Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 0 - Meeting our competitors!

Author: kenny2810
Published: 2018-08-21, edited: 2018-08-21

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Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II

Welcome one and welcome all to the second iteration of the Small Countries Civ AI Game! It's been a while since my first iteration but I have decided to return with 11 all new civs.

Now onto our first civ of the day, Andorra lead by Roger-Bernard III. A free Social Policy upon completing a Social Policy tree is not exactly the most military oriented UA, but their UU is much more spammable while their UI means everyone will buy their blue jeans.
Next up are Byzantine who are not lead by the usual Theodora. Rather she has been deposed and replaced by Justinian I. His UA allows him to build barracks, courthouses and temples within his capital for new cities, and if he does so these buildings give great general points. He does keeps the original UU which is good for an early rush, while his UB allows missionaries to move quicker, see better, and does not require fresh water to build. Look at him to be a dark horse if things go well.
Third up we have Singapore! Their UA is heavily tourism based, so don't expect to see it in play until the late game, while their two UBs both further enhance their tourism and culture game. Lee Kuan Yew's plan may be to sell enough pop culture that their enemies just cannot destroy them. Whether this works or not, is to be seen.
Trinidad and Tobago make their entrance lead by Eric Williams. A city state focused UA and UU mean that they will relying heavily on their military prowess, while their UB helps out a bit in the gold department by granting an additional +2 on strategic resources.
Jamaica's UA, One Love, does not exactly incite the hunger and fear we've all come to know and love from these AI games, but their gattling gun UU is quiet defensible, and could go a long way to ensuring their survival if placed correctly.
Fouad Chehab leads Lebanon, and he is a crafty one. His UA takes advantage of religion spamming neighbors, while a UU that is even better on the defense than Jamaica's means that even if he ends up falling, he won't go down without severely weakening his aggressor.
Despite their rather awkward capital location (You can thank the Civ algorithms for that) Samoa still has potential to become a great empire. Salamasina's UA means all coast tiles are fresh water, and workers can build roads on said tiles, meaning that is she chooses to island hop she can make fairly good inways onto said islands. Her UU gains strength near fresh water, while her UB gives more food on coastal tiles when connected to the capital.
Just as the monks live in isolation, so does Bhutan, who were lucky enough to get their own continent. Their UA ensures that all their cities follow their religion by converting them upon adopting a social policy, while their UU allows them to create golden ages, culture or tourism depending on their luck. To ensure their survival, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck has been training his citizens all their life, and this is highlighted by their UB which grants more strength depending on the number of followers in the city.
In what is a first for this AI game, Siaosi I has a rather heavily military focused UA. Since his naval Melee units deal +50% damage to cities, and units trained in Tongan coastal cities get experience per population, it is a safe bet that he will be focusing heavily on the coast to start up a navy that will chew through the world, while his UB will ensure that his large cities will generate even more culture!
Luxembourg are fairly welcoming despite this being a game filled with bloodshed. Their UA rewards them with gold for each foreign friendly unit entering their borders, and forts grant gold making them more attractive. But do not mistake hospitality for weakness. Their UB means that the defensive buildings in their cities are more effective, while their UU highlights the coordination of Ermesinde with her allies by allowing them to heal each turn.
And last but no least, we get a cameo of Slovenia lead by Milan Kucan. Mountains are the name of the game for him, with his UA granting more tourism on them, while his UU can actually cross them. His UB gives a bit of culture and is available earlier than usual.

Thats me /u/kenny1997 off for now, please give me any feedback you might have, and I hope you are looking as forward to this game as much as I am!

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