Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 3

Published: 2017-01-31

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Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR

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Images: 36, author: TheGreatestPanini, published: 2017-01-31

Maantie on Kova Kävellä: A Finland Hoi3 AAR Part 3
Hello and welcome back to Part 3 of Maantie on Kova Kävellä. Our story resumes with worrying news delivered to President Svinhufvud. The National Socialists of our country now encompass over 50% of our populace, virtually guaranteeing them a victory in the upcoming July election.
The National Socialists have been active since 1932 and have won the hearts and minds of people all over Finland. Our people look to the economic and militaristic victories in Germany and Italy as a shining beacon of hope. Many hope Finland can join the ranks of the Axis alongside them.
The National Socialists, led by Bruno Salmiala, hold a massive rally near Helsinki. This brings in tens of thousands as they promise a strong future for our Finnish children to inherit. This only increases their popularity.
In Berlin, Hitler formally annexes the rest of Czechoslovakia. This is met with protest from the international community but none are bold enough to stand in the way of the Fuhrer. Field Marshall Mannerheim sends his congratulations via telegram.
Thousands of German troops march into Prague and are inspected by the Fuhrer himself who spends a night in the famous Prague Castle.
Outraged by this backstabbing, Chamberlain guarantees the Poles' independence. Suddenly across Europe nations begin to gear up for another Great War.
Polish infantrymen, armed with outdated weaponry and out manned by the German, rush to the border to prepare for war.
A small diplomatic incident erupts after some of our agents "borrow" German blueprints. Hitler demands reparation but instead decides to only cancel a small trade deal.
On both banks of Lake Ladoga, the army under General Wilkama is put on high alert. A war in Europe will surely involve the Soviets and Mannerheim won't be caught off guard.
A worrying number of Soviet divisions patrol the border with Finland, but our men are confident. Singing can often be heard in the army camps right after dinner.
In a cruel twist of fate, Hitler signs a nonaggression pact with the vile Soviets. The people of Finland, most notably the National Socialists, are outraged as it appears Hitler has abandoned Finland to the Soviets.
In the agreement Russia will annex the Baltic States and Eastern Poland while the Reich will get Western Poland. A hidden part of the negotiations is the conclusion that Russia will annex Finland. Our spies in the Abwehr relay this information to President Svinhufvud who lashes out in a fit of anger.
In Italy, Mussolini annexes Albania. This is another victory for the unstoppable Axis.
Albanian resistance proves to be no match for the hardened veterans of Ethiopia.
On the shores of Helsinki, 32,000 German soldiers arrive under General Hell's 10th Corps. These men are part of a deal between Svinhufvud and Hitler to guarantee the sovereignty of Finland while keeping Germany officially neutral in any conflict with the Soviet Union. In the event of war, these men will be handed over to Finnish command to keep Germany neutral.
These men are mostly young recruits who will have a tough time fighting the Soviets, however they are supported by an armored division which is desperately needed by the Finnish Army.
In July, the National Socialist win the majority and oust President Svinhufvud. They gain over 500,000 votes. Finland has chosen its path into the future and it will be led by the Fascists.
The members of the new government gather in Helsinki to begin their reign. President Bruno Salmiala is sworn in as leader of Finland.
All cabinet members are kept in place, except for Mrs. Hilja Riipinen who is swapped for Foreign Minister Holsti. This is due to his vast experience and his fascist tendencies.
A series of laws are passed, strengthening the iron grip of President Salmiala's government. Dissenters and Communist Party leaders begin to vanish by the hundreds.
Hitler, hearing of the new government in Finland, sends his regards to the new government. He also issues an ultimatum to Poland forcing them to cede Danzig or face the might of the German Wehrmacht. The Poles refuse.
From Danzig to Slovakia, the German army marches to its first battle since 1919.
Border towns are taken in hours, as the blitzkrieg of German armor and infantry advance towards the heart of Poland.
In FInland, Mannerheim presents his plans of battle with the Soviets to President Salmiala. This operation is dubbed "Operation Reindeer" (Poro or Rentier in Finnish and German respectively). This operation was heavily influenced by General Hell as his men will play a critical part in its success.
The Operation is made of three parts, the first being Operation Silver Fox (Silberfuchs). This will see a massive push of Finnish infantrymen to the banks of the Neva River. The capture of Leningrad will be the main goal of this operation but is very unlikely if our men are not supported by armor.
The second part is Operation Platinum Fox (Platinfuchs). This will see Finnish infantry supported by German armor push to the River Svir. This will prevent a massive part of the Soviet forces around the Kola Peninsula from escaping.
The final part of the plan is Operation Arctic Fox (Polarfuchs). The objective of this operation is to capture the port of Murmansk and protect the weak northern flank of our lines by driving the Soviets back.
Mannerheim promises to bring swift and decisive victories to the new government, in the event of a Soviet invasion.
Meanwhile in Poland, Polish forces threaten to take Konigsberg but are also losing massive amounts of land along the border. German convoys are sunk by the hour by the Royal Navy.
The Polish know they will not win this fight, but they will fight like hell to remain the last bastion of democracy in Eastern Europe. The Germans will pay for every kilometer. Za Wolność!

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