AI Mythical Domination Part 2: First Blood(y massacre)

Author: Sakoran
Published: 2017-10-24, edited: 2017-10-24

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AI Mythical Domination

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

AI Mythical Domination Part One: Antarctica is a douche bag

Images: 49, author: Sakoran, published: 2017-10-16, edited: 2017-10-17

Welcome back to Sakoran's AI Mythical Domination Part 2! Last time, Kumul was captured by the Antarcticans, the North Pole established an Empire to the North and The Aliens declared war on Halloween.

Xeno jumps straight into the Medieval Era after bringing Tarry Town to yellow, further proving and widening the gap between The Aliens and the rest of the world technologically. Pengu continues his quest to denounce everyone, this time dropping a diss track against Jolly Saint Nicholas.
The Polynesians grab the popcorn, kickstarting a golden age, as the Aliens encircle Sleepy Hollow. Lyndhurst attempts to send an archer as re-inforcement but the Halloweenian Militia has sharply fallen, while Xeno has continued to prosper.

The Zombies rush to recover from their attacks by Pengu by building a new second city, Tiphares, as Sleepy Hollow takes its first hits. Zombie Master may have secured not ranking last by building this city, as well as the fact that Antarctica has decided churning out more settlers is much better than conquering Necropolis.

The R'lyeh and Atlantis quickly catch up to Xeno by entering the Medieval Era alongside him, as Sleepy Hollows continues to progress to its unfortunate but sealed doom.

Kurzweil joins in on the "Build a city to escape Pengu" trend, forward settling Atlantis by the borders of the Triangle of Turmoil. As the vast majority of the Civs will do and have done, he also progresses to the Medieval Era with Niu Mo Wang at his side.
The Headless Horseman finally submits, losing his capital to Xeno. He reluctantly moves his only remaining unit, a Composite Bowman, to defend his new capital, and only city, Lyndhurst.

Beowulf peacefully constructs the Temple of Artemis in the boring continent, while Pengu decides to create the city of Wogagawk on a one -tile island near the Halfling city of Woodville. I'm not exaclty sure why they did this, but maybe they are trying to stop the Halflings from obtaining that Atoll? Who can say.
Xeno joins Pengu's hate list, as the Dwarves build Karak Kadrin as a way of displaying they can be a strong rival to Lycaon and his army of Lycanthropes. Lyndhurst also loses an insignificant amount of health to a few Alien archers.
Pengu's insatiable desires to beat the North Pole in land mass are exposed as Antarctica remains constant in the settling of unimportant cities, such as the newly made Wogacoo and Gawkacaw. I'm expecting their happiness to be plummeting, which could cause the opposite effect of the one wanted if Pengu needed to expand.
I must be right as rebels pop up in the Antarctican Capital of Cogawkowakaka, two Spearman threatening to do damage to the Empire. Meanwhile, Santa lags behind as he only just arrives at the Medieval Era.
The Aliens settle Ypez in the same round as they deal the lethal blow to Halloween, conquering Lyndhurst, and as a sign of their hatred and victory against the exiled Headless Horseman, they laugh as his "new" capital begins to burn to the ground. Halloween had a good run and was definitely not someone I believed would be eliminated so early, especially before the likes of the Zombies and the Halflings. They had a strong start, becoming a prominent economic power and also having the largest military at one point (50,000) before slowly being surpassed by Xeno. They were one of the first to the Classical Era, as well as one of the first to build their second and third cities, along with Antarctica and similar Civilizations. Ranking 5th in both the pre-game Power Ranking and the Ranking after Episode 1, it comes as quite a shock that a top 5 Civ can be completely wiped out in just 20 turns (The War was declared on turn 77.) Congratulations, Zombie Master, you are not the absolute worst in this game.
The war between Antarctica and the Zombies had been quite uneventful to the point where I thought that potentially peace had been declared, but Zombie Master has instead surpassed my expectations and conquered one of Pengu's cities, albeit if it only had 1 Population and was only settled a few turns ago.
A few more cities have been founded that I'd like to mention: Thoth decides to cut off Halfling expansion towards his territory via the formation of Tartessos right next to the Halfking's Capital, which may be seen as a provocation, although the Halflings are probably too afraid of the Atlantean Army to attack anyway. Cthulhu settles Yuggoth on a nearby island, again proving me wrong when I assumed they would settle toward Kituwa. Perhaps the strangest in my opinion is The North Polian city of Garland being settled quite a distance from the rest of Santa's bustling Empire.
Goethe's recent list reveals that the Halflings have surpassed the North Polians in net happiness, and that being a Cultist will make you happy, with the R'lyeh being in the top half and the Dark Priest's Cultists residing at a comfortable fourth.
On the other end of the Spectrum are the warmongering Civilizations, Xeno, having burned Lyndhurst to the ground, has recovered his happiness to above 0 however the Antarctican suicide rate must be soaring to have a significant -6 net Happiness.
Pengu quit his anger management classes after they seemingly failed, and now this shows more than ever after Lycaon becomes the newest target of his abuse. Antarctica has managed to sustain good relations with a whopping total of four of the other thirteen Civilizations in the world, and I'm surprised that he's not at war with anyone else other than Zombie Master.
There is some obvious growing border tension between Lycaon and Thorgrim, and currently I believe that the Lycanthropes could probably conquer the Dwarves if they tried, as the Dwarves have fallen behind them in population, power and overall relevance.
The Yaoguai, despite their idiocy, and the Undead, despite their lack of a third city, are both pretty good Civilizations and with a large militia amassing in Niu Mo Wang's capital, it's not hard to imagine war between the two. At the current point in time, the Undead could probably capture Qiemo in the time it took for the Yaoguai to claim Purgatory, and therefore the Undead could strike with a stronger force, due to their militaristic UA. While the Yaoguai are powerful, their ability is defensive and means they don't have a bonus when invading. Also note that the Zombies completed Petra, as Zombie Master continues to marvel and amaze me. In no way does this change his probable ranking of 14th overall but I must admit I underestimated him, if only slightly.
Thorgrim constructs the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which might be another step in preparation for conflict against Lycaon, or simply just a step to further Dwarven development as the game progresses.
The R'lyeh help aid their cultural and religious prowess by constructing the Chichen Itza which will extend their Golden Ages. Simultaneously, a group of Antarctican Spearman flee the city of Gawkacaw after they failed to flip it back from the Zombies.
As I predicted, the Lycanthropes declared war on the Dwarves, although the difference between their militaries is negligible, but if they dedicate all their forces they could probably take Zhufbar and attack Karaz-A-Karak through there, as their only other way to attack them is through a narrow path between Mountain Range.
On the very next turn, the Zombies are invaded from the North by Thoth Ampheres and the Atlanteans, which could be a significant cause of concern (being attacked by two nations much stronger than Zombie Master's). Niu Mo Wang also arrives at the Renaissance, signalling he is still a crucial power to get on your side in wars.
Considering Pengu has all but given up on conquering Necropolis, Thoth Ampheres might be fighting one against one versus Zombie Master. Despite this, he still seem bloodthirsty as a Polynesian Spy who escaped the Submarine discovers the Atlantean Plot against the Halflings. The Halflings and the Zombies were initially the lowest ranked nations, so perhaps Atlantis is preying on the weak?
Beowulf builds Borbodur as the Dwarves turn the tables in their war against the Lycanthropes. It seems almost obvious at question, as Thorgrim could easily snatch a Lycan city.
The Dwarven-Lycan war ends super anti-climatically, for the second time, but at least The North Pole is ridiculously happy?
On the other end of the scale, Thorgrim and the Dwarves hit the bottom of the last, while Pengu and Xeno have managed to revive their people's spirits.
The establishment of the Call of Cthulhu's dominance in the Centre of the World will only be aided by the new R'lyeh creation of the Mosque of Djenne. With Kituwans, R'lyeh, Aliens and Yaoguai all believing in the religion, and Cthulhu having the joint first Faith Output, their religion could swiftly infiltrate all corners of the globe.
Another Dwarven-Lycan war, presumably another disappointment. The Dwarves have practically double the Lycan militia at this point, but they've discarded an advantage before for no reason, just to let the Buddhists keep praying, and now Zhufbar has been corrupted by their religion and Thorgrim is furious.
It appears wars come in batches, as almost immediately afterwards jolly saint Nicholas declares war on the Lich King, although in the region I assume conflict will take place, the Undead horde look stronger than the North Polians and the Ancient Crypt is a lot better defended than Garland.
Oh, I see, I was missing the TRUE source of the action, as two lone trimemes, one from either conflicting party, viciously attack one other, dragging themselves down to yellow.
The Antarcticans have finally made a move to flip back Gawkacaw, which I must admit is a deliciously malevolent plan. They had the Zombies build up a city from nothing and Pengu is now going to reap the rewards of Zombie Master's hard work. The Antarctican forces are no longer as major as they once were, but they can still prove catastrophic to the puny Zombies.
Pengu reclaims Gawkacaw as the Antarctican troops advance upward toward Necropolis, forcing Zombie Master into a two-front war. The Gawkacawese Population dropped rapidly but Antarctica has fully annexed it.
Finally, the Dwarves have attempted a city capture, severely damaging Macaria as Lycanthrope reinforcements arrive from Lycosura and Pallantium. Despite this, the Dwarven militia doesn't look any weaker than when it started, as they continue to build units to recover and destroy Lycaon and his empire.
Woah, I knew The North Pole was rich but damn, Santa Claus is a hoarder. The Halflings, H+ and the Undead also keep their treasure close to their chests.
On the complete other end of the spectrum, the Cultists are worse than dirt poor and the R'lyeh are not wasting a penny. Their war against the Dwarves also seems to be hindering the Lycanthrope economy.
The Polynesians have refreshed their snacks after the Dwarves puppeted Macaria, aiding them in their domination of the Eastern world. This also gives them a strong bonus in an attack on Pallantium, however even if this doesn't happen, losing Macaria is a huge blow to Lycaon, and his army is practically non-existent at this point.
Macaria will not go down without a fight, as it is flipped back by the Lycanthropes. The Lycans didn't seem to have any army, but clearly, their generals are professionals, and the Dwarves are pushed back into submission.
Despite having a massively inferior military, the Zombies rapidly flipped Gawkacaw, but unfortunately, all of their precious work has quickly gone down the drain.
I thought they were done with it, but the Yaoguai have chosen to continue its streak of idiocy by declaring war on the R'lyeh, rather than the obviously vulnerable neighbor that is literally breaking its empire in two, the Undead Horde.
After the Antarcticans had given up, when the Zombies had some hope, when Zombie Master believed he might have stood a chance against Atlantis, Ray Kurzweil decided to declare war on them. A smart move, but one of disgustingly, hilariously malevolence.
Santa Claus has founded the World Congress! Embargos, Luxury banning and International Events are now possible!!
Macaria has flipped back to the Dwarves, and Thorgrim is back to advancing toward and damaging Pallantium.
H+ Sieges Necropolis and damages it rapidly, while Antarctica decides to declare war on the Halflings despite being on the other side of the map. As well as this, the Yaoguai have adopted Autocracy, marking them as the first nation with an ideology.
About half of one of the biggest armies of the game has just arrived at the Zombies' doorstep. Xeno is out for blood, and with Zombie Master encircled, it appears that he will be the next to go, although at least Zombie Master outlasted the Headless Horseman. The Polynesians yawn, and fake gasp at this new war.
Zombie Master, to no one's surprise, lose their capital, although I'm quite amused and shocked that it was Ray Kurzweil that dealt the final blow to Necropolis. Will this mark a come back for the Transhumanists? Either way, with Tiphares most likely going to fall to Xeno, Gawkacaw might be the final stronghold of the Zombies, before their eventual death. In the background, The North Pole has constructed Machu Picchu.
The North Pole and Undead make an anti-climatic peace deal, while Kurzweil is content with the capture of Necropolis from Zombie Master. As well as this, everyone has decided to hate the Aliens just as they conquer Tiraphes, leaving them solely with Gawkacaw to use as their new capital.
Xeno makes peace with Zombie Master, leaving him with his worst city, while Niu Mo Wang builds the Brandenburg Gate. As well as this, Antarctica actually pushes forward into Woodville, which might cause a border between Pengu and Beowulf.
Xeno, however, is primed for another war on his world conquest, and hence he declares war on the R'lyeh, alongside the Lich King. This is pretty bad news for the Cthulhu, considering they are already at war with the Yaoguai and Arkham is damaged. Leaving it on that suspenseful note, let's look at the statistics.
The North Polian population has more than doubled what it was last time, and I have to wonder what it is they're doing over there. The Aliens also snatch second place from the Yaoguai, followed by Cthulhu and Thoth Ampheres. On the other end of the scale, Lycaon and Zombie Master have not got populations over two million, with the Zombies only having 6,000 from their tiny city.
The North Pole and the Aliens are consistently high, although Xeno has surpassed Saint Nicholas in Manufactured Goods. Atlantis and the Yaogaui also remain consistently high across the stats.
The Aliens, after having wiped out Halloween and stolen cities from the Zombies, again surpass Santa Claus in Land Area, followed by Antactica and surprisingly the Transhumanists, although Kurzweil did take the Zombies' Capital. Even though the Cultists can't gain settlers, they are still spared from ranking 14th by the Zombies.
The Yaoguai have a lot more adopted policies than the Aliens, who are in turn quite far ahead of everyone else, who are generally rather equal. The Dwarves and Lycans only have 8 Policies, suggesting the primitism of the Eastern Continent.
The North Pole stay as number one for happiness, followed for a change by the Halflings, and then Beowulf and Niu Mo Wang. At the bottom are the expansive and aggressive Civs, with the Aliens, Undead and Antarcticans all having
Niu Mo Wang also leads technologies, so maybe he's more advanced mentally than I originally thought. The Aliens are also close behind, but have a distance between themselves and the rest of the crowd.
The Geats have fallen from glory in terms of faith, as they are surpassed by Pengu. The Lycans and Yaogaui have major gains, but the R'lyeh still laud their religious dominance over the rest of the world. As it stands, in my opinion, Christianity, Call of Cthulhu and Confucianism remain the biggest religions, but Buddhism is objectively growing, and Sikhism is shrinking.

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