A Long-Lasting Dream VI.V: Windfall

Author: hsiwangmu
Published: 2018-02-02
A tale of an empire that was, or could've been.
A story about dreams, and waking, and death.

The story of the resurgent Qing Empire, but most of all, the people present within.

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A Long-Lasting Dream VI: Easy Money

Images: 33, author: hsiwangmu, published: 2018-02-02

FELICITY, the Lucky Rabbit, is an ordinary citizen of a bustling city. She is plucky, and should always be drawn with blue overalls, white gloves, and red eyes. Naturally, none of this shows up on the screen, but drill into the animators routine, or they'll screw it up.

Her loyal cat VENUS is an ugly mug whose name clearly invites laughs; try to make her look like a real cat, it's fine if the animation quirks up a bit. That adds charm.

Together, the two of them are always playing smart, getting things done, and engaging in various hijinks with their GANG who can be re-utilised in their very own starring features.

No matter what happens, the most important thing is that FELICITY is always smiling. Remind the audience they care. Even when times get tough, aha! You'll get lucky, you'll work hard, you'll get out of it.

ed: Remember to keep the animation dynamic. It doesn't matter how she solves the problem, as long as the audience is wowed. Hughes' was agog with all the sound and light last time; let's give him a show.

Now get over that damn block, Ub.
~ Walt
As for her friends, they include MENGZI the dragonfly who owns the astronomy up-town. He is a real wit and always has a wise saying to dispense!

ed: Kill this. Test audiences don't want to get lectured by a goddamn insect. Also, it doesn't play as well as we thought in China. Have him box or something, I don't care. Make him an inventor. You acn make the inventions part of the scenes. Just keep their eyes busy.

There are so many friends, like BRAUNHILDE the dim, but well-meaning dairy cow, and PONCE the lion who escaped from a distant zoo!
We can't wait to wow you with all your new pals!

ed: I want whoever thought of that damn pun shot. Not literally. Figuratively. Still, I like the designs. Crisp, not too detailed. We can do a lot with that. I want to talk to you about music, later.

Money isn't an issue, right now. That's a long story.

Sample script:

The scene unfolds. FELICITY is walking through the spooky forest. Suddenly, a group of white shadows drop down! These dancing ghosts are flailing apparitions. Their names are PELL-MELL, HOKUM, and EASLEY.

FELICITY: Gosh, VENUS! These spooks sure do seem dead-set on standing in our way!

Waving their arms and bellowing out loud, the ghosts perform their musical number 'Ain't All Men Just Sinners,' where they threaten to cook and eat VENUS and FELICITY.

Lots of shaking scenery, and the spectres are closing in, when FELICITY flashes an idea in the pan! She brought that pop-gun earlier, and pop, pop, pop!

FELICITY: Aha! Well, for all they wanted to seem mighty white, guess they bleed red just like the rest of us!


FELICITY winks at the audience, and blows 'smoke' off her gun. She walks out of the mighty frightening forest, and as the sun rises, a wind blows the white sheets away.

ed: Have the music at the end fade into the first few bars of I Love You, California. This is a winner. I love it!
Remember, you aren't going to be selling any of this to kids. Sure, they're the ones who get their parents into theatres, but we're creating animation that's going to be loved by everybody.

So remember, keep the jokes coming! A funny bit of slapstick goes a long way, but there can be other, subtle kind of jokes, too.

For example, see Bad Luck, Black Cat! which is our very successful short about a mean ol' cuss of a feline that folks will recognize almost instantly. Why, it's that damn cat from the Great Lakes!

And so it is, he's out there stirring up trouble, and it's up to the tireless, hard-working and industrious gang to put an end to his scheming.

This time, he wants to unionize the poultry, you won't believe how we came up with this one -
In the end, remember that we went to convey uplifting, positive messages at all times. People don't go to the shows to see anything sad.

Feel free to make fun of any of those other bigshots out there, just make sure that the good guys are always having fun, one step ahead of them. And over here, where the sun is always out and the weather's always warm, gosh, dangit! Life is good!

You want to hear people leaving and yelling and shouting about how much fun they had. You want to hear people telling their friends about that one damn joke, until it gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out. Awe them. Don't ignore them. Make them feel cosy and at home.

Now, we've already got all kinds of fun toys and the like, and people want to feel happy. So, I feel good about this. But, remember - President Hughes wants results.

So, let's give them a fine show, and let's make sure that when people think of the United States of America, they're thinking of us.

~ Walt

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A Long-Lasting Dream VII: The Night Watch

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