The Sun Never Sets on the Empire of the Rising Sun

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Published: 2017-10-24, edited: 1970-01-01
Welcome to "The Sun Never Sets on the Land of the Rising Sun", a EU4 AAR
The state of the world, 1821 after the Japanese conquest of much of the known world - led to glory by the Date clan.
The political state of the world. The Japanese Empire has annexed East Asia, Siberia, and Indochina and Indonesia in it's entirety along with the majority of the Americas.

The Holy Roman Empire was formed by Bohemia in the very last years of the 1600's, having been aided by their former Japanese allies (relations quickly broke down after unification)

The former empires of Europe sit humiliated, Russia exiled to Scandinavia and Novogrod, Spain to the lands of Rhodesia, and France to Cape Town in South Africa.

Much of the world has been partitioned by Japan and it's vassal states, regions unified under a singular state, and colonial nations freed from tyranny.
Japan has established itself around the globe, and it's tributaries and marches can be found in every region on Earth. Very few independent states remain - as they are too much of a hassle for the Shogun to deal with.

After unifying East Asia, Japan decided to grant it's further conquests to these tributaries and marches, to create useful satellites rather than annex them into the greater Japanese state.
The Japanese Folk Religion of Shintoism reigns supreme within the borders of the home country - devastating many religions and wiping out several.

As a side note; Russia had invaded Arabia and converted Haasa's cores to orthodoxy, as a result when released they were an orthodox state.

Also, the Holy Roman Empire was protestant, but it seems the z Podebrad dynasty lost power just years before the game end - and the Catholic Jagiellons somehow seized power.
The Japanese have carried out a ruthless and systematic cleansing of many populations under it's rule. Many ethnic populations have been wiped out or relocated, the Chinese, Indochinese, Indonesians, Mongols, etc. have all ceased to exist on the face of this Earth.

The Shogun sits on an island of skulls.
Despite the high costs of the ruthless conquests and cleanings by the Japanese government, efficient administration and ideas within the country, along with enlightened rulers allowed many territories in the nation to become population hubs, dwarfing the world with the sheer size and development of Japanese cities.

The capital, Tokyo, is a testament to this. It sits at an estimated development level of 72
The small Date clan has gone from a regional power, to a global unified superpower - unmatched by anybody on this Earth.

And so ends the first chapter of the Date clan's conquest, but only time will tell what is in store in the centuries to come...
The list of the top 8 great powers - all of the remaining independent states combined cannot even match half of Japan's power.
Now we come to some fun little side notes;

Here's the horrifying Holy Roman Empire, which the Bohemians had somehow unified. It was most likely due to the fact I was subsidizing them ungodly amounts of money and coming to their aid in every conflict I could.
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