Edge of the World: a MEIOU and Taxes AAR

Author: Yoper101
Published: 2017-02-02, edited: 1970-01-01
Chapter the first, explaining how king David IX defeated the Qoyunlu horde and saved the Coptic Christians.

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Edge of the World, a MEIOU and Taxes AAR

Where we stand
Notes on this AAR;
I'm playing using all of the DLC, bar Mare Nostrum, and with MEIOU & Taxes version 1.25. I have manually removed the 'amalgamation government' from the game, because its really annoying and railroads history too much. Due to this, I'm not running in Ironman.

'There is also in the East another Christian people, who are very warlike and valiant in battle, being strong in body and powerful in the countless numbers of their warriors, being entirely surrounded by infidel nations. These men are called Georgians, because they especially revere and worship St. George. Whenever they come on pilgrimage to the Lord's Sepulchre, they march into the Holy City without paying tribute to anyone, for the Saracens dare in no wise molest them...' -Jacques De Vitry

It has been many years since the great crusades, when Christian men could be proud in their piety. Now the crusader states are barely a forgotten memory, hiding on islands in the Great Sea. The Roman Empire is dying under the onslaught of the Turk. The Tartar hordes remain strong in the north and the east and the south. My people give their lives for the fading dream of a free Georgia, but I do not believe this illusion will last long.
Army Reforms
Our army is pitiful in size. I must work to expand and reform it.
Alas poor Bagrat!
Bagrat my son! For death to take you is cruel indeed, but your soul shall rest easy in Heav'n, knowing your brother Georgi is more than capable of fending off the infidel.
Historical Friends
Ever since Queen Tamar established the Empire of Trebizond, they have ever been our friends. It would be wise to continue this relationship.
The holy hermit
Seeking solace in God, I travelled forth alone and without guard, to the Hermitage in Svaneti. There, the holy hermit prayed for me and blessed me. Finally, he foretold to me of a coming ruler.

'A lord greater than kings, holier than priests and canny beyond his years. This one will become the king of Caucasia and the Moslems will baptise at his word.'

I take this as a sign from God. He took my son as a test of faith, like Abraham of old. If I remain true to Him, my people will prosper and become many.
The enemy of my enemy...
Strife amongst my enemies! Perhaps it is time to reclaim the land that the Turk hordes so recently and so cruelly stolen from us.
To War!
Armenia will suffer under the hand of the Moslems no longer.
The battle of Hayastan
Robarkidze, my finest commander, leads the Georgian army in battle with the oppressed Armenians. Their Turk overlords are too busy fighting on the other front to come to their aid, and our cavalry quickly surround and rout their infantry.
The Quoynlu horde quickly tires of the war on two fronts and is more than willing to separate with the un-cooperative Christian land on their vassal state.
Kingdom of Georgia
This humiliating defeat for the Turks solidifies Georgia's wavering claim to the title of 'kingdom'.
Protect our borders
My advisors recommend the construction of a fortified castle in Hayastan, in case the Turks return in vengeance. I agree and order the construction to go ahead.
Religious unrest
The new additions to our realm, while Christian, are largely Coptic in belief. They are cruelly persecuted by the Orthodox priesthood, so I have decided to proclaim an edict of tolerance. Hopefully they shall be won over, not with words, but with silence.
Polish Cossacks?
Polish cossacks have found their way to Georgia and made a nuisance of themselves. I demand justice, and their Polish masters recall them to Krakow. I have to wonder what they were doing here in the first place.
The Turks grow stronger
Despite our intervention, the Quoynlu horde has prevailed and taken much land in their war. We must remain vigilant if Christianity is to survive in this God-less corner of the world.
A great general is found
A most capable hedge knight displayed his skill at the joust the other day. I gave him immediate charge of the armies. The nobility of Georgia and the leaders of the surrounding nations may think less of me for this, but I fear not, for what will they think when he leads Georgian soldiers into their cities and palaces?
He is put in command
Upon his appointment, Avashvili requested leaves upon leaves of parchment. After a week, I wondered what he was up to, so I visited him in the suite of rooms I had given him. Scattered about his desk were many dozens of maps, some of all Georgia, some of individual provinces and even a few of all Europa.

He told me that he was planning the defence of the realm. On one of the maps, showing Tbilisi, he had sketched dashed lines and solid arrows in different coloured ink, showing where to place soldiers to defend the capital in case the walls were breached. His logistical skill must be unmatched.
Construction complete
Finally, the castle is complete. The Turk will have to think twice before he dares attack good Christians again.
I grow restless
Our position steadily grows more secure, yet I cannot shake off the idea that the Orhan Turks in the west hungrily eye Constantinople. Also, the Quoynlu horde might have surrendered land to me, but their power has steadily grown also.

The tribes to the north have an unskilled and outdated army that defends a literal gold mine in Alania. I would have attacked them already if not for their ally, Shivran. And also the words of the holy hermit ever call to my mind. That it will be a future ruler, not I, to rule Caucasia.

Thus ends part one of 'edge of the world'.

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