Beating Russia and defending Fortress Europe

Author: Mattekillert
Published: 2017-02-01
The second offensive to form more pockets after I closed the first pocket. Sadly I lost the images I took of this time. The big push in the northern part is for cutting off Moscow.
The destruction of the army around Moscow. Note I closed Moscow out from the men early or it becomes impossible to take when they have more units in the city.
Leningrad and Moscow stands strong still but Stalingrad was stormed before it could be filled with units and taken only with around 80.000 losses.
Saving my bros in Portugal and Spain. AKA defending fortress Europe.
I had to bring some 25 divisons to help Spain hold out as they were around -400 manpower at this point.
Stalingrad the cheapest in life of the major cities.
This helps lower the Soviets NU. (It was at around 95% at this point)
One of my failed attempts of taking Leningrad. All in all it cost around 1.1 million Germans to take the city.
Japan being rekt by China.
Like really rekt.
Sooo many divisons.
Another attempt at taking Leningrad. Now with brand new super specialized anti urban divisons.
Defending fortress Europe. The Italians were around -600 manpower at this point. But with freed panzer divisions from Russia there is hope.
Leningrad was taken shortly after this screenshot. For a total of 1.1 million men lost.
This was done through the scripted invasions in Black Ice. Which just spawns divisions on the coast to help the AI with naval invasions.
Sadly i clicked away the losses but they were around 400.000 men. At least with the anti urban divisions I'm not losing millions of men.
Americans getting destroyed by 4 year veteran Panzer divisons.
Around 300.000 men in this pocket.
How in the... A garrison from Leningard escaped?
Based anti urban divisons. Here is a look at how they're built btw.
RIP Japan.
More escaped Leningrad garrisons. You can see the experience he gained during the battles of Leningrad.
Almost there...
They ran out of supplies thankfully.
A look at the Soviet manpower situation. Pretty dire.
"Steiner has gone rogue mein Führer it appears he is going for the VP's instead of holding the line."
"Mein führer... He has reached a VP"
Uh oh.
Thank god fro the 4 year veteran Panzer divisons. Fighting fresh American divisons.
Steiner leaving a brigade behind to hold the VP while he heads for the new Soviet capital.
Allies being held on the coast.
Taking back my forts on the coast is not easy but stronk Panzer divisions can do anything.
Romania and Bulgaria taking back The Middle East.
The Americans are being pinned to the coast. Can they get out alive?
Nope. No Dunkirk this time.
Another look at the Soviets manpower situation.
Japan still holding on...
Events like this one is holding me alive. They scale up from 25 manpower and upwards when you get many in a row. Lucky me!
Oh fuck. Hold on Steiner. HOLD ON.
So many Americans / Brits..
Oh baby!
Pinned by SS and Wehrmacht Panzer divisons.
Oh man.
Well I hope you can hold Japan you useless fuck.
Romania and Bulgaria still holding on.
Some screenshots went missing here but basically by lowering The Soviets national unity they gave up. A few weeks later Stalin died. RIP. Sorry for them missing screenshots. No clue what happend to them.
A teaser for the future. The Glorious Anti Urban divisons led by based Rundstedt trying to take Gibraltar.

Here's my estimation of losses taken by the allies.

800.000 in Italy.
1 200.000 in Spain. (Lots of different nations fought here. Like Brazil, Mexico, Canadians etc.'
1 500.000 in France. Most of them being Mechanized.

And thank you for reading this Sorta AAR thing. I'll answer any questions in the comments if you have any.

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