The Watchers on The Wall [Part 1: 995th Lord Commander Jantos Qorgyle]

Author: HiroTsuguS
Published: 2019-03-29, edited: 1970-01-01
An AAR of the Night's watch in AGoT CK2 starting at Robert's Rebellion.
Lord Commander Qorgyle has led the Night's Watch for six years. A skilled knight, he has been a competent Lord Commander.
The current Commander of Eastwatch-by-the-sea is Cotter Pyke. A bastard from the Iron Islands, he is competent but nothing special.
The current Commander of The Shadow Tower is Denys Mallister. Another skilled knight, he is quite a capable commander.
Supporters of King Aerys II "The Mad King" in red.
Supporters of Lord Paramount Robert Baratheon "The Usuper" in red.
Smallfolk rise up in The Westerlands against Lord Tywin in response to high taxes.
Lord Paramount Hoster Tully was killed in battle, leaving the Riverlands to twelve year old Edmure.
Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister takes advantage of the instability combined with The Riverlands ongoing war against the throne to push a border dispute.
Despite all his ambition and cunning, Lord Tywin passed after a sudden heart stoppage.
With Lord Tywin's eldest son, Jaime, being Lord Commander of the Kingsguard; this has left thirteen year old Tyrion has the holder of Casterly Rock.
On top of losing his father, going into debt, and being invaded from the west, poor Edmure has been excommunicated by the High Septon.
The Westerlands prevails over The Riverlands and the Lordship of Acorn's Ridge is now sworn to the Lannisters.
Lord Paramount Eddard Stark faced Prince Rhaegar Targaryen in the Dusklands. Rhaegar bested Eddard and has turned the war effort around.
Among the new arrivals to Castle Black is one Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, banished for crimes against his lord...
...Specifically seducing Lord Jon's lady wife Lysa Tully.
A wildling chief along The Milkwater has been consolidating power.
Before High Chief Naregg can rally enough strength to be unbeatable by the Brothers of the Night's Watch, the Lord Commander calls for a great ranging north of the wall.
Due to his incredible skills Petyr quickly finds friends all over the Night's Watch and may very well be the next Lord Commander.
The Night's Watch engages the wildling host on the First Hill.
The out numbered and undisciplined wildlings stood no chance against the better organized and more numerous men of the Night's Watch.
The Lord Commander, in breach of his vows, takes a wildling woman as a lover.
With his army broken High Chief Naregg is forced to surrender. He is soon executed.
In the end, the Lord Commander cannot let go of his duty to the Night's watch and breaks up with Seva.
Unhappy about the course of the war, and believing that the Starks have failed The North, Lord Rodrik Ryswell has started a war to make Lord Harrion Karstark Lord Paramount of The North.
In the Riverlands Lord Duncan Whent of Harrenhal has demanded that the tyrant Lord Edmure abdicate to his aunt Lysa Tully, Lady of the Vale.
For eight years the realm has bled. With The North and The Riverlands splintering into civil wars of their own, the War of the Usurper has reached a stalemate.

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