A battle between giants, Germany 1947 BI beta 8.0

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01, edited: 1970-01-01
A battle between giants
German forces in Colombia are breaking through the enormous amount of mechanized and armored divisions sent down by the USA. Even though the majority of German forces in the area are still horse drawn they are veterans of the eastern front and the green American units are pushed back.
The German Fallschirmjäger corps is the elite of the elite within the Wehrmacht. They have taken part in operations all over the world. From the German invasion of Persia (which took three days). To the airborne assault on Dover.
The great carrier fleet under the command of admiral Dönitz. Reason for the doomstack is to counter the american doomstacks.
This is why you don't try to attack a panzer division that has fought since 1939 while it's entrenched in the mountains.
German paratroopers move in to take out the Island nations who dare join the Allies.
They never stood a chance.
Japan big Japan STRONK
Black Ice has a few memes here and there it seems.
The allied forces in Colombia is cut off. The Americans launch futile counter attacks that only add to the dead.
This happens like every week...
I had to use the console to get rid of it.
The panicked Americans try to flee to each other!
It is estimated that somewhere around 1.5 million POW's were taken in the mountains of Colombia. With them fell many of the best equipped men America has to offer. Such destruction has not been seen since Operation Barbarossa!
Some swedes on vacation in Japanese China. Aryans meet honorary aryans, honorary aryans meet aryans.
The German Marines seize the Panama Canal. Another 100 000 POW's are taken although they are mostly from minor countries.
Nobody shall be left to aid the USA!
Cuba held out for a total of two days, true blitzkreig.
The first part of the invasion of the Mainland is a smaller diversion in Florida.
Only 3 Divisions are left defending Florida... Where are all the Americans?
Even the east coast is lacking in defense! Vorvärts!
It's pretty depressing that among the few defenders in DC are freaking Danes..
Our carrier fleet has lost all it's CAGs and is now useless.
... Poles? Really? I mean damn I know you want to be free and all but come on time to stop dreaming buddy.
Cool this makes it actually possible to supply an army in the US.
The Poles and Danes could only buy so much time..
Another pocket just look at all that mech and armor.
Our brand new ME 262 fighters move in to provide air cover.
As German marines enter New York members of the old German American Bund is quick to line up and greet their liberators. Goebbels is going to love the propaganda value on this one.
German forces swiftly move up to reach defensive lines for the winter. The lessons learnt on the eastern front will not be forgotten here. Attacking in the winter is suicide and a good defensive line must therefore be reached in time.
The Polish launch a desperate attack against Waffen SS infantry divisions. But against the most well equipped infantry in the world it's a massacre.
More carriers and the brand new Super Carriers are launched in Bordeaux. Although the lack of CAGs make them useless for now.
The Defensive line has largely been reached. Resistance is finally starting to stiffen.
The Panzer Lehr division is cut off but quickly liberated from Pittsburgh.
The Führer has created many what he calls "wonder weapons" that will prevent another long war like the one in the east. With these atomic bombs Germany will crush the enemies will to resist.
and that though doomed some one million people in Detroit. But the Americans have taken the loss of Detroit quite well... The Führer will be most displeased. But there are many more cities in America. I'm sure the Führer is open to suggestions on what should be nuked next so be sure to chime in.

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