CBR Mk 2.1 Part 120: Curtain Call

Author: Coiot
Published: 2018-12-11, edited: 2018-12-18

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CBR Mk 2.1

Hello, and welcome to the action. Reon Monterus here, computer watcher and part poster for the CBR. Let’s jump right in. Here we see Brazilian troops advancing on Pori. How long with the battalion of loyal Sibir Biotroopers last against the onslaught on Brazilian Robot Infantry? I’m confident we will soon see.
Here we see the one front where Sibir seems to hold a distinct advantage over Brazil. Still bitter over the loss of their capital, the Sibirian Air Wing pounds the newly captured cities of Dila, Iskar, and Tyumen into fine paste to keep Brazil from gaining any benefit. They also flood forth both Biotroopers and Robot Infantry, pushing to try to reclaim some land before the inevitable second wave of Brazilian troops arrives.
On this front Brazil is again at an advantage, surrounding Otrar and moving in on Beshbalik and Karakorum. How soon will Pedro be able to add another capital to his list? Only time will tell but it is interesting that these cities have not taken much damage. Perhaps Pedro’s air force is busy elsewhere?
The captured Brazilian pocket containing Khonuu and Tiflis seems to be holding, but only just. While this area is no stranger to war with these cities having been beaten down and rebuilt several times at this point. I’ll also take a moment to note here the recent annexations of these cities by Sibir. It looks like they are pressing any and all production they can find to supplant their troops.
Now we turn to the frigid north where the final Inuit stronghold stands, their backs to the famous Ice Sheet Fleet, or what remains of it. Fighting with whatever units they can find including some outdated Artillery they must have dragged out of a museum. Here we can see some of the influence of Big Carrier, with 4 empty Carriers sitting in the middle of the fleet.
The current Inuit capital of Akviligjuaq sits at half heath with a Brazilian Robot Infantry standing on the doorstep. Is Ole ‘Nick here still or has he already left for the far north reaches?
The last Inuit pacific holdings look a bit worse for wear with a pile of embarked Brazilian units inbound. Brazil’s ability to mostly avoid dealing with Big Carrier has certainly proved to be a boon in this fight as we can see a Carrier free navy here on this slide.
Over to Korean lands we see a Brazilian fleet of Advanced Destroyers lurking off the coast while Biotroopers and Robot Infantry roll in from the north. Hiroshima, never rebuilt much from being the first city nuked, stands on the coast waiting for the inevitable green tide to roll in.
Moving south to the former Korean heartland we see that Sejong has moved his capital into his former friend’s home in Osaka. A beautiful and large city at size 34, one can only hope that Brazil does not destroy too much as they roll in.
Here we see the final stand of the Trung Sisters. They have moved their capital to Than Hoa, and stationed their last troops outside. I am sure the Sisters stand tall in the city square, firing off orders and preparing the city for the hell they know is only a short time away.
Sliding out to the Pacific, we can see the relative peacefulness of the northern Hawaiian possessions, now under the rule of Henry Parkes. While a lone Advanced Destroyer threatens Mililani Mauka, the city has plenty of health to handle the single ship attacking. For now at least.
Looking at the Philippines now we see Brazil is only slowly advancing on this front. They seem more interested in dealing with the Vietnamese in their backfield than pushing here for the moment, but I’m sure the time will come when these cities fall.
Just a peek at the Aussie mainland here and we can see the true devastation of this war with unclaimed tiles between the two, signifying the borders of what was once a city. No idea who destroyed this particular city but I am confident it will not be the last.
Down in the Antarctic, two cities stare at each other across the ice and nuclear wasteland. It seems too cold to do anything down here as these cities aren’t really even damaged and there is no air force down here on either side.
Out to the Hawaiian islands proper and their former capital Honolulu we see only a smattering presence of either sides units. This being so close to the Brazilian homeland you might expect a bigger force here but Pedro seems to want to keep his forces close to home in the Pacific.
Verkhoturye to Brazil! The Sibirian units nearby are not enough to keep the Brazilians from seizing the city. But will they hold it or de we have another flipper on our hands? Pori, previously mentioned, also falls in the north.
Back to Korea we see that Ulsan is now showing a sporting green color, and Osaka is now down to half health and has several units moving in. It seems Brazil is interested in bringing it’s fellow vanilla civ into the fold first amongst the remaining combatants.
Than Hoa, Phong Chau, and Saigon all fall for Vietnam. In the race to who is out first this part, it certainly seems like Vietnam is “winning”. Surrounded by units and with one city at low health, it would not surprise me if they fell first.
The two Inuit islands of Sikutsipmaik and Ahkaitikokakinik fall, along with the short lived capital Akviligjuaq. The Inuit capital moves much farther away from the line now to Saudarkrokur, hopefully to hold out as long as possible.
In central Asia we see that Tiflis has flipped back to Sibirian control. Although likely not long lived this is a bit of an upset for Kuchum Khan who up until now had been ceding land on every front. Does this mean the grey wall has stopped the green wave? We shall see.
And Vietnam is the first to fall! Coming in 6th is no small feat for the Trung Sisters who seemed both brilliant and incompetent at times in this game. Several times it seemed the Trungs were either rolling momentum in their favor, or building useless units and fighting a pointless meatgrinder of a war with Sibir. There is a eulogy slide later for them so I won’t drag this on much here, but to say that Vietnam earned it’s spot at number 6.
Zamboanga looks poised to fall as yet another Brazilian fleet surrounds it. Also to note, there are three Carriers in this slide and all three have airplanes on board. Brazil knowing how to use a navy is certainly helping them with these island hopping invasions.
In a surprise twist Honolulu falls! I was not expecting to see this for some time considering the apathy Brazil had shown in the previous turns but it sees they are now interested in these islands. Add one more capital to Pedro’s roster.
My last slide is a look at the boring stretch of Pacific sea between Coff’s Harbor (screw that u) and Bundaberg. I have to say the destroyed Hawaiian tile improvement looks pretty cool.
And that is it for me. Thank you for watching so far, not just this part but the whole thing up to now. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and it certainly wouldn’t be as fun. Now I’ll pass you off to the next narrator!
Ah hello there dear citizens, it is I, Limerickarcher the royale statistician, album culler and adorer of a certain delicious green citrus. I will be your guide through the next few turns of action, let’s get to it!

Brazilian troops push into Verkhoturye, but they don’t seem to have much of an advantage as far as numbers or troop makeup goes against Sibir. Good thing there are waves of Brazilian troops on the backlines to slowly beat their way forward. Notably, Sibir has dozens of planes on the frontline keeping every Brazilian city on the screen in the red, but a lack of troops makes their work fruitless.
Brazil picks up another capital by storming the gates of Karakorum. The anguished cries of Genghis Khan can be heard echoing through the subs as his former citizens fall subject to yet another ruler. More ex-Mongolian territory is taken as well, connecting Khonuu to the rest of Brazil’s territory.

Beshbalik crumbles...
Mid Baffin falls, as Brazil directly crosses the Bering Strait for the first time all game. Of interest is that Mid Baffin actually loses population here, indicating Brazil isn’t yet at dominant influence over every civ yet. How ironic for this culture based civ.

In the north, Inuit cybersubs lurk . . . waiting
Brazil has nearly completed their takeover of Hawai’i with their capture of Waikiki and Hilo. Australia seems to have more or less abandoned these massive island cities, preferring to retreat to the mainland and leave them to get sweeped by a small contingent of the Brazilian navy.
Like any Dagwood sandwich (does anyone even get this reference?), Korea was once a towering stack of diverse ham, roast beef, lettuce, onion, pickle and more. I mean, those beautifully advanced Korean cities boasting many a world wonder and gold leafed pillar. Anyways, they’re now being crushed so they can fit in the widening maw of the Pedro. Mmmm… tasty!
A lone Brazilian Robot Infantry captures Batam. There’s not much action on this front at the moment, neither civ seems particularly interested in jumping the gap and fighting on mainland Australia quite yet. Also remember how I assumed Australia was keeping their troops on the mainland rather than on those islands? It appears I’m just wrong and Australia barely has any troops. Sad.
Up in the frigid north, Brazil captures three cities -- Surgut, Mosul and Lahti -- from Sibir. A couple appear tenuous as they’re surrounded by Sibirian troops but I doubt I’m willing to bet Brazilian reinforcements will be here soon enough.
On the other side of the world, Pedro cheats and eats the middle of the sandwich first, chowing down on Gangneung and Hiroshima. I’m not sure Sejong will last more than another turn.
Brazil presses forward and takes Sanchu.
Pedro sets foot on mainland Australia! With the capture of Kalumburu the conquest of Australia has begun, albeit with a bit of a sputter since neither side has committed any substantial force yet.
So this is where it ends for Sejong, stuck in his very last city while Brazilian troops bear down from all angles. With the fall of Wonju and Kanazawa and troops fleeing left and right like a good aioli drips out of a sandwich, Pedro’s stomach grumbles. At least Sejong still has a Great Engineer left to build him a beautiful tomb.
Brazil completes their Hawaiian campaign with the capture of Kahului, although it looks like Australia did put up a valiant effort by flipping Hilo once before Brazil retook it. This brings up a considerable advantage for Brazil, in that because they were so lowly ranked when the reboot happened they go considerably later in the turn order than almost all of the civs left, beginning many parts ago. I wonder if anything would have been different if they’d gone first?
Ah yes, this is why Pedro doesn’t appear to have a large army marching on Australia. Because XCOMs are a thing, so they just paratroop in from across the world and take cities. Like Rubibi. Just like that.
Uh oh, the world’s largest city has come under attack from two Brazilian cybersubs. While not much of a threat on their own, the nuclear missiles on board certainly are.
And so ends the reign of Sejong. A middling turtle throughout most of the game, Korea have been ranked as low as 61st (Part 3) and as high as 3rd (Part 78), highlighting just how divisive their abilities have seemed. Anyways, since I’m terrible at writing eulogies, I will stop talking, and hopefully someone can do a better job than I.

In other news, the Inuit are crumbling. Since we last saw them, Brazil now has a dominating foothold in Russia and is slowly forcing the Inuit into the ocean. Judging by the number of Brazilian melee units and the lack of any Inuit units at all that could be of any use, the Inuit will also fall in a matter of turns.
As we get our first look in a long time at South-Western Australia, it’s immediately obvious Brazil has captured both Windjana and nuked Mowanjum a couple times. Also, Brazilian XCOMs have arrived to take a hike up Uluru (why didn’t they just drop onto the top? Are they bad at jumping into the right place? I thought XCOMs were the pros? Exposed?)

Anyways, this is Limerickarcher signing off for now, thanks to you the community so much for an amazing MK2(.1) and supporting us throughout the entire development process! I began working on this project almost two years ago, and I can say with confidence I’m proud to be a Babylonian.

Before I leave you in the capable hands of Coiot/ Volpe, one technical note on the upcoming slides. Turn 358 was skipped, because nothing happened. What a waste of a week for Reon’s computer.
Resident guacomancer and resetter of broken web caches here, let us continue to the joys of the ever spreading avocado hue.

With Korea now eliminated, all the Brazilian troops in the sector are closing in around the ever dwindling Sibir defense. Oymyakon will not last another turn and there seems little hope for Almarikh and Yarmanka to stay gray much longer as well.
What remains of the Inuit resistance is now all but over. This melting ice sculpture is a tiny puddle now.
On the Pacific Front we find that Kailua Kona has been wiped from existence. Only an odd railroad line stretching the diameter of the island remains. Pedro might not have a navy, but is quite content in solving his problems in novel ways.
The aforementioned cities do indeed fall one turn later and a light new sprinkling of troops make up Sibir’s sorties but there a quite a few more Brazilians ready to stomp them out. Brazil should be taking at least one city from Kuchum Khan a turn from now until his end.
Oh it does seem Pedro mustered a few Destroyers to join the fun. Mackay surrenders and there seems to be hardly anything keeping these defenseless islands from all capitulating to these same Destroyers.
Pedro is truly ever the innovative strategist. Why go on an island hopping campaign when you can just wiped them clean of all sentient life. Mililani Mauka is now all but a memory.
Nuclear destruction is not limited to islands against Australia and the old Kimberley city of Mowanjum, host to the Great Mosque of Djenne, vanishes. Left behind is quite unsightly city borders that look reminiscent of a Bydo alien from R-Type.
Ekeuhnick my old friend this is where we part. The dreams of turning the world into Hoth are now finally at rest. The winter is over. F
The ghastly removal of these islands by Brazil puts France’s extended Pacific nuclear testing to shame. Tamaki Makaurau is no more, and all eyes are on Coff’s Harbour certain color swap next turn.
Another one turns to dust, this time Ballarat (shoutout to Melon whose map I’m heavily referencing to identify all these quiet little island city names). At this rate, a sizable portion of the map will escape being painted in Brazil’s colors before the end.
Another nuclear bombing, another strange shape. Once more a video game look-a-like, this time it distinctly appears as a more familiar Space Invader. I was not prepared coming into this narration to witness such atrocity mixed with creativity. Perhaps mini-Pedro has merely just invented a new artform. From referencing the map and previous slides, I cannot tell who is responsible as Port Macquarie was last seen in Brazilian hands and Quezon was in danger of flipping. Now both are just negative space.
Sibir continues to be pushed into the Arctic and the same familiar grind continues. Of note is SIbir prioritizing the building of four new Settlers in response to the new pockets of land opening up between them and hordes of Samba dancers. Some things never change.
Coff’s Harbour is now Brazilian, and only a slight drop from 53 population level to 45 due to the cultural pressure. A relatively untroubled exchange to what may still be the most populated city considering the destruction nearby. Brazilian culture is strong even with thousands of kilometers of ocean in every direction.
In turn 356 Brazil had just punctured the defenses of the Australian fortress, but now a literally coastal wide beachhead has been established and the Brazilians are rushing into the Outback. Uluru is exposed and a meager Australian garrison is there to greet the invaders.
A screencap of the Andes and a now rare look back to South America. The imperial heartland is bursting with troops and seldom a tile lies vacant. This is what hegemonic dominance looks like.
Eurasia is nearly all a single color now. The mountains are the only thing containing Brazil from having pushed northwards this turn. I will of course state what may be on many mind’s looking at this image “Will Sibir’s last city be Beryozovo?” This time, I think Brazil won’t shy away from entering Tygyn’s fabled Frozen Rap Dungeon.
Oh my stars, Uluru now provides its 2 Food and 6 Faith to Pedro while both Kadjina and Kunmunya are not spared. mini-Pedro may not have liked the DOOT memes but this is heartbreaking to see.
Parkes tries to appease Pedro and votes with him against enacting one final defiant World Congress vote. I’m afraid it won’t do much, unfortunately. In the screencap we can see a once again calm and recovering former Boer core. Ulundi in particular is doing well for itself.
Ah, a bit more solidarity here in the voting amongst the remaining competitors against Brazil. No Natural Heritage sites for Brazil to get more yields from his newly acquired Uluru. More of Kruger’s former heartlands on view, and again a nice little brain-check to realize that no this is not the Boer Ryk anymore.
Sibir only has the glaciers to its back and no solutions left. A sub does its best to stay hidden under the ice and this is honestly the best a Sibir citizen can hope for now. Thank you everyone for tuning in to my musings, and apologizes for the errors the website has thrown out as of late (the present one is being discontinued and a shiny new one is coming soon).
As I, the loyal totally never late LunarNeedle take over for this turn of narration, we witness the last catacomb of the late Yakutia, we witness a grand collapse of the Sibir empire around the hoard of the Brazilian troops. Kuchum, my man, you need to spend money on melee units as soon as possible if you want to delay the inevitable. People are watching after all.
With a turn of the turn time and a week thrown into the dustbins of history, we witness the newest capital of Turinsk and the Beryozovo catacomb under direct assault. It’s unlikely that it’ll be the last city unless Kuchum makes one last assault and take the city from it’s death.
As we look south of the equator, we witness the swarm of troops flooding in. It seems Greater Newcastle and Ardyaloon is safe due to natural fortress’ but all fortress’ will crumble over time. It’s a matter of when, not if.
Beryozovo crumbles and with the last melee unit the meme is dead. There is only one hope for humanity and it lies in the hand of any Turnisk unit to pop out. It’s almost over for the Khan. Prepare the key folks.
With a hesitant preparation, the hoarde watches as it all crumbles. With satisfaction, nearby digital soldiers broadcast a Brazilian flag over the crumbling city. The city, ravaged by war, loses its name in defiance of the new overlord. It’s now finally over for Sibir. You can close your eyes sweet prince. You had an empire that truely outstretched the world and your strength would have truly made any Russian proud. You lived a proud life, but alas sweet prince. You must sleep.

For now, his eyes close. For now, he sleeps. Goodbye Kuchum, thanks for the ride. F.
It’s now a battle of the greens, with the powerful lime green wave washing over the faded green and gold of old. Entire parts were dedicated to the battles waged on this continent, and like paint, it covers it all in a beautiful hue. I wonder though, does Brazil think they are liberating them?
With Cairns crumbling to the offence, and Canberra beginning to hear the robotic steps of soldier on their wake, I could imagine acceptance of their future assimilation into the almighty robotic hoard. Brazil has taken over the Hypermind, and now accepts the goal to assimilate every non-robotic overlord. Those with mere chips in their head get stripped of all their flesh and bone and rebuilt into a better life form. Natural life given beautiful perfect form. This is the final form of the Hypermind.
The ocean life is a lot less obvious, with many cities never seen the war now witnessing hordes of infantry made out of synthetic metals move to their shore. They believed the world was safe and kind, but as even Ardyaloon begins to be assimilated, the Australians just wait, clinging onto their antiquated Artillery in Wollongong and Townsville. Even Wollongate cannot hold back the menace. Brazil has surpassed the power of even Gods and mythical inventions. I wonder if they think that the sub is an antiquated technology to be hoisted in a museum. Would Nebuchadnezzar accept such a fate?
The fleets move in, only providing token resistance through grotesque border gore (seriously, this is a PG game folks). It’s unlikely these cities will hold any resistance, as even Brazil moves united on cities destroyed off the map, caked in an orange hellfire.
Another dozen cities nuked off the map, it’s almost impossible to tell what would happen to the citizens of Sunshine coast now that an artificial sun destroyed their nearby communities, wiping the floodplains off most of the rivers flowing through Rubibi to Newcastle. In the east, Canberra is barren of Australian units as Gold Coast and Adelaide are all but doomed.
I remember when there was too many world congress votes to showcase, but now there’s only two votes that can be passed. Embargo Brazil would’ve done a huge amount of impact, but there’s only two left. The congress cannot save you anymore. You’re alone Henry Parkes.
The encirclement and isolation of Greater Newcastle and Ardyaloon. Trade routes abandon the city, parking in Albury. I imagine traders in Albury wonder if it’s worth going home. As nowhere is safe. Maybe New Zealand is safe? Is that even safe anymore?
As Wollongong is forced to submit to the Carnival, nearby towns of Townsville and Albury just await their death. It’s too late to send out ships. This’ll be your final stop so take a sip of your wine, traders. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Wow, sorry about this. Imagining the society as it crumbles has always been an interest of mine. But let’s look at something practical. There’s more melee units surrounding Marselle, Hobart and Royadanga then Australia has. Sunshine Coast seems to be the new jump off point for the south Australian continent. The core is open and Perth takes the first bit of damage in a very very long time.
As Maori nuclear fallout surrounds Sydney, the nuclear pain begins to ring closer and closer and closer. It’s hard to tell if some of that is new. Perhaps the chaos and obliteration is beginning to come too close to home. I remember when recording was made to be 24/7. It wasn’t long after it started, but we wondered if we would reach the point where whole turns would take weeks. It was a fear thought of when turn times were taking hours, but now with weeks upon weeks.
Wollongong more like Wollongone, am I right? Don’t kill me. It’s amazing how fast these cities flip, with only a few units dealing with each multi-million population metropolis. Each atoll city become swept away in the waves of troops. The iron wave washes ashore of Geraldton and soon many others. Just how long will they last?
The troubles of scenario building in a nutshell. Due to how each city functions, each city reacts differently to borders. Some cities they don’t think are theirs, and some tiles despite being right outside the city are often never used. Upon flipping, they also don’t register properly. Thus why we’re witnessing the huge hug that Whanganui is receiving from newly Brazilian Nukuhau; which considering what mainland Australia is experiencing is an oddly fitting name.
Parihaku finally flips, meaning that there’s only one capital left. With only Artillery units left and some Biosoldiers. It’s all crumbling around you. Is anything safe? Can you survive in one city before the curtain falls? Will you have time? The hoarde of the Carnival approaches.
While I imagine the view on islands closer to the mainland as more somber, I can totally imagine places like Otautahi welcoming the Carnival. I mean, isn’t carnival basically a nonstop party? Places in the Pacific would have a blast. Just ignore the nuclear weapon fielding drones nearby.
What do I even say here anymore? With startling precision another city falls, yadda yadda. If I want to pull anything from here to talk about, it’d be the insane year the game thinks it’s in, like seriously 6121AD?! Also notice how high population most of the nearby cities are. I wonder if Brazil even noticed the happiness problems anymore.
Speaking of unhappy, Australia is crumbling. The fortress is collapsing and even Whanganui-a-tara finds within its bounds, and even Melbourne is getting the notification to attack. Australia’s once fearful trash fleet of Diggers and dreams is gone, and now everything is laid bare. Much like the battle of Iceland and Sweden, the waterways are open for chaos, the problem is the unit is stronger, faster and more agile then Parkes will ever be. This is a game lost a long time ago, we’re just waiting for the final flip.
The once notable island advantage that Parkes had is over. Much like the war in the Pacific during World War Two; the goal isn’t to fight over small islands, but eliminate all ships from the water so you can sail in, and as the last fortresses of Australia fell, there’s nothing left. It’s all over. Praise Pedro.
Sydney is on the verge of collapsing, the walls are weakened and boats find their destination. It’s unlikely that Sydney will last a turn. I wonder what it’s like in the Australian parliament; that is if the constant losses didn’t send Henry Parkes into hiding. As he sips his rare imported Chardonnay and reminices what happened. Could the clock turn back and a new world be born with Australia at the top and Brazil out of the world. He wishes silently. But God heeds his call.
A cup is hoisted over Pedro’s head, as the final mantle of a defeated enemy is brought to his feet; although not all is perfect as some cities remain yet to be subjugated, as we can see only one melee unit in this shot, even moving down to some behind the scenes images will find only one cybersub and a bio-soldier coasting alone off the Maori capital. It’s truly and finally over. There’s no way they can capture it back; Australia like many others finds it all crumbling about them. Without a doubt, every city would turn lime-green, but seeing as we wanted to release the part this month instead of next month, we opted to halt progress here. Caked in nuclear fire. Now, I would have the final say if all else is equal, but I want to hand it off to the leader of Blue Cassette for some special news.
Hi, it’s Reon again, welcome to the end of the CBR Mk2.1! It’s been quite the ride these last years, both watching and working on this project, but it’s finally come to a conclusion. We in Blue Cassette have learned a lot running this game for all of you, lessons we have and will apply to the next iteration, CBRX Season 1. I know you are hoping for news on the release date for CBRX S1, and while I don’t have anything to say yet, I can confidently tell you that the game is currently recording and we should decide on a launch date soon. You can expect not only more of the same style of content as we have had for the CBR Mk2.1, but we’re planning to make even more stuff for you to enjoy. It’s been great working for this community. It is a great pleasure each week to see the part drop and the discussions and creations commence and we look forward to that occurring for some time to come. Speaking of part drops, we do have one final thing planned for next week, a bonus part if you will, as a community look back on all of the participants of the CBR Mk2.1. So stay tuned for that and for more info on the CBRX!

Coiot’s Edit: Wednesday the 20th

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