Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part One: The Clash Begins

Published: 2018-06-16, edited: 2018-06-16

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII

PAU lost Mk1 and we all know it so they have hide in the corner! Welcome to CHG Mk 8: Baltic Sea. I'm /u/EmeraldRange, your plotrunner for this mark and /u/legobloxcraft2 is our gamerunner. Please check out /r/CivHybridGames for more stuff relating to this.

Gamerunners note: no u
And so we start with Hyereon's Finland, starting in Helsinki, which definitely has a tundra north of it. Finally can Reformer and AQ meet in CHG as well as in real life!

Of note: The CS's were bugged, but fear not for the issue was resolved with compensation.
And our easternmost competitors are JFD's Novgorod starting in Pskov as Novgorod is a tad off to the right. However, they have already renamed it Novogorod for convenience, I guess.

To the southeast, we have JFD's Lithuania starting in Vilnius. Oof that's gonna be a tough colourscheme to read.
Here we see Poland, starting in Gdansk but renamed Warsaw. Perhaps the Polish civil war has confused their geographers. A fun thing to note is that their scout is already upgraded and their second settler is placed (by me) on the other side of that currently uncrossable river.
In our South-west we have Lungora's Schelswig-Holstein, starting in Kiel ready to take over the Danish peninsula. Funny thing: the cut-off of this map makes the north sea a lake.
And our last competitors are JFD's Norway starting in Oslo and the Geats, lead by Beowulf in Skara. Will Beowulf slay dragons and kick ass? Probably?
Smh lego, why you show us the Baltic Sea. This mark isn't about the Baltic Sea. It's about the unsettled settlers.

Gamerunners note: no u
Lego taking too many shots methinks: Poland moves settler. Poland can into move settler!.

Gamerunners note: no u
Oh noes! The excitement! the horror! Will Novgorod settle Novgorod in its rightful place?
I guess not. Of note: All the city-states have been settled via lego giving his cities to them.
REEEE IT'S KÖNIGSBERG NOT KONNGSBERG. Also Krakow is on the other side of the river as intended. The atolls, however, are not.
Oh god, please stop this defilement of the best city on this map! Lego! You monster. Also I guess Lithuania settles a city.
The Scandinavians haven't settled. BUM!
Oh I spoke too soon as Lodose is settled next to Vänern (that giant lake that counts as an inland sea here).
Norway decides to go north instead of east. Shame. Mountains don't yield tiles
Finland espouses the view the Espoo should especially be placed one tile away from a water source.

Also Talinn is very close to Finland.
S-H's settler was bugged, but I think Lego fixed it in the end.

Gamerunners note: Yes indeed
BORE-RING. no settler no nothing....

Gamerunners note: smh
Look at where St. Petersburg would have gone. Why is there no city there right now? Well, it's too strategic of a location for a CS and our resident Russian said Pskov not St. Petersburg.
Oh god not the Königsberg thing again
What are you even trying to show? That Norway met Sweden? you know that meeting the other civ in game isn't relevant, yes?
S-H still bugged I guess.

Also of note: I renamed America to read as shown in that title.
No, I did not place that cotton. It's civ 5's fault not mine. I didn't place any of the resources!
Uh..... *crickets chirp*

Gamerunners note: First 3 pop capital. Smh emerald
*crickets continue chirping*

Gamerunners note: Finland land sux
You know what let me entertain you. With... uh... this is harder than it looks.

Gamerunners note: 4 pop cap emerald
Minsk has been restored. How shall remain a secret. Minsk was compensated some buildings and a population. do not of worries.
I would like to point out that my narration would've been better if I didn't have so many useless shots, if this wasn't literally Part 0 and if Königsberg was spelt right :madsperm:
I feel like these are the ending shots, but they aren't because it's not turn 20.
And... S-H's settler is fixed. Hopefully gives them some compensation.
Oh. that's what that previous slide was about. Note the Lithuanian forest grabs. Is not as OP as originally thought because yer dun have enuf ppl to work the forests.
Lübeck is settled, proving the presence of umlauts and the unforgivable crime of spelling Königsberg wrong. It's a nice canal city that isn't too great of a canal.
Aggressive and Expansive AI *is* on, yet these civs won't make settlers yet
And it should the ending shots. Finland has ton of marshes, but a lot of good lakes.
Novgorod has a nice pop capital that will probably be renamed Pskov or Псков by Ignusharam means.
Lithuania has border gore but is not OP.
Poland has two sides of a river, move along.
S-H has settled, move along.
Geats have an inland sea, move along.
Norway has mountains, move along.

Gamerunners note: Emerald you were lazy smh. Sorry about the useless info slides, I was in a hurry and just took all of them.

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