Chronicle of Kings, part 2: Thorolfr the Forgotten.

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Chronicle of Kings, CK AAR, part 1: Ivar the Bold

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Chronicle of Kings, part 2: Thoroflr the Forgotten
At the death of his father Ivar, Thororlfr was enlisted in the Varangian guard, fighting Serks and horse warriors closing in on the mighty city that he protected. Word of mouth spread the news of his late father across the world, and soon enough Thorolfr knew his father fate. It was time to go home.
Thorolfr Gullserki, son of Ivar Gullserki, son of Edna. He was strong-faced, with long golden hair. He mastered all weapons he touched, and fought just as well without. Silent and resolute, by no means cruel, but known as a fair and just. But, unlike his father, he was wholy devoted to the mysteries of the Allfather. His most loved companions where the gods, and he obeyed all their commands.
Thorolfr had earned great fame and fortune in the South. He held great esteem in the guard, and was renouned as a great warrior by the time he returned. None desputed his claim when he returned, bu he was painfully aware that his kingdom had been split in two.
Åke, his little brother, weak in body and will, was not fit to rule anything, much less the scond half of Thorolfr's great kingdom. It pained him, but his brother had to depart.
He and his fellow bannermen stormed his castle in Uppsala, and gave him a ultimatum; surrender your claims or die. Åke, to proud for his own good, set his trust in his own bannermen for protection. they promtly threw him from the walls he resided.
Thorolfr ruled both Svithjod and Noregr from that day. The Kingdom was secured.
Thorolfr was not satisfied however, as the Danes had for too long been a thorne in his side.
Thorolfr gathered his men and marched towards the Danish lands, his bannermen fully supporting him. Thoroflr commanded the greatest army the North had ever seen, greater than any all the sagas.
He chased the Danes all the way to the Kingdom of Poles, where he crushed them utterly.
Daneland was secured. the Germanic peoples where united under one banner.
Peace was forever a rarety under his rule, as both foreign enemies and bannermen plotted and conspired, even outright attacked. All where crushed under his hard foot.
All where crushed under his foot.
Thorolfr had learned great ways to deal with the fortifications of the Heathens, and put them to good use in his relentless pillaging. None could contest his great wit and cunning.
His raids where so brutal that the very mention of his name trembled the men and women of the West. Thorolfr, or the Viking menace as he was know as in Feudal Europe.
Few men could boste such a grand title. It was no doubt, Thorolfr was indeed the greatest.
In Europe, the Empire of Karl was in tatters. it could only be expected to get worse. it was time to strike.
The Island of Insee Cait was a suitable target, a ripe Island, suitable for raiding parties. The Picts could expect no assistance.
The Ships and the men where sent of in the Night, for the long journey West. Riches and glory awaited.
Meanwhile, the Saxon King demanded Thorolfr's assistance. He had dragged his clan into hopless wars time and time again, doing nothing but shaming his name, and the name of his forefathers. However, he was married to Thorolfr's sister, and all he did for the saxon king, he did for their friendship.
Thorolfr, although the master of the battlefield, struggled in his own chamber. He had a loveless realtionship with his arranged marriage, a noblewoman from Gardariki, as cruel as she was ugly. Their first child was a daughter, and she promised she would bear nothing but daughters until she died.
The invation of Pictland was one of his greatest triumphs. Thorolfr's warband struck down all who stod before him, and pillaged all villages he came by.
Yet, Thorolfr felt like a lesser man. Though his kingdom and reputation was grand, he seemed outshadowed by all he met.

"what doth i care for such nonsense? may the whole world be better than me for all i care! for what is excellence worth if 'tis not used for good? nay, i shall lay-to mine meager tallents to better the standing of mine people and kin. this is the fate the Allfather hath given me. praise those who doth better, for they deserve it."

Thorolfr was from that day known as a mild and kind man.
Soon the war ended, further boosting the reputation of the great King Thorolfr.
With Great renown, comes great interest. Foreign dignitaries and bishops came from afar to spread the word about their god. Thorolfr, the zealus he was, would have nothing of it.
All men of disbelief was to be shipped out of the country, or hanged. Thorolfr would hear none of the whitechrist in his Kingdom.
Some years later, Thorolfr finally managed to bring the entirety of Svithjod proper into Noregr, when Jarl Styrkar agreed to come under Norwegian controll. A great feat in and of itself...
But made even greater, considereing the Livonian holdings Styrkar brought with him. A gateway to eastern conquest laid before him.
Many paths laid before Thorolfr. All of them would be challenging. Would he stand up to the task?

"i did not get into this expecting it to be easy. only daws think such thoughts. wise men doth what they wilt. and i wilt doth great things. for mine father had a dream of a wolf that took the world. oh allfather, let me be that wolf!"

From that day, Thorolfr never rested a single day.
Thorolfr had spent all his wealth on improving his holdings. The rich and undefended chruches of Germany was a ripe target. It also showed the world the true strenght of the Norse Gods, and the weakness of Whitechrist.
The years went by, and the daughters of Thorolfr grew up. Some of them where a spitting image of their father, strong and independent. Thorolfr felt pitty for the fact that he had no sons, and blamed his wife for his troubles.
But most of all, he blamed himself. Great anger and suffering, over the years lost, and the years he could have spent with his sons, had it not been for the wretched Wife he had been married to.

"'tis all the same. Death would truly be a warmer embrace than mine jointress."

Thorolfr never truly recovered.
In a depserate attempt to reconcile with the Gods, he commissioned a Runestone, to remind all that witnessed it of the bravery he was blessed with, and the fate he deserved. It was time to make sons.
Concubines where brought from far away, the most beautiful women he could find. Mastorava, his wife, found great offense in this, and decided she would grant him a son, if he got rid of his concubines. Thorolfr agreed, and behold, Mastorava was with child.
A peasant revolt occured in the Livonian holdings, hearing rumors of Thorolfr's wife, and her witchcraft.
Thorolrf, who was on a raiding party, sent his bannermen to handle the situation.
And while the revolt raged on, the promised son finally arrvied. He was named Ask, the first man, for he had been long awaited. The family name was finally secured, and great celebrations where held.
Thorolfr had great plans. Among them where the unification of the Germanic faith, under one code of law. But the recless warfare of the Saxon King had shattered the once great reputation of the Gods. Thorolfr abandoned his former ally, and set out to make things right.
Zeeland, home of the gods of the sea, was a long lost holy site, that the Frankish people had claimed long ago. Thorolfr knew the gods would show themselves before him, if he was to liberate this holy place.
A great warband, along with many allies and bannermen, marched for the shores, and onward to conquest.
Thorolfr brougth his son with him, for it is only right for a child to witness the world first hand. One should get accustomed to the brutality of man at a early age. Grief breeds strenght.
The great army of Thorolfr stromed Zeeland, and marched inland.
Even the combined forces of both the Frankish Kingdoms could not best Thorolfr. Paris, the greatest seat of power in mainland Europe, was taken swiftly by Northern raiders, and every army that dared stand against Thorolfr was doomed to meet their maker.
And as the last great battle was won, the Franks saw no other choise but to accept their fate. Zeeland was freed.
The taste of blood filled the heart of Thorolfr, when he realised the strength he possesed. More land was needed, and the Island of orcney would be a good base for further expantion.
A great horde of volunteers and housecarls, as well as Thorolfr´s allies, gathered for the invation.
On the way, Thorolfr raided the German inland yet again, in a effort to finance the expedition. He soon returned with a great amount of gold, ready for invasion.
But then, as Thoroflr marched through the Higlands, he fell severely ill, and had to return to Noregr.
Thorolfr was ultimately victorious...
But paid a heavy price. The invation of Pictland was a heavy toll on Thorolfr, coupled with stress and a bleak outlook on life, it was only a matter of time. Thorolfr met his makers at age 61, leaving Ask, his only son behind.

Thorolfr never managed to unite his fellow belivers under one faith. He left a weak legacy and only one heir.
Ask Gullfreki was cast from his fathers comfort, and into the bickering masses of Jarls and nobles fighting for their influence over him. He knew well it was all just a game, a play for their own gain. They saw Ask as nothing but a puppet to controll, and to cast away if necessary.

But Ask was a clever little lad. He would bide his time, for his father taught him well. One day he would make things right.
So ends the rule of Thorolfr the Forgotten. So begins the Rule of Ask, the Speaker of God

" A child, wise of age
chained by greed and hate
shall see his youth sour and shed
such makes a hard man rise."

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