanks to the glorious wisdom of Il Duce the Italian people will have medicine!
Ah yes it was 18 years ago but now is the time to talk about The Great War...
We don’t even need to talk about it we can just try it out on the Ethiopians!
Lettiere has complained to Mussolini about the lack of supplies for his forces. In response he got some more divisions sent to him. Truly a genius move!
Still working on that medicine.
Wooo yeah come on let’s get together and fight Ethiopia!
The more Fascism the better!
Ethiopia has been a long and torturous experience for the Italian army. Lacking in supply and getting no upgrades to their old equipment even the Ethiopians can put up a long battle in the mountains.
But after more than a year since the invasion Ethiopia is finally ours.
Addis Ababa is smoking ruin from the long battle.
Roman Empire v 2.0
Choo Choo all aboard the Italian hype train!
Roman Empire v 2.1
Changelog : Added a road in Libya
Feels good man
Bros 4 life, also do you see the covered up swastika on the left side of the photo? I really wish paradox would be less Nazi about making modders cover up swastikas it gets rather ridiculous at times.
Il Duce! Il Duce! We did it! We finally have heavy artillery!
Franco has mostly cleaned up the republicans but Barcelona still remains in their hands.
Go get em tiger!
Psst China wanna build fascism?
More land for the people!
The League of Nations is an invention by the same people who denied us our rightful share of the spoils after The Great War. We have no allegiance to traitors! Also fugging refused to sell me oil >:I
While the annexation of Austria worried some in Italy but the soldiers met on the new border. The Germans are our friends! Pictured are some Italian soldiers having their photo taken by a German.
A few months later the Führer himself comes to meet with Il Duce. Many matters are discussed and Mussolini gives a guarantee of Italian support for the German reclamation of lost territories.
Meanwhile the newly built factories in northern Italy start churning out modern equipment for the army. We may lack in tanks and ships. But the Italian infantry will be the finest in the world!
Viva l’Italia
With the allied guarantee of Poland following the German annexation of the remaining rump of Czechoslovakia Italy shows her full support for Germany and joins the Axis.
Oh thank god fuck that modifier.
Roman Empire v 2.2
Roman Empire v 2.3
The return of the veterans from Spain will bolster our forces. We have learnt much from this conflict. The power of air forces proved vital in the theatre. However well-equipped or well-trained a soldier may be a bomb dropped from the sky will have the same result.
A mere 6 months after the Spanish civil war ended Germany demanded the return of the Danzig corridor. Poland refused and so the world went to war again. The British and French were quick return the declaration of war. The year is 1939 and the world knows only war.
The Italian Armed Forces
The Italian Air Force, one of the greatest in the world.
700.000 Men stand ready to fight with more to come.
In Ethiopia more than 100.000 Men stand ready to defend the Empire.
The army is mobilized; the navy has set sail and as the planes lift from the air fields in Libya, war is declared. It is time for the sun to set on the British Empire.
In Asia the Japanese Empire storms over China. As China burns the Americans look on in distress.
The Italian Army marches of to war to forge an empire through Blood and Iron!
The Third Reich strikes with all it’s might. With our support the British and French will be crushed!
And so early in the morning on the 6th of December 1939 the first bombs drop over British troops in Egypt. For the Italians the war has begun.

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask questions in the Reddit thread.

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