Securing our Position: Poland, July 1936-February 1937

Published: 2017-02-03

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The Founding of the Republic: Poland, January-June 1936

Images: 53, author: I miss Chris Hughton, published: 2017-02-03

Poland is now a republic, her foreign overlords removed .However struggles lie ahead and discontent is spreading around the world
Our need for artillery outweighs our need to stockpile infantry weapons. And since the government refuses to use its limited industrial capacity to use imported Tungsten more factories must be shifted towards its production to pick up the slack.
In brighter news engineers at the University of Warsaw finish their designs for a truck that has both military and commercial potential.
The Ursus is based off a 1920's design and is hardly the most modern vehicle on the market. What it lacks in modernity however it makes up for in versatility. Here one is seen in a commercial variant (although for commerical use German manufactured machines would remain popular)
We turn again to improving our domestic industries. Grants will be put towards the development of more advanced electronics so that the German/Austrian monopoly on the products in our country might end.
A government backed policy in which cheap Ursus trucks would be sold on the condition that the military can call on them in times of war is popular, boosting our support
The Social Conservatives support increases put them far ahead of their rivals, although not yet at a plurality.
The parties popularity allows them to take greater risks in the political sphere which will doubtless come in handy later
Their support increase is being discussed just as a Foreign office officer walks in an informs them all of a war in China between the Legation cities and German backed formations. The officer is demoted because no-one really cares
The Russian civil war sees a significant white sailient appearing between Moscow and Petrograd, with reports of white offensives to the north and south, capturing Tihvkin. Is this second revolution to be short lived?
Back home our attempts to industrialise meet with initial success
But that cannot stop here! We must press on!
Whilst producing factories is good, making more efficient use of our existing ones is better. New tools will help in this
To help our country unite behind our industrialisation, we shall disperse our factories so that more communities may see the benefit (it'll also keep them safer should the Germans, Russians or Austrians come)
The Whites encircle a Red force on the shores of the Rybinsk reservoir. Are the Reds this inept at modern war?
It certainly seems so. The Whites, despite being on the offensive, have inflicted double their own casualties on an already smaller force. The Reds need a reprieve, and fast
White forces reach the Volga when the much needed good news comes for the Reds
Yaroslavl has fallen! after months of dogged resistance the cities garrison could take no more. This could free up forces to push the Whites back
Continued industrial development sees the Governments popularity rise as people invest more faith in the young republic and its government
Its now almost certain that the Social Conservatives will win the Sejm in the election
The army reports, at long last, a surplus of artillery. Production can now shift to make up the shortfall of support equipment for the Cavalry
News from America. The Syndicalists have now started civil wars in two separate nations. The Polish Government, although not concerned from a strategic point of view, is concerned for the many thousands of Polish expatriates in the US
Maybe some of them could come home to work in our new factories?
Now it's time to connect our nation. The difficult terrain may make this difficult, but we're sure we can manage
Already our industrial situation is improving. More factories are producing consumer goods and more are working on building ever more factories. We're well on our way to parity with our neighbours
The South has risen again! The US Far Right under Huey Long has declared against the syndicalists!
In doing so however they also declare against the US government in Washington. Is this the end of the Union?
As more details come out, Polish civil servants rush to prepare a map so that they may follow the troubles in America more accurately.
Here, just before the civil war, American Communists protest in support of the Russian Syndicalists. Events like these where not uncommon in the America just prior to the revolution. Whilst many in the Polish Government where concerned at the risk of Anti-Catholic or Anti-Semetic persecutions that would adversely affect the Polish-American communities. Whilst these did happen, the Syndicalists where simply too busy with the war to properly follow them through. in fact, locals often defended the persecuted

Fearing the worst though, the Embassy in Ottawa was effectively turned into a transport organiser for Polish-American refugees who wanted to return home
The American Union State, led by Huey Long (seen here giving a speech) wasn't originally seen as a threat to Polish-Americans. This was a mistake. Within days of the secession a cocktail of latent anti-immigrant, anti-catholic and anti-semetic feelings exploded into an orgy of violence that targeted Poles more than almost any other immigrant group bar Latin-Americans, although neither were not as persecuted as African-Americans. Offices where set up at Dallas, DC and Mexico city to oversee the repatriation of Poles and the message was sent out urging all Poles to leave areas under the control of or at threat from the American Union State
New electronics are researched enabling greater communications with our embassies so that we may co-ordinate with them over the now extensive repatriation efforts
By the end of the week the war has extended to the pacific!
Although within three days a peace treaty is signed. The USA has too many problems to deal with democratic secessionists
'Whats a Burma' - Poland, 18th October 1936
New England is absorbed into Canada 'for the duration'. Its permanence is unknown. Thousands of Poles will flee across this border over the coming years
White forces secure themselves north of Moscow. If they can cross the Volga an offensive to the great city may not be out of the question
The increasing number of Syndicalists throughout the world gives the Polish Government cause for Concern. What if Germany, Austria or one of the Mitteleuropa nations is next?
New construction methods are developed to help speed our industrial efforts.
A view of our ongoing research projects. The military has begun to design a small tank and more work is being done to work on our research capabilities with investigations into the potential of mechanical computers
Our nation is more connected than ever!
but more remains to be done. We cannot rest!
The new roads increase our popularity in the rural areas of the country, we must exploit this!
The Social Conservatives now have a plurality!
Combat rages in earnest across the Eastern Seaboard inland all the way to the Midwest
Here Texas National Guard field guns support an advance into Louisiana. The Texas National Guard would form a crucial part of the US southern offensives throughout the war
In the North though things turn badly as US forces lose control of Baltimore. Fighting is now in the Suburbs of the capital itself!
As fighting reaches the capital and Syndicalist artillery bombards its defenders the Army struggles to maintain control over the population. Adding to the smoke is the fires from numerous embassies as they burn confidential documentation. The Polish Embassy is no exception. Even as the burning is going on, non-essential staff have either been sent home or to Denver following US Federal Government employees to the presumptuous new seat of Government
Meanwhile back in Poland polls open (no pun intended) for the first time in a free Poland. The Social Conservatives successful campaign on a platform of industrial development with a dash of 'we brought about the elections'.
And so, on the 24th of January Ignacy Jan Padrewski, a longtime Polish Patriot, is elected President of the Polish Republic. His victory (and large majority) assures him of a comfortable term in office (at least on the domestic front)
The new president commands the respect of even those who didn't vote for him. His journey across the Atlantic to Germany and subsequent meeting with the Kaiser to secure Polish freedom from Mitteleuropa is known to every Pole.

However whilst he is popular at home, as January 1937 comes to a close he faces many external problems
To the east, the Russian Civil war approaches its first anniversary with no end to the blood letting in sight. This is still a war that could spread west at any time and Poland must be ready
And to the west US forces are struggling to defend Washington DC to secessionists. Truly the world is becoming a more and more violent place
However that's not all. To the south new discussions about the future of Austria-Hungary are set to begin. The future of Poland will be linked to these, no matter the result

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A Broken Deal, A Broken Nation: Poland, February 1937 -June 1937

Images: 54, author: I miss Chris Hughton, published: 2017-02-03

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