Mediterranean AI - Part: 10 Blobs get blobbier

Author: porkpotpie
Published: 2018-02-19, edited: 2018-02-19

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Mediterranean AI - Part: 9 A Colony and Unbalkanisation

Images: 88, author: porkpotpie, published: 2018-01-29

Hello one, hello all, this is the 10th part of the Mediterranean AI game! I'm your host u/porkpot and I've a bit of time so I can upload and narrate this.

The votes are in from the poll, out of a superb 24 votes, the leaders are Rome, with an impressive 7, or almost 30% of the vote. Moldova has 6, while Israel has 5. With 75% of the votes, people are confident that those three will be champions. France has 3, while Sicily, Turkey, and the Alans have 1 apiece.

Using one of u/SeroSedSerio's maps, we can see the expansion of the Alans, Moldova, and Israel, while rump states such as the Abbasids, Burgundy, and Bulgaria were eliminated.
We start this part off with Luxembourg recapturing their capital. Last part we ended with their eulogy, but I'd be surprised if it was written in vain.
As I thought, Napoleon quickly recaptures the Luxembourgian capital. We'll take advantage of that by showing off the entirety of the French empire.
The Spartans and Romans are at war, and Sparta looks to be in trouble while Tegea has flipped. Sparta really needs to push the Romans off of their home territory, but I don't know how possible that will be with Rome's great strength.
Ha'il flips back to the Rashidun (which will likely be short lived), while Sana'a falls to the Egyptians. The Rashidun are putting up a fight, but against masses of Israeli artillery and Egyptian cannons it doesn't look like there's much they can do.
Further north things go badly for the Georgians. The Kurds and Hetmanate have declared war on them, though the Georgians have more pressing matters on their hands. Sulamaniyah and their capital Tbilisi have fallen to the Turks and Alans, respectively, trapping the Georgians in Zugdidi. At least they're at peace with their two biggest threats.
Moldova, hot off of their last war against the Cumans, declare war on the Bavarians. I'd say the Moldovans will do well, as their army is much larger than the defending Bavarians'.
Return to the Levant as we see that the Georgians are quite safe where they are, all Kurdish melee units are in Israeli lands, and are heavily damaged thanks to the Kurdish UU that gives them golden age point from having their units in enemy lands at the expense of their health.

Oh yeah, Turkey has The Bomb and makes peace with the Bulgarians.
Tourism here, not that interesting a list.
Sparta flips! Unfortunate news for Sparta supporters, as they really needed the population to help produce units. Sparta could really be in trouble soon if they don't make peace quickly.

The Cordobans declare war on the Lombards.
Croatia, trapped in the Alps, has war declared on them by the Bosnians and Bavarians, though if I was Bavaria I'd focus more on the Moldovan army wrecking my eastern holdings. Bosnia makes peace with the Lombards, not that anything was going to happen there.
Rome has helecopter gunships, and Tegea is Roman for the current period. The Spartan line is bending, but it doesn't look broken just yet.
Israel enters the information era as they take Bostra. The Rashidun have really been backed into the corner of the map thanks to the relentless Israeli advance.
Esztergom falls to the Moldovans, and it looks like Miskolc may soon follow. If I was the leader of Bosnia, I would have declared war on Bavaria instead of Croatia, Split and Ingolstadt would be easy captures.
Sparta manages to recapture Tegea but has lost their capital... At least they've made peace with the Berbers, eh?
Iberia and Asturia have been at war for quite a while now, but it looks like Spain has entered the fray against Asturia.
More importantly, Serbia has listened to my advice for Bosnia and has declared war on Bavaria. Ingolstadt should fall shortly and make a nice addition to their empire.
Oh my, upset over who captured Tbilisi, the Turks have declared war on the Alans. This should be fun, as both could make major progress here if they play their units correctly.
We take a look at the results of the Israel-Rashidun war to see that the Rashidun have only managed to keep their capital, sacrificing all of their remaining cities for peace.
In Anatolia the Hittites have declared war on the remains of the eastern Umayyads. They could stand to gain Al-Quds, otherwise they'll likely become even more irrelevant.
Curses, it looks like Moldova beat Serbia to Ingolstadt, though if the Bavarians recapture it the Serbians may be able to take it. The Moldovans take Miskolc. Also, the eastern Umayyads declare war on Georgia, though that likely won't amount to much.
Sparta regains their capital, as we look to northern Africa to see the western Umayyads capture Constantine from the Algerians.
Moldova and Bavaria make peace, Bavaria giving Arlon(now being razed) and Split away in the peace deal, and making it so that Serbia can't capture Ingolstadt. At least that means I won't have to type that name any more.
Sparta looks like they've scraped up all of their reserves for a push on Corinth, but it doesn't look like the Roman navy will let them have too much success.
Tbilisi flips as overwhelming Turkish artillery moves to the front to attack Alan cities. The Turkish navy even attacks Sygnaq.
In Iberia, the capital of Asturia flips under the combined barrage of Iberian and Spanish troops.

Israel develops The Bomb in response to Turkey's development, and Rome and Algeria make peace.
Near the Black Sea Sygnaq falls to the Turks and Kutaisi flips between the two nations. I like the Kurdish exclave just chilling.
Oh, here we see the Asturian capital flying Iberian colours as they make peace. This effectively eliminates Spain's ability to take the war to the Asturians unless they sign an open borders agreement with the Iberians.
Heh, similarly to the Kansas AI game's Wheat Admiral, Israel's UA grants them a great admiral in a spot that they'll never be able to use it.
Sparta managed to recapture Corinth, and it looks like Rome doesn't have a melee unit with which to recapture the city. If Sparta can keep pushing, they may be able to remove Rome from their peninsula.
Look! Peter of Cyprus declares war! Granted, its against the Algerians and with the help of the Numidians, but its something! The Berbers declare war on Croatia, not that they'll be able to do anything.
Sparta flips as the Turks capture Tbilisi while the Alans recapture Sygnaq.
Apparently the western Ummayads want to protect the Algerians now, as they declare war on the Numidians who have declared war on the Algerians along with the French. Numidia and the Berbers make peace while the Israelis build the Great Firewall.
Bloody hell Leonidas, hold on to your capital. Anyway, this time they lose Epidauros to the Romans.
Ho ho, former allies Spain are backstabbed by the Iberians as war is declared on them. This should decide the power of the region, as both of these nations are powerful.
Unfortunate news for any Serbia fan, Moldova has declared war on them. Most of the Serbian army is in the north where they were trying to attack the Bavarians, but most of the Moldovan army is in the south where the Serbian army is not.
Don't you have enough going on Leonidas? Sparta and the Vandals declare war on Cyprus, though only Leonidas can profit from it. Hopefully for them it doesn't turn into too great a distraction causing them to neglect their war with Rome. Spain gets The Bomb.
Debrecen and Preslav fall to Moldova, with Preslave slated to be razed. The Serbians counter attack by capturing Esztergom. In the background Serbia and Bavaria make peace.
Apparently the Umayyads are overextended, or they soon will be as the Moroccans and Vandals declare war on them. Both should be able to make some gains here.
Barcino and Seville fall to the Iberians. I think the war has already been decided, and it doesn't look like its going in Spain's favour.
Hey look, the Hittites have actually managed to capture the last Umayyad city. It'll likely flip, but its a pretty decent achievement for them.
Return to Africa as the Numidians capture Thamugadi, elminating the Algerians.

Algeria, (Rank: 34/58) fought with the Tuareg and western Umayyads for a long time, then faded to oblivion. Their most notable feature is that their capital was taken by Rome in a naval invasion, quite a depressing story.
The Umayyads have recaptured their capital, while the Alans and Turks switch possession of Kutaisi and Tbilisi. Oh yeah, France and Cordoba both get The Bomb.

JK, main news on this slide is that Israel has declared war on Turkey. They don't share a border, but it looks like Israel has an open borders treaty with the Kurds.
Serbia captured Miskolc, but overall I'd say they're on the losing end of this war. Even Novi Sad is taking damage.
Apparently losing the war to Moldova wasn't entirely bad for Bavaria (yes it was), they've managed to capture Rijeka eliminating the Croatians.

Croatia, (Rank: 33/58) was in a crowded spot. They managed to found some cities in the Alps, but didn't do much otherwise except for get hemmed in and then conquered by their neighbours. (Can you tell I've forgotten details about each nation? XD)
Well, the Kurds make peace with the Georgians. Anyway, the Turks have unleashed a major attack against the Alans taking the Black Sea coast up to Sarai Batu. Cordoba builds the Pentagon.
Taza flips, as Moroccan forces surround the Umayyad capital. Oran is under siege from Iberian forces, and Ubari is captured by the Vandals.

Spain declares war on Cyprus, and Lombardy and Cordoba make peace.
The Umayyads are a reliant bunch, though they're rapidly running out of forces with which to continue flipping their last city.
Sensing weakness, Cordoba attacks the Spanish, as well as the Romans. Oran flips to the Iberians.
Wait, what? That war actually went somewhere? Whatever, France captures the Lombard capital and eliminates them from the game.

Lombardy, (Rank 32/58) was in a tough spot as well, and as a result were never able to found their second city. They survived many a war against them but finally fell under French advances. I hope you're happy Napoleon, now you have a city on the other side of the Alps...
The Serbian capital of elgrade falls to the Moldovans, as do many Serbian units. Moldova is rolling the other great Balkan power in a surprising show of force.
Not content with proving their land prowess, the Moldovans declare war against the Turks, though I'd be surprised if much happened here.
Israel declares war on Cyprus. You may have noticed, but Cyprus's other city was captured by the Spartans a while ago, so this is their last bastion.
Spain and Iberia make peace, with Spain relinquishing every city that isn't a capital. A good war for Iberia that. Cordoba should hurry up if they want to make progress as Spain's remaining military will be entirely focused on them now. France and Lombardy make peace, not that it matters.
Tourism greatly shot up this part, and Moldova has two cities in the top 8.
This could be why so many people have declared war on Cyprus, those Freedom loving fools. All power to the state, and the state above all! (That's autocracy right?) Iberia declares war on Cyprus.

The eastern Umayyads have fallen to the Hittites at long last.

The Umayyads, (Rank: 31/58) started off strong, taking over Hittite lands, but then fell on hard times as the Turks, Israelis and Kurds attacked them. They held off everyone for a while and flipped their last city a few times, but succumbed to the renewal of the Hittites.
The only remaining Umayyads have it rough, as their capital falls to the Moroccans and the Vandals approach Constantine.
Novi Sad falls to Moldova as the Serbians recapture their capital and Ingolstadt, as well as Split. Bosnia declares war on Cyprus.
The Berbers awaken, and declare war on the Vandals. Cartenna will fall soon, and Leptus Magna and Bulla Regia are already in the yellow from aerial bombardment.

Sparta gets The Bomb.
Cyprus flips their capital, as the Alans declare war on the Moldovans for some reason.
As predicted, Cartenna falls and Leptus Magna and Bulla Regia go deeper into the red.
Constantine falls to the Vandals who should be worrying about the Berbers at this point, while Mecca falls to the red.
There goes Cyprus, taken by Israel who celebrates by making peace with Moldova.

Cyprus, (Rank: 30/58) was really put in the game for shiggles. They started off on their small island and dithered about for a while, eventually settling a city on the Aegean Sea. This was captured by Sparta and their capital soon followed by Israel.
This is the last city controlled by Serbia. A quick and devastating war this one.
The Umayyads are getting squeezed. They should fall soon, assuming the pressure isn't let up.
Maybe it should be, eastern and western Vandalia are no longer linked, as Gabes flips and Leptus Magna falls to Berber forces.
Serbia and Moldova make peace, though that won't stop the Vandals and Asturians from attempting (and failing) to finish the job.
Cordoba manages to capture Coimbra, which is good as it links Pravia with the rest of their empire.
Gabes and Bulla Reggia fall to the Berbers, and the Berbers decide to run a victory war against Spain. The Kurds and Abbasids make peace.
We see Sparta regrowing to prewar populations as the Romans build the Sydney Opera House. Sparta looks better this part than in part 9, though they should really capture Tirana to stop Italy from having an Albanian colony.
We end this part by looking at the mess that is eastern Turkey. The Kurds and Egypt have declared war on the Hittites, and Israel is forcing many units through Kurdish lands to attack the Turks.

Here's a poll, please vote and thank you for reading!
We managed to get the freshest stats in a while, they're as of last turn! They speak for themselves at this point.
France leads the population ranking by about 5 million, while third place trails by 32 million from second.
At the bottom are the rump states...
France leads in production as well, by a significant amount too.
Ruuump Staaaates. and the Hetmanate?
France is leading all the rankings aren't they. Not by as much in this one, but still, a lead is a lead.
I don't know why I included the Croatians here, they're no longer alive.
Israel leads in tech however, with Rome close behind.
Moldova is tied with Israel for most cities, thanks to their recent Serbian acquisitions.
Rump states, and quite a few of them.
Last stat, I promise, Science output. Close race for first, with a drop off.
And herein lies the problem for the rump states.

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