Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 1 - Setting new highs and lows

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Published: 2018-08-29, edited: 2019-07-19

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Small Countries Civ AI Game MK II Part 0 - Meeting our competitors!

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Do you like stories where a crime fighting duo work hard to overcome their differences and stop an evil madman from taking over the world? If so get out, cause this series isn't for you! This series is for all those who enjoy watching an AI battle itself to the death!

Speaking of which I am sorry to announce that Justin I of Babylon had to depart. Something about barbarians knocking on the towers of Istanbul. In his absence Louis Olivier Bancoult of Chagos volunteered to step in. He makes Atolls great again by making them give out culture, while his musicians have smooth music that allows them to lead an empire into a golden age when put near the aforementioned atolls.

Also you may note the map is different. I had to change due to issues with the original save. Now onto the battle!
Here we see Tonga and Changos who seemed to have ended up neighbors. Will they bond over music or will Tonga get tired of the endless renditions of Wonderwall?
Speaking of music we have Jamaica who sadly have nobody to share their regge with. At least for now that is.
The two Ss, Slovenia and Singapore opted to stick together. Only time will tell if this alliance will bear fruit
In the meantime Samoa and Lebanon are glaring warily at each other. Both will likely want a claim on the inland sea...
Lebanon may have once been the hub of Christianity, they now have to contend with the Bhuddist monks to their right
Trinidad and Tobago got shunted down under and left alone. You can't help but feel sorry for them
Speaking of isolated spare a thought for Andorra. On the fare edge of the continent, their isolation is only matched by their room to expand.
Siaosi looks to his advisers. "Our capital is nice, but I want a lake house." As he tugs at his beard he suddenly gets a glint in his eye and slams his fist on the table "I got it!" he exclaims! The lake next to us, settle a city there!
In the meantime Eric found himself developing a strong urge to climb a new peak. To satisfy himself he ordered a new city settled next to the highest peak known to mankind...

Up north Jigam decided he wanted to feel the sand in his sandals, and ordered a coastal city to be founded.
Milan sensing that people were looking down on him opts to settle high up on a hill to ensure that such a thing will never be possible again!
After realising that the plants that surrounded his capital were not tobacco, Marcus told his men to go find more plants until tobacco could be secured!
Tafa'ifa (god that is gonna be hard to type) swears to herself as a short heavily bearded man runs through her city screaming about needing glass before claiming a forge. "Fine get him his damn sand before I decide to execute him!"

All while this happens Fouad gets word that Tonga got himself a new lakehouse, and not willing to be shown up gets himself one as well.
Lee Kuan notices that there is a river passing through his capital. Fascinated by the moving water, he orders his men to find the source and settle a city to explore it better.
"Rodger Rodger!" remarked the settler as he was leaving the capital. "Wheat...where on earth am I going to find wheat?!" he murmured to himself.
"I want it all!" yelled Ermesinde. "A river, wheat, and glass! Find it, and get it now!"
"Are you sure sir?" the advisor squeaked out. "Yes man" bellowed Louis, "we must find the atolls and find them quickly! They will be our salvation!"
"I'm getting worried about him..." "I agree. First it was the mountain, now he is running around yelling about how he needs more and more cities! This could spiral quickly...."
"Now he is frothing at the mouth! I would try stop him but...." "....he ripped out the throat of the last man who did. I know. Thats why I'm staying out" grumbled the economic adviser to the science adviser.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but for now the sub only enjoys the good
Word spreads that the monks had started ritualistic worship. This only incensed Eric further, and he demanded that a new settler get ready to leave.
Over on the other continent, Tonga got word of these miraculous cities known as "canal" cities. They apparently were highly coveted among many leaders. Never one to be out done, he ordered his men to search until they found a suitable location and settled it.
After hearing of the trek undertaken by the Tongan people, Rodger demanded that his own people take it one step further and have the longest road ever in the history of this world!
"More cities, yes thats what I need! More cities is more power! The more power I have the more cities I need! MORE CITIES! MORE CITIES!!"
"Sir, the monks seem to be approaching us with a settler? What should be do?" "What do you think you fool?! Settle before them! That land must be ALL ours!" screamed Fouad
"Now that that's taken care of, we need to contain the Samoans. If their men get past us they will flank us easily. Summon the troops, and gather my men, we are going to war!"
As soon as the declaration was read out to her, Tafa'ifa ordered her own men to quickly vacate the city of Nu'uuli. "Take everything you can and found a new city further down. It is the only way."
All the while this went on the monks seeking spiritual enlightenment, are amazed at the discovery of three mountains all in close proximity. To commemorate this find, they create a city close by, and dedicate many hours of the day to watching in amazement.
"All according to plan" purred Tafa'ifa. Even if they do take that city, they can not stop our expansion!
"I think he is finally slowing down" said the Science Adviser with a sigh of relief. "Well we sedated him pretty well, that should tide him over for a few years until we build an army" replied the Military Advisor
As the men marched into the now empty city they tried to plunder what little was left but were angry at the lack of riches. "Well, guess it's time to keep moving downwards" grumbled their commander,
Over in Singapore Lee was faced with a conundrum. "Sir!" his adviser wailed, "We have founded a city in the woodlands, but we don't know what to name it!" "Oh for Christ's sake!" yelled Lee, "Just call it woodland!"
It was the second greatest time for us all on the sub, but it too, will one day end.
"They have a canal city!!!" screamed Fouad, "I want it NOW!"
"Sir, the people up in Encamp are complaining that they are too isolated." "Ugh fine, send another settler up there for company" said Richard waving dismissively
"Great immortal leader, they seem to have repelled our army. We need time to rebuild!" "Grr fine! I'll negotiate peace for now, but I'll be back for you Tafa'ifa, and your little dog too!"
In Luxembourg a leaf covering a statue was chipped off, revealing the fully nude male form for the first time. Despite the initial furore, acceptance soon followed and it was declared a new age for mankind.
"The monks must be contained too. They are just as bad as the Samoans! Send out Sidon, and make sure they are trapped forever!"
"Do not worry my friends" replied Jigam calmly, I had a vision today, and none of you will come to any harm!"
"You see my friends? The aggression was towards the Samoans, not us"
Over on the other continent, both Lee and Louis were furious upon learning that Marcus had been secretly hiding sugar from them. In a fit of anger they both agreed that there can only be one solution to this issue.
"Hey guys, I wanna kill someone too! Don't leave me out of the fun!" whined Milan
"The fool!" crowed Tafa'ifa as she strutted around her throne room. "The city was without any defenses, and will soon return rightfully to my empire!"
"Sire the people are...." "Just send another settler until they shut up" mumbled Richard without looking up as he sketched out his latest invention.
"They are damaging us quickly and heavily" mused Marcus. "We will settled a new city, to confuse them! There is no way that will fail."
"What do you mean they are attacking the new city too?! They should not know about it yet!"
"Spanish town has fallen sir. Any ideas?" "Yeah, you guys should listen to this new music! It's called "Regge" and it's very soothing!"
"SIR!" barked his military adviser "We have lost Montego bay as well! We need orders!" "I finally got my smoke man, just calm down, you're harshing my vibes" replied Marcus lazily as he looked off into the distance with red eyes and a smile on his face.

Meanwhile Louis gave his military adviser the evil eye. "What do you mean they can't capture the city with arrows! God this is embarrassing! I'm going to be the only person not to gain a city unless..."
"Shall we deploy the army sir?" "No. With an army of this magnitude she will give up without a fight, I am sure of it!"
From a smoke induced haze Marcus suddenly shoots up "I got it! I know how to stop them! We get the very best to write a strongly worded letter telling them to stop invading, that will work."

"See!" crowed Louis "We totally captured a city too!"
"Huh Portmore? I don't remember that. Probably belonged to Milan anyway, so he can have it"
"We have a problem o great and powerful Milan sir" "What is it?" he replied sourly "The people sir, they say things are getting boring. They feel like we have stagnated, and want something new to spice up the action..." "Ugh fine, let me talk to Louis, I have an idea...."
As Lee marched up into the palace to try and find Marcus he was greeted with an eerie sight. The man lay stark naked in a tub, covered by a bunch of burning bushes, while a small group of musicians nervously played a rather strange sounding music. He calmly walked out, barricaded the door, and swore to never open it again.

Anyway onto the real eulogy. Jamaica honestly had one of the worst games I have seen to date. Similar to Brunei in the MK I they barely expanded, and when they did they failed to build up an army to defend their lands. When all three of their neighbors decided to declare war they never stood a chance.
Having waited too long to attack, Tafa'ifa managed to drum up an army, and a battle that could decide the future of both nations erupts.
After many years word filtered back to Richard that declaring war on Singapore was in for the season. Upon hearing the new declaration Lee ordered their latest capture be torched as a warning sign to Tonga and anyone else watching.
Or maybe not. I guess you can't have it all can you? That said Samoa were clearly the victors having recovered the city they lost earlier.
"First Novena, then Woodlands, and after the world!" screamed Milan as he laughed maniacally

And on that note, we move on to the stats!
The Andorrans found fertile land to grow their people, while the diet of rice serves the monks poorly
The Slovenian's have managed to churn out more units than anyone else, while the poor diet of the monks keeps hurting them
Their large conquest of Jamaica propelled them to the top, but the dual invasion may yet cut Singapore down to size. For once the monks are not bottom, with Luxembourg taking that honour
The Slovenian war train chugs on at full speed, while the monks despite being supposedly fierce warriors, bring up the bottom of the pack

This has been /u/kenny1997, and I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to give me feedback on my narration style, and vote for who you think will win here:

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